Reagan Pasternak

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First name
Reagan Jae Pasternak
Date of Birth
8. March 1977, Pisces, 42 years
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1.73 m


Beitrag eingeben
YOUR MY INSPIRATION   10.12.08 02:26 - anonymous Monitor this discussion

I LOVE THE MOVIE A CHRISTMASS VISITOR AND I WILL ALWAYS WATCH FOR THE REST OF YOUR FILMS ,AND I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU AS WELL AS YOUR ACTING . HERS A POEM I WROTE FROM ME TO YOU ADIOS RICK My Christmass story Merry Christmas to the one I love, So to be drawn to love of passion and a noel, beyond our village green,this story im here to tell Even on this day of love for All, Remembering the one you love and '' always , '' I '' will call '' Redeemed all those whose hearts her love might move. Yet only one love does my spirit prove, Waitting for that special christmass gift from the One I love, wondering wut it will be omg , it will be just for meee. On this special day i will get her a diamond ring some earrings lots of perfumes and other things sexy panties an bra's I want my baby to look good and just be in Awwww Boxes of gifts all surround her just like my love and friends that are all around her From head to toe Gifts just keep piling she;ll remenber this day bet she cant wait to begin the un wyinding ? Family and friends , love ones nearby all hugging each other omg its just making me cry beyond our hearts content bring this chritmass , to my hearts love sent Moving towards the wash along our shores the 3 kings keep moving towards christ our lord As our love joins the Holiday Seasons lets be joyful and write down some Thankful Reasons . I thank mom and dad for bringing me into this world I thank my brothers and sisters for being my family But most of all I thank you GOD for carriing me all this time, now put me down and let me finish this rymme Hush everyone I'll be juss fine Thank you Santa I promise to be good and to her as well now its time to ring that jingle bell ? To my gurl whom I love so much may this christmass , bring her to me , with lots of lust , embeded in we Win her heart and never allow us to break apart . May god bring you much more then happness and never leave you with any saddness Have Merry Christmass I'll hug her ever so tight and now I say to all of you may your futures be all so very bright , and have a great night love always Merry Christmass to every one . TO MY FRIEND REAGAN LOVE MEEEEEEEEEEEE  

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6Teen 2004
6Teen 2004
A Christmas Visitor 2002
A Christmas Wedding 2006
A Little Bit of Heaven 1999
A River Runs Through It... It Being Egypt 2009
Adultescence 2009
Adventure Inc. 2002
After All We Have Been Through 2013
All Hallow's Eve 1998
AssPocalypse Now 2010
Battle Royale 2009
Beautiful Girl 2003
Before You Say 'I Do' 2009
Being Dr. Tom 2009
Birds of Paradise 2000
Blue Murder 2001
Braceface 2001
Breach 2007
Bye Bye Nikki: Part 1 2010
Bye Bye Nikki: Part 2 2010
Cadmus and Europa 1999
Cake 2005
Cherry 2017
Closer 2017
Confessions of an American Bride 2005
Corner Gas: The Movie 2014
Cultural Revolution 2009
Curse of the Neptune 2002
Dark Intentions 2015
Dead Mary 2007
Dear Alden 2001
Doc 2001
Double Troubles 2009
Enter the Dragon 2005
Enter the Dragon 2005
Episode #5.10
Episode #5.11
Erica the Vampire Slayer 2009
Escape from the Newsroom 2002
Everything She Wants 2009
Family Reunion 2004
Girl Meets Home for the Holidays 2015
Girl Meets Smackle 2014
Girl Meets World 2014
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 2004
Hemingway vs. Callaghan 2003
In the Presence of Mine Enemies 2001
Inconceivable 2008
Jailbait 2000
Just Buried 2007
Leo 2009
Mail to the Chief 2000
Mama Mia 2009
Mi Casa, Su Casa Loma 2009
Milgaard / Hard Time: The David Milgaard Story 1999
Milk 2017
Mountie Sings the Blues 1998
Mutant X 2001
Nothing to Declare 2008
Papa Can You Hear Me? 2009
Pilot 2001
Plenty of Fish 2009
Rashomama 2006
Remembrance Day: Part 1 2001
Remembrance Day: Part 2 2001
Savage Planet 2006
Sharp Objects 2018
She's Lost Control 2009
Shhh... Don't Tell 2009
Such a Perfect Day 2009
The Brady Bunch in the White House 2002
The Candidate 2003
The Excitement of Release 2015
The Importance of Being Erica 2009
The Pool at Maddy Breaker's 2003
The Rabbit Hole 2010
The Secret of Now 2009
The Unkindest Cut 2009
This Be the Verse 2009
Three Night Stand 2013
Til Death 2009
Till We Meet Again 2004
Under My Thumb 2009
Verdict in Blood 2002
Wedding Bell Blues 2004
Welcome to Mooseport 2004
What Goes Up Must Come Down 2009
What I Am Is What I Am 2009
Will You Merry Me? 2008
Yes We Can 2009
Zeyda and the Hitman / Running with the Hitman 2004

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