Robert Mulligan

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actor, director, writer, producer
Date of Birth
23. August 1925, Leo, 95 years
The Bronx, New York, New York, USA


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Summer of '42 1971

Directed by
0 for 37
15 October 1864 1957
A Business Proposition
A Case of Pure Fiction 1955
A Catered Affair
A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Surprise 1956
A Cowboy for Chris
A Double Life 1957
A Girl Can Tell 1955
A Husband for Mama
A Letter to Mr. Priest
A Letter to Mr. Priest
A Little Night Music
A Little Night Music
A Little Something in Reserve
A Man Is Ten Feet Tall
A Man's Game
A Matter of Life and Death
A Medal in the Family
A Murder Has Been Arranged
A Murder Is Announced 1956
A Patch of Faith 1956
A Patch of Faith 1956
A Patch of Faith 1956
A Room in Paris
A Secret Island
A Sense of Justice
A Softness in the Wind 1952
A Tale of Two Cities 1958
A Time of Innocence 1952
A Will to Live 1957
A Young Lady of Property
A. Fadeout 1953
Adapt or Die
Ah, Wilderness! 1959
All Hallow's Eve 1952
All Summer Long
Amahl and the Night Visitors 1955
An Inspector Calls
Anatomy of Fear
And Crown Thy Good
And Never Been Kissed
Angel in the Wings
Ann Rutledge
Anything Can Happen
Ark of Safety 1956
Armstrong Circle Theatre 1950
Awake with Fear 1957
Baby the Rain Must Fall 1965
Backwoods Cinderella
Barn Burning 1954
Because of the Lockwoods
Becky Sharp
Before I Wake 1953
Beg, Borrow or Steal
Beloved Stranger 1955
Bethel Merriday
Better Than Walking 1952
Billy Budd 1959
Black Frost
Bloodbrothers 1978
Blue Panther 1952
Brat Farrar
Bratt Farrar
Bulletin 120
Buy Me Blue Ribbons
By-Line for Murder
Career 1953
Career Girl
Case History
Catch a Falling Star
Catch My Boy on Sunday
Christmas 'til Closing
Clara's Heart 1988
Class of '58 1954
Come Alive
Come Into My Parlor 1953
Come September 1961
Conspiracy of Hearts 1956
Country Fair Time 1956
Crime Without Motive
Crown of Shadows 1952
Cyrano de Bergerac
Damion's Daughter
Dark Hammock
Dark of the Moon
Dear Guest and Ghost
Dear Harriet Heart-Throb
Dinner at Antoine's
Dinner at Eight
Dirty Eddie
Do It Yourself 1955
Doing Her Bit 1955
Double Jeopardy
Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal
Dusty Portrait
End of the Mission 1955
Enter Madame
Ephraim Tutt's Clean Hands
Episode #1.5
Episode #5.29
Ernie Barger Is Fifty
Even the Weariest River 1956
Expectant Relations
Expectant Relations 1953
F.O.B. Vienna 1953
Fear Strikes Out 1957
First Love 1957
Flight into Danger 1956
Flight Into Darkness
Flight Report
Flight to Freedom
Footlight Frenzy 1956
For Love or Money
For the Love of Randi 1952
Four Meetings
Friday the Thirteenth
Game of Hide and Seek
Goodyear Television Playhouse 1951
Grow Up 1956
Guilty Is the Stranger
Hear My Heart Speak
Her Prince Charming
Here's Father 1954
High Tor
Holiday Song
Holiday Song
Home Town
Hostages to Fortune 1957
Hour of Destiny
Hunted 1956
I Like It Here
I Want to March
I Was Stalin's Prisoner
I'm Still Alive
In Beauty Like the Night
In the Days of Our Youth 1956
Incident at Golden's Creek
Incident in July
Inside Daisy Clover 1965
It Pays to Advertise
It's a Small World 1952
Jenny Kissed Me
Joey 1956
John Turner
John Turner Davis
Justice and Mr. Pleznik
Key Largo 1956
Kiss and Tell 1956
Kiss Me Again, Stranger 1953
Kiss Me Goodbye 1982
Kitty Doone
Kyria Katina
Last Boat from Messina
Leaf Out of a Book
Leaf out of a Book
Let Them Be Sea Captains
Letter of Recommendation
Little Boy Lost
Love at Forth Sight 1957
Love with the Proper Stranger 1963
Madame Aphrodite
Maestro 1956
Magic Morning
Man Drowning
Man on a Tiger 1956
Man on Spikes 1955
Man on the Mountaintop
Marcia Akers
Mechanical Manhunt 1957
Medical Meeting
Merry Christmas, Mr. Baxter 1956
Middle of the Night
Miss Look-Alike
Missouri Legend
Mist on the Waters
Moment of Panic
Money to Burn 1951
Monsieur Vidocq 1952
Morning's at Seven 1956
Mr. Arcularis
Mr. Dorothy Allen 1955
Mr. Matches 1953
Mr. Mergenthwicker's Lobblies
Mr. Pettengill Here
Mr. Quimby's Christmas Hats 1952
Mrs. Gilling and the Skyscraper 1957
Murder at the Stork Club
Mutiny Below 1953
Night 1957
Night at the Vulcan
Nightmare at Ground Zero 1953
No Medals on Pop
Nobody's Town 1957
Not the Glory 1958
Nothing to Lose 1957
Nothing to Sneeze At
O Romany
October Story
Old Tasselfoot
One Mummy Too Many
Operation: Airlift
Other People's Houses
Papa Is All
Parlor Story
Parnassus on Wheels
Parole Chief
Pencil Sketch
Play Me Hearts and Flowers
Playhouse 90 1956
Portrait in Smoke
Portrait of Constance 1953
Pretend I Am a Stranger
Pretty Little Parlor
Pride and Prejudice
Pride's Castle
Pride's Way
Printer's Measure
Printer's Measure
Protege 1957
Proud Passage
Quality Street
Ramshackle Inn
Raymond Schindler, Case One 1952
Recoil 1954
Remember Me? 1952
Requiem for a Model A
Rich Boy
Ride the Wild Mare 1957
Rise Up and Walk
Rise Up and Walk
Roman Fever 1952
Romeo and Juliet
Routine Assignment
Rumblin' Galleries 1957
Run Like a Thief
Run, Girl, Run
Same Time, Next Year 1978
Saturday Visit 1955
Sense and Sensibility
Set-Up for Death 1952
Shadow of the Champ
Smoke 1954
Smoke Screen
Somebody Special
Something's Got to Give
Sound the Pipes of Pan 1956
Spring Reunion 1954
St. Helena
Star in the Summer Night
Stardust II 1956
Statute of Limitations
Street Scene
Studio One in Hollywood 1948
Suit Yourself 1955
Suitable for Framing 1954
Summer Formal
Summer of '42 1971
Suspense 1949
Tale of the Comet 1957
Tangled Web 1955
Television Story
Tempest of Tick Creek
Tender Age
The Accident 1953
The Adventure of the Black Baronet 1953
The Adventures of Hiram Holliday
The Alcoa Hour 1955
The American
The Archangel Harrigan 1956
The Arena
The Assassin
The Baby
The Bachelor Party
The Basket Weaver
The Beautiful Bequest
The Best Laid Schemes
The Best Wine
The Big Build-Up 1957
The Big Deal
The Big Man on Campus 1954
The Big Vote 1956
The Birth of the Movies
The Black Prophet 1953
The Black Sheep
The Black Wings 1955
The Bold and the Brave
The Bridge of San Luis Rey 1958
The Broken Fist
The Brownstone 1954
The Bump on Brannigan's Head
The Catamaran
The Catered Affair
The Charmed Circle
The Chivington Raid
The Cipher 1953
The Copper
The Crooked Frame 1952
The Dance 1953
The Dance 1953
The Dancers
The Danger by Night 1957
The Dark Corridor
The Dark Side of the Moon 1957
The Darkness Below 1952
The Death of Billy the Kid
The Defender: Part 1 1957
The Defender: Part 2 1957
The Druid Circle
The Duel 1953
The DuPont Show of the Month 1957
The Dusty Drawer 1952
The Education of a Fullback
The Eleventh Ward 1951
The End Is Known
The Expendable House 1955
The Fast Dollar
The Feast
The Film Maker 1956
The Five Dollar Bill 1957
The Five Fathers of Pepi
The Five Lives of Richard Gordon
The Fourth Wall
The Gambler
The Gene Austin Story 1957
The Gesture
The Ghost Writer
The Ghost Writer 1955
The Gift
The Girl in Chapter One 1956
The Girl with the Stop Watch
The Glorification of Al Toolum
The Great Escape
The Great Impostor 1961
The Hangman in the Fog
The Happy Rest
The Haven
The House 1957
The House in Athens
The House of the Seven Gables
The Human Comedy 1959
The Human Comedy 1959
The Hunted 1954
The Huntress
The Invisible Killer 1952
The Inward Eye
The Joker
The King and Mrs. Candle
The Kiss-Off 1953
The Lantern Copy
The Last Hour
The Last Train to Pusan 1957
The Last Tycoon
The Late Christopher Bean
The Lawn Party 1954
The Legacy
The Life of Vincent Van Gogh
The Little Sister
The Littlest Little Leaguer 1957
The Lonely
The Long Run
The Long Way Home
The Lost Diplomat
The Magic Horn 1956
The Man in the Black Hat
The Man in the Middle of the Ocean
The Man in the Moon 1991
The Man Who Bought a Town
The Man Who Cried Wolf 1953
The Man Who Got Away with It
The Marriages
The Mechanical Heart
The Medea Cup
The Member of the Wedding 1958
The Merry-Go-Round
The Midnight Caller
The Miss America Story
The Monument
The Moon and Sixpence 1959
The Mother
The Moving Target 1952
The Mystery of Thirteen 1957
The New Process
The Nickel Ride 1974
The Oil Well 1953
The Old Beginning
The Old Lady Shows Her Medals
The Original Miss Chase 1957
The Other 1972
The Outsiders
The Pardon-Me Boy
The Personal Touch 1954
The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse 1948
The Piper of St. James 1956
The Plot
The Power Devil
The Power of Suggestion
The President 1956
The President 1956
The Primary Colors 1956
The Princess Back Home 1957
The Prizewinner 1955
The Promise
The Pupil
The Pursuit of Happiness 1971
The Quarry 1953
The Queen Bee
The Rabbit Trap 1955
The Rainmaker
The Rat Race 1960
The Recluse
The Reluctant Citizen
The Reluctant Landlord
The Return
The Room
The Room Next Door
The Rumor 1953
The Search
The Second Oldest Profession
The Sentry 1956
The Shadow of Willie Greer
The Sisters
The Sixth Year
The Small Servant 1955
The Spiral Road 1962
The Spur
The Stalking Moon 1968
The Starlet
The Story of Mary Surratt
The Strange Christmas Dinner
The Strong Women
The Sudden Guest
The Symbol: Jefferson Davis
The Takers 1955
The Tentacles
The Terrorists
The Thin Air
The Touch of a Stranger
The Traveling Lady 1957
The Travellers
The Treasure Hunters
The Trees
The Trial of Steven Kent 1952
The Trial of Steven Kent
The Trip to Bountiful
The Trouble with Women 1957
The Twenty-Third Mission 1952
The Uncertain Molly Collicutt
The Velvet Mitten
The Vine That Grew on Fiftieth Street
The Visitors
The Way of the Eagle
The Way Things Happen 1955
The Wayward Season
The Winter of the Dog
The Witness
The Wonderful Mrs. Ingram
The Young and the Fair
This Land Is Mine
This Thing Called Love
This Time Next Year
This Time, Next Year
Three Cornered Moon
Three Letters
Three Sundays
Thunder in Washington 1955
Thunder of Silence 1954
Tigers Don't Sing
Time Bomb
Time of Delivery
To Kill a Mockingbird 1962
Tomorrow 1960
Torch for a Dark Journey
Total Recall
Tour of Duty 1952
Train to Trouble
Treasure Chest 1952
Twelfth Night
Two for One
Uncertain Heritage
Uncle Dynamite
Undertow 1955
Up Above the World So High
Up the Down Staircase 1967
Vacancy for Death 1953
Visit to a Small Planet 1955
Wacky, the Small Boy
Walk into the Night
Watch Me Die
We Were Children
Weekend in Vermont
What Every Woman Knows 1959
What Every Woman Knows
What Makes Sammy Run?
Wings on My Feet
Wings Over Barriers 1953
Wish on the Moon 1953
Without Fear or Favor
Woman in Love 1952
Women of Intrigue
Write Me Out Forever 1954
You Touched Me!
Your Every Wish 1957

Dark Shadows 1950

Produced by
Kiss Me Goodbye 1982
The Nickel Ride 1974
The Other 1972

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