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Directed by
A Spy Is Born: Part 1 2002
A Spy Is Born: Part 2 2004
A Thing for Musicians 2001
Abductions 2002
Alex Quits 2004
Aliens 2002
Animal World 2004
Attack of the 50 Foot Mandy 2006
Battacor Blood 2011
Bigfoot Littlefoot
Black Widows 2002
Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands 2003
Brain Drain 2004
Child's Play 2001
Clash of the Kairu Warriors: Part II 2012
Computer Creep Much? 2004
Creepy Crawly Much? 2005
Dental? More Like Mental 2004
Do You Believe in Magic? 2002
Dude, I 2003
Escape from Woohp Island 2005
Evil Airlines 2005
Evil Boyfriend 2002
Evil Coffee Shop Much? 2004
Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much? 2005
Evil Gymnasts 2010
Evil Hair Salon 2003
Evil Jerry 2006
Evil Promotion: Part 1 2005
Evil Promotion: Part 2 2005
Evil Promotion: Part 3 2005
Evil Sorority 2010
Evil Valentine's Day 2005
Fashion Faux Pas 2004
Feng Shui Is Like Sooo Passe 2005
First Brat 2003
Forward to the Past 2004
Freaky Circus Much? 2004
Game Girls 2002
Green with Infinita Envy 2012
Green with N.V. 2003
Halloween Is, Like, So Pagan 2005
Head Shrinker Much? 2005
Here Comes the Sun 2003
I Hate the Eighties 2006
Ice Man Cometh 2002
It's How You Play the Game 2003
Malled 2002
Man or Machine 2002
Matchmaker 2004
Model Cityzens 2002
Mommies Dearest 2003
Morphing Is Soooo 1987 2004
Mummy 2003
Nature Nightmare 2004
Neptune's Reef 2011
Operation Astronuts
Operation Attack of the Killer Condo
Operation Attack of the Soft Hacker
Operation Brat Pack
Operation Break Out
Operation Buzz Off
Operation Chameleon Leon
Operation Chicken Suit
Operation Crabby Bob
Operation Crusin' for a Brusin'
Operation Dare Devil
Operation Dude Ranch Disaster
Operation Dyno-mite 2009
Operation Evil Paparazzi
Operation Fun and Games
Operation Funny Bone
Operation Grow Up
Operation Gus Jr.
Operation Gusjitsu
Operation Jolty Juice
Operation Leon's Revenge
Operation Nano Spies
Operation Noel's Last Stand
Operation Pet Peeved
Operation Rebel Robot
Operation Return of the Granny
Operation Rival Schools
Operation Sassy Lassie
Operation Scary Jerry: Part 1
Operation Scary Jerry: Part 2
Operation Senior Spy
Operation Shrubbery
Operation Sneak Attack
Operation Snowy Falcon
Operation Spy Clone
Operation Spy-Sitter 2009
Operation Sudstastic
Operation Sunrise Tan
Operation Super Spy Flares
Operation Tami Trouble
Operation Terrible Thirteen
Operation the Island That Whoop Forgot
Operation There's No Pal in Principal
Operation Trudi on Duty
Operation Trudi on Duty!
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 1
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 2
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 3
Operation Wheels of Thunder
Operation WOOCSI
Operation Yeti Bear
Operation Yo-Yo Boy Ninja
Passion Patties 2002
Physics 101 Much? 2004
Planet of the Hunks 2004
Power Yoga Much? 2005
Queen for a Day 2002
RedaKai 2011
S.P.I. 2004
Scam Camp Much? 2005
Shrinking 2002
Silicon Valley Girls 2002
Ski Trip 2004
Soul Collector 2002
Space Much? 2004
Spies vs. Spies 2002
Spy Gladiators 2002
Stark Raving Mad 2004
Starstruck 2003
Stuck in the Middle Ages with You 2001
Super Agent 2005
Super Nerd Much? 2004
Team Galaxy 2005
The Amazing Spiez 2009
The Chalice 2011
The Elevator 2004
The Eraser 2001
The Fist of the Colossus 2011
The Fugitives 2001
The Get Away 2001
The Incredible Bulk 2004
The Kairu That Time Forgot 2011
The Mask of Fire 2011
The New Jerry 2001
The New Warrior 2012
The Return of Connor Stax 2011
The Valley of the Banyan 2011
The Yuck Factor 2003
Totally Spies! 2001
Totally Switched 2004
Tournament of Champions 2011
Toying Around 2004
Truth or Scare 2005
W.O.W. 2004
Wild Styles 2002
Zooney World 2003

Produced by
Attack of the 50 Foot Mandy 2006
Evil Gymnasts 2010
Evil Jerry 2006
Evil Sorority 2010
Mime Your Own Business 2006
Space Much? 2004
Totally Spies! 2001

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