Ron Rubin

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actor, writer, producer
Ron Ruben
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Winnipeg, Canada


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A Bad Knight for Tackleberry 1988
A Blue Knight at the Opera 1988
A Bridge Too Weak 1999
A Bug Responsibilty 2000
A Charmed Life 1995
A Crystal Clear Destiny 1995
A Curried Favor 1995
A Fish Tale 2009
A Friend in High Places 2007
A Knight to Remember 1995
A Moon Star Is Born 1995
A Reluctant Princess 1995
A Tough Test/The First Pyramid/The Big Date
A Trip Back in Time/Home Sweet Home/P.S. Pig's Special Friend 1996
Adventures in Budylon/Ladonna Compson: Party Animal 2013
Against the Wind 2012
Alice and the Mystery of the Third Planet 1998
All Dressed Up 2012
All That Glitters 2012
Alpine K-9s 1989
Amazon/Juice 2010
An Elephant's Best Friend 1989
Angela Anaconda 1999
Art Appreciation 2000
Avengers 1999
Avengers Assemble: Part 1 1999
Avengers Assemble: Part 2 1999
Babar 1989
Babar Returns 1989
Babar's Choice 1989
Babar's First Step 1989
Babar's Triumph 1989
Bad Hair Day 1995
Baiting the Trap 2000
Bananas the Magician/The First Horseless Carriage/Princess Hilda 1996
Beauty and the Beast (A Tale of the Crimson Flower) 1998
Beetlejuice 1989
Big Burger 1988
Big Five, Little Five 1996
Big Top Cops 1989
Billy Dog Gets Glasses/Cordelia's Debut/Lowly Joins the Circus
Birthday Blues: Part 1 2000
Birthday Blues: Part 2 2000
Bishôjo senshi Sailor Moon S: The Movie 1994
Bishôjo senshi Serâ Mun supâ S - Serâ nain senshi shuuketsu! Black-Dream-Hole no kiseki 1995
Blaster's Universe 1999
Body Eclectic 1999
Booty and the Beast 1998
Brotherly Love 1998
Buggin'Out 2000
Buster's Not Buying It/One Ornery Critter 2015
Busytown Regatta/Schtoompah, the Funny Austrian/Busytown Soap Box Derby 1994
C.O.P.S. 1988
Camp Academy 1988
Can I Sleep in My Tent?
Care Bears: Big Wish Movie 2005
Cave of Truth 2012
Centopia's Hope 2011
Champ 1988
Checkmate 1995
Cherry Blossom Time 1995
Choosing Sides 2012
City Ways 1989
Comes a Swordsman 1999
Command Decision 1999
Computer School Blues 1995
Cop Scouts 1988
Cops & Robots 1988
Count on Us!/The First Easter Egg Ever/Be My Valentine 1997
Creatures of the Night 1996
Crystal Clear Again 2000
Curss on You! 1988
Dad's Neat Job/The Discovery of America/Mr Gronkle's Friends
Damp Spirits 2000
Darkness, My Old Friend 2000
Day of Destiny 1995
Daylight Savings Time/The Pickle Car Wash
Deja Voodoo 1988
Denys at Camp/Peasant Pig's Gifts/Little Fixit
Destiny's Arrival 2000
Detention Doldrums 1995
Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist 2008
Doing Our Part 2007
Donkey Kong Country 1997
Dr. Deadstone, I Presume 1989
Earth and Fire: Part 1 2000
Earth and Fire: Part 2 2000
Egg-Streme Vengeance 2000
Elementary, My Dear Coppers! 1989
Elephants 1: Educating Emily 1996
Emerald Takes Over 1998
Emergency Room 1988
End of an Era 2012
Enemies No More 1995
Episode #1.14
Episode #1.15
Erky Perky 2006
Everything's Coming Up Rosey 2000
False Heroes 2007
Fat City 1988
Fiendish Ferns 2000
Fish & Microchips 1988
Flights of the Bumbling Blues 1988
Food Fetish 1995
For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll 1988
Fractious Friends 1995
Friend and Enemy 1999
Friendly Foes 2000
Friends and Heroes 2007
Fun-Time Riddle Race/The First Balloon/Billy Dog's Space Rock
Gekijô-ban - Bishôjo senshi Serâ Mun R 1993
Golden Revival 2000
Gone Gaga/Like Supervillain, Like Son
Goodness Eclipsed 2000
Grads on Tour 1989
Gramps in a Pickle 1995
Gym Nausium 1999
Harry Ace Reporter!
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs 2005
Has Anyone Seen My Book?/PJ Pig's Brave Day/Vanderbuilt's New Shoes
Hawaii Nine-0 1989
Heightened Hazard 2000
Hello Kitty 1993
Hello, Sailor Mini Moon 2000
Hercules and the Golden Apples 1999
Hope in Pieces 2011
Horseplay 2007
Huckle's Feathery Friends/The First Valentine Ever/The Sleepover 1997
I Wish It Would Stop Raining
Ice Princess 1995
Individual Happiness 2000
Inventor of the Year/Macaroni Polo
It's a Dog's Life
It's in the Cards 2000
Journey to the Center of the Earth 1996
K-9 Corps and the Peking Pooch 1988
Kang 1999
Karate Cop 1988
Kindergarten Chaos 1995
King and Queen for a Day/The Piggy Express/Practice Makes Perfect 1997
King for a Day 2012
Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights 1999
Kratts' Creatures 1995
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues 1993
Last Resort 1995
Lights, Action, Coppers 1988
Like Coppers, Like Son 1989
Lita Borrows Trouble 2000
Little Miss Manners 1995
Little Red and Big Bertha 1988
Mad Maxine 1988
Math Schmath 1999
Me First
Members Only 2007
Mia and Me 2011
Mimet's Mess 2000
Mind Over Manners 1999
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 1995
Miss Know-It-All 2012
Miss-Match/Stupor-ize Me 2011
Moustachesquatch/Endless Summer 2010
Mr. Fixit's Magnet Machine/Sneef and Sniff at the Opera/Mr Gronkle Won't Mind
Mr. Fixit's Magnet Machine/Sneef and Sniff at the Opera/Mr. Gronkle Won't Mind 1996
Mr. Fixit's Super Submarine/Cahuchu's Magic Tree/Mr Bean's Restaurant
Mr. Frumble's Brother/Viking Pigs/The Perfect Wedding
Mr. Gronkle Moves Away/Counting Chickens/The Spelling Bee 1997
Mr. Raccoon's Different Day/Mario, the Venetian Gondolier/The Best Babysitter Ever 1994
Mr. Sleaze Versus Lockjaw 1988
Much Ado About Baby Sitting 1995
Much Ado About Kitten 2000
My Mummy Lies Over the Ocean 1988
Mysticons 2017
Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend 1998
Naughty N' Nice 1995
Next in Line 2000
Nightmare Garden 2000
Nine Cops and a Baby 1988
No Ordinary Horsepower 2000
No Place Like Home 1989
No Turning Back 2000
Now You Steal It, Now You Don't 1988
Nowhere to Hide 1999
Numbskull's Revenge 1988
Onchao's Oasis 2011
One in the Hand 2000
Operation Big House 1988
Panthea's Proposal 2012
People Who Need People 2000
Peter's Visit/The First Skis Ever/Stage Fright
Phantom of the Precinct 1988
Phony Fairy 2000
Phuddle's Foibles 2012
Piggsburg Pigs 1990
Pilot 1988
Police Academy 1988
Police Academy Blues 1988
Precinct of Wax 1988
Prediction of Doom 1995
Prince and the Copper 1988
Proctor, Call a Doctor 1988
Professor Jekyll and Gangster Hyde 1988
ProStars 1991
Puttin' on the Dogs 1988
Race to the Moon 1989
Radio Show 1987
Rain Forests: Under the Canopy 1996
Raye's Day in the Spotlight 1995
Related by Destiny 2000
Remnants 1999
Restoration 2011
Return of the Shadow Assassin 1994
Rini's Risky Friendship 2000
Rock Around the Cops 1988
Rolling for Dollars 1988
Rubeus Evens the Score 1998
Rubeus Strikes Out 1998
Sailor Mercury Moving On? 1995
Sailor Moon 1995
Sailor V Makes the Scene 1995
Santa with a Badge 1988
Second Chance 2000
Secret Garden 1995
Seeds of Destruction 2009
Serena Times Two 1995
Shadow Assassin 1993
Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show 1984
Ship of Jewels 1988
Shooting Stars 2000
Show Stoppers 2000
Show Time Showdown 2000
Sibling Rivalry 1995
Sidekick 2010
Ski Bunny Blues 1995
Snow Job 1988
So You Want to Be in Pictures 1995
Soap Box Derby 1986
Space Out Space Cadets 1988
Star Struck, Bad Luck 2000
Stickin' Around 1996
Stories from My Childhood 1998
Stunt Dawgs 1992
Suitable for Framing 1988
Supercop Sweetchuck 1988
Superstitious Bananas/Pépé le Gangstaire/Drive-Through Movie 1997
Survival of the Fattest 1989
Sweetchuck's Brother 1988
Tainted Tea Party 2000
Talking to Unicorns 2011
Tears of Joy 2012
Ten Little Cops 1989
The Best Amusement Park Ever/The First Bridge/Say Cheese Please! 1996
The Best Birthday Party Ever/Martha's First Book/Locked Out
The Best Birthday Present Ever/Patrick Pig Learns to Talk/Grouchy Mr. Gronkle 1994
The Best Car Trip Ever/Earnest's Dish You Can Eat/Cousin Ross 1996
The Best Mistake Ever/Sneef, the Best Detective in Europe/Camping Out 1994
The Big Dare/Oliver's Sandwich/Pig Will Won't
The Blossom Tree 2011
The Busiest Firefighters Ever/Manuel of Mexico/The Biggest Catch Ever 1994
The Busy World of Richard Scarry 1993
The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1: Part 1 1988
The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1: Part 2 1988
The Case of the Big Bad Boxoids 1988
The Case of the Big Boss's Master Plan: Part 1 1988
The Case of the Big Boss's Master Plan: Part 2 1988
The Case of the Blitz Attack 1988
The Case of the Blurbandits 1988
The Case of the Boy who Cried Sea Monster 1988
The Case of the Brilliant Berserko 1988
The Case of the Bulletproof Waldo 1988
The Case of the Crime Circus 1988
The Case of the Crime Convention 1988
The Case of the Criminal Mall 1988
The Case of the Crook with a Thousand Faces 1988
The Case of the Crook with a Thousand Faces 1988
The Case of the Lost Boss 1989
The Case of the Rock and Roll Robbers
The Case of the Super Shakedown 1988
The Case of the Thieving Robots 1988
The Case of the Thieving Robots 1988
The Case of the Visiting Mother 1988
The City of Elephants 1989
The Comic Book Caper 1988
The Cosmetics Caper 1995
The Count of Monte Cristo 1997
The Day My Butt Went Psycho!
The Elves and the Dragon 2011
The Fire Unicorn 2012
The Golden Rooster 1998
The Golden Son 2011
The Good, the Bad & the Bogus 1988
The Hang Ten Gang 1988
The Hillbilly Blues 1989
The Junkman Ransoms the Ozone 1989
The Knights of Busytown/Cave Pigs/Play It Safe!
The Labors of Hercules 1999
The Legend of Robin Good 1989
The Missing Crown Affair 1989
The Monkey Trial 1988
The Mystery of the Stone Circle/The Big Apple Christmas Caper/Who's Too Scared to Masquerade? 1997
The New Neighbors/The First Halloween Ever/Now I Know My One, Two, Threes! 1997
The Panned Piper 2012
The Past Returns 1995
The Perfect Gentleman/The Best Painter Ever/The Best Day for Dennis 1996
The Phantom 1989
The Prince and the Swan 1998
The Purity Chalice 2000
The Return of Sailor Moon 1995
The School Dance/The First Olympics/Hilda for President
The Secret of the Luna Sphere 1998
The Shadow of Silence 2000
The Show Must Go On 1989
The Sorceress' Apprentice 2000
The Sweetest Dream 2000
The Talking Bread/Couscous, the North African Detective/The Three Fishermen 1994
The Tell Tale Tooth 1988
The Unicorn Trap 2012
The Wizened Woods 2012
The Wolf Who Cried Boy 1988
Thieves Like Us 1989
Thorny Weather 2000
Tibbles to the Rescue 2013
To Duet or Not to Duet 1989
To Rule Atlantis 2000
Tough Kindness 2000
Trading Disgraces 1988
Treed 1995
Trouble Comes Thundering Down 1995
Trumptus Lost 2011
Turbo Dogs 2008
Tuxedo Melvin 1995
Tuxedo Unmasked 1995
Ulysses and the Trojan Horse 1999
Uncool Copycat 1999
Under the Moon 2012
VR Madness 1995
Wake Up Call 2000
Westward Ho Hooks 1988
What a Vision Has to Do 2000
What's for Breakfast?
Wheels of Fortune 1988
Who's Afraid of the Big Eclipse?/Hold Your Breath!/Pumpkin Heads 1996
Wildberry Implosion 2007
Worth Her Weight in Gold 1988
You're History 1999
Young Again 1986
Young Vikings/Sneef Saves the Queen/Hilda the Director 1995
Ziggo's Day Off 2011
Zillion Dollar Zed 1988

Future City 1981
Palmerstown, U.S.A. 1980
Radio Show 1987

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Palmerstown, U.S.A. 1980

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