Stephanie Beard

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actress, producer
Sugar, Sug
Date of Birth
27. August 1980, Virgo, 40 years
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
1.5 m


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50/50 2011
A New Nightmare 2000
A True Reflection 2000
A Yippity Sippity 2010
Ack! Give My Backpack Back, Jack/Attack of the Girl Next Door
Aloha 2015
And Justice-Five for All 2003
Art Appreciation 2000
Baiting the Trap 2000
Bakuten shoot beyblade 2002
Beach Blanket Bungle 2000
Bega on the Rise 2005
Beybattle for the Ages 2005
Beyblade Idol 2005
Bliss 2010
Boris, the Blade Stops Here! 2003
Born Dead 2015
Brooklyn's Back! 2003
Bug Out/Pasta Your Bedtime
Captain Flamingo 2006
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie 2017
Care Bears: Big Wish Movie 2005
Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot 2004
Cats! Cats! Cats! 2011
Clash of the Tyson 2004
Cyberchase 2002
Darkness, My Old Friend 2000
Day of Night 2000
Dental Dilemma 2000
Destiny's Arrival 2000
Di-Gata Defenders 2006
Do Her/Don't Do Her 2011
Dreams of Her Own 2000
Dreams Take Flight 2000
Driven Dreamer 2000
Eternal Dreams 2000
Everything's Coming Up Rosey 2000
Fiendish Ferns 2000
Fightin' the Greek
For a Good Time, Call... 2012
Friends and Enemies 2003
Garfunkel and Oates 2012
Get a Piece of the Rock 2003
Ghost Ghirls 2013
Ghost in the Machine 2003
Golden Revival 2000
Goodness Eclipsed 2000
Heightened Hazard 2000
Hello, Sailor Mini Moon 2000
Hiring and Firing 2012
Hot Rock 2003
It's in the Cards 2000
Love Don't Live Here Anymore 2004
Max to the Max 2003
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates 2016
Mimet's Mess 2000
Much Ado About Kitten 2000
Next in Line 2000
Nightmare Garden 2000
No Ordinary Horsepower 2000
No Prince Charming 2000
No Turning Back 2000
Not Quite College 2010
Now You're Making Me Mad 2003
One in the Hand 2000
Operation Astronuts
Operation Attack of the Killer Condo
Operation Attack of the Soft Hacker
Operation Brat Pack
Operation Break Out
Operation Buzz Off
Operation Chameleon Leon
Operation Chicken Suit
Operation Crabby Bob
Operation Crusin' for a Brusin'
Operation Dare Devil
Operation Dude Ranch Disaster
Operation Dyno-mite 2009
Operation Evil Paparazzi
Operation Fun and Games
Operation Funny Bone
Operation Grow Up
Operation Gus Jr.
Operation Gusjitsu
Operation Jolty Juice
Operation Leon's Revenge
Operation Nano Spies
Operation Noel's Last Stand
Operation Pet Peeved
Operation Rebel Robot
Operation Return of the Granny
Operation Rival Schools
Operation Sassy Lassie
Operation Scary Jerry: Part 1
Operation Scary Jerry: Part 2
Operation Senior Spy
Operation Shrubbery
Operation Sneak Attack
Operation Snowy Falcon
Operation Solo Spy 2009
Operation Spy Clone
Operation Spy-Sitter 2009
Operation Sudstastic
Operation Sunrise Tan
Operation Super Spy Flares
Operation Tami Trouble
Operation Terrible Thirteen
Operation the Island That Whoop Forgot
Operation There's No Pal in Principal
Operation Trudi on Duty!
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 1
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 2
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 3
Operation Wheels of Thunder
Operation WOOCSI
Operation Yeti Bear
Operation Yo-Yo Boy Ninja
Out of Their League 2003
Pecola 2001
Pegasus Revealed 2000
People Who Need People 2000
Perfect Couple 2000
Phoenix Falling 2004
Phony Fairy 2000
Playin' the Part 2006
Qualitative Spatial Reasoning 2011
Reflections of Reality 2000
Refuse to Lose 2005
Related by Destiny 2000
Rini's Lovely Rhapsody 2000
Rini's Risky Friendship 2000
Rock Bottom 2003
Sailor Moon 1995
Sausage Envy 2000
Sausage Party 2016
Second Chance 2000
Show Stoppers 2000
Show Time Showdown 2000
Sing Ming Ming Sing! 2003
Snared 2006
Snot Funny/Flowers and Candy
Something Borrowed, Something Boo 2013
Sons of Butcher 2005
Squeeze Play 2004
Stag 2011
Sweet Dreams 2000
System Overhead 2011
Tainted Tea Party 2000
Teachin' the Touches
The Amazing Spiez 2009
The Bega Challenge 2003
The Beyblading Spirit 2003
The Blame Game 2004
The Calm Before the Storm 2004
The Creech Who Would Be Crowned 2004
The Dark Legend 2000
The Disaster Artist 2017
The Key to Victory 2006
The Principles of Victory 2005
The Purity Chalice 2000
The Red Green Show 1991
The Return of Kai 2003
The Road Less Travelled 2006
The Santa Claus Brothers 2001
The Science of Love 2000
The Second 2014
The Shadow of Silence 2000
The Sweetest Dream 2000
Thorny Weather 2000
Tomorrow's Big Dreams 2000
Tough Kindness 2000
Trouble in Paradise 2006
Tutu Treachery 2000
Uncool Customer 2009
Under Pressure 2004
Une Mere Que J'aimerais Baiser 2011
Vaulting to Victory 2000
Wake Up Call 2000
Welcome to My Nightmare! 2005
What a Blast! 2005
When You Wish Upon a Star 2003
Workin' the Steel 2006
You're the Worst 2014

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