Philip Tannura

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actor, cinematographer
Phillip Tannura, Phil Tennura, Phil Tannura
Date of Birth
28. March 1897, Aries
New York, New York, USA
Date of Death
7. December 1973, 76 years
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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The Awakening of John Bond 1911
The Stolen Nickel 1912

A Cup of Kindness 1934
A Helping Hand 1967
A Matter for Experts 1966
Accidentally on Purpose 1952
Adopted Son 1952
Alias Boston Blackie 1942
Alice Gets Married 1956
All Around the Town 1967
All Nephews Are Created Equal 1967
An Elephant Sits on Gracie's Fender 1954
An Old-Fashioned Girl 1949
Anniversary Party 1955
Appearances Are Deceiving 1956
Auto License Bureau/George Becomes an Author 1954
Autolight 1959
Babies for Sale 1951
Back from Paris 1956
Ballerina Buffy 1967
Bedroom Burglar Show 1955
Beware the Other Woman 1966
Big Punch 1951
Big Secret 1951
Big Trap 1952
Blanche and Brother Roger Move in with the Burnses 1955
Blanche and Clara Bagley Leave Their Husbands 1955
Blanche Secretly Buys a Fur Stole 1953
Blanche Wants New Car/Gracie Gets Von Zell a Wife 1953
Blanche's Brother, Roger the Moocher, Visits 1955
Blondie Knows Best 1946
Blood Money 1952
Bodyhold 1949
Break the News 1938
Bred in Old Kentucky 1926
Bulldog Drummond at Bay 1947
Burlesk 1956
Burns and Allen Show 1954
Burnses & Mortons Going to Hear Antonelli Concert 1954
Burnses and Mortons Choosing Movie to Attend 1954
C.O.D. Honeymoon 1952
Cadets on Parade 1942
Calling Doctor Baxter 1955
Career 1952
Chain of Circumstance 1951
Changing Names 1955
Channel Crossing 1933
Charing Cross Road 1935
China Corsair 1951
Cigarette Girl/Georgie Jessel/Teddy Bear 1953
City Without Men 1943
Columbia Pictures Doing Burns and Allen Story 1954
Company for Christmas 1955
Confessions of Boston Blackie 1941
Counsel's Opinion 1933
Counter-Espionage 1942
Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard 1950
Crime Doctor's Gamble 1947
Crime Doctor's Man Hunt 1946
Criminal Lawyer 1951
Customs Agent 1950
Cyclone Buddy 1924
Cyrano De Bergerac 1956
Dangerous Blondes 1943
Dead Man's Curve 1928
Desperate Money 1952
Dinner at the Ritz 1937
Dirty Work 1934
Dolores De Marco, George's Ex-Vaudeville Partner 1954
Don't Be a Sucker 1951
Dreaming Out Loud 1940
Emily Vanderlip's Elopement 1954
Episode dated 4 October 1954 1954
Ethel Barrymore Theater 1956
Everybody Needs Somebody 1967
Fair Exchange 1952
Family Affair 1966
Fancy Free 1967
Fighting Stock 1935
Five Star Swindle 1951
Flame of Stamboul 1951
Footlight Glamour 1943
For Valour 1937
Four O'Clock in the Morning Show 1955
Free Trip to Hawaii 1952
George and Gracie Going to Opera 'Carmen' 1954
George and Gracie Going to Rose Marie Premiere 1953
George and Gracie Hear a Burglar/Up All Night 1953
George and Harry Mad at Each Other 1953
George and the 14-Karat Gold Trombone 1955
George and the Glendale Eagle Publicity Stunt 1955
George and the Missing Five Dollars and Missing Baby 1955
George Becomes a Dictator 1955
George Gets Black Eye from Open Door 1954
George Gets Call from Unknown Victor 1954
George Goes Skiing 1956
George Lectures at UCLA 1953
George Needs Glasses 1956
George Reading Play to Be Done in London 1954
George Resting for Insurance Examination 1954
George Sneezing/Gracie Thinks He's Insane 1952
George Teaches Gracie Not to Be Careless 1953
George Teaches Gracie Not to Start Rumors 1954
George's Mother-in-Law Trouble 1955
Goldie, Fields and Glide 1954
Good Luck, Mr. Yates 1943
Gracie & Cleaning Woman/Vanderlips 1953
Gracie & George Try for a Day at the Beach 1955
Gracie Adopts Great Dane Dog 1955
Gracie and Blanche Hire Two Gigolos to Take Them Out 1952
Gracie and Blanche Want to Redecorate 1952
Gracie and George Have a Mystery Anniversary 1954
Gracie and George Locked Out of Their House 1953
Gracie and Harry Morton/Missing Persons Bureau 1953
Gracie and the Dented Fender 1952
Gracie and the St. Bernard 1951
Gracie at Department Store 1953
Gracie Becomes a Portrait Artist After Museum Visit 1955
Gracie Believes George Has a Criminal Record 1955
Gracie Buying a Ranch for George 1953
Gracie Buying Boat for George 1952
Gracie Buys a Toaster Wholesale 1954
Gracie Buys Old Movies to Sell to Television 1954
Gracie Consults Dr. Kirby's Problem Clinic 1955
Gracie Discovers George's Secret Weakness 1954
Gracie Doing a Picture Without George 1953
Gracie Gets a Business Manager 1953
Gracie Gets a Jury Summons 1953
Gracie Gets a Ticket 'Fixed' by the Judge 1955
Gracie Gets a Valet for George 1955
Gracie Gets George in the Army 1953
Gracie Gives a Baby Shower for Virginia Beasley 1954
Gracie Gives a Swamp Party 1953
Gracie Gives Wedding in Payment of a Favor 1954
Gracie Giving Party for Atomic Scientist 1952
Gracie Goes to a Psychiatrist 1951
Gracie Goes to Psychiatrist for Blanche's Dream 1954
Gracie Goes to the 'Do It Yourself' Show 1954
Gracie Going to San Francisco 1953
Gracie Has to Sell George's Car by Five O'Clock 1954
Gracie Having George's Portrait Painted 1952
Gracie Helps Lola 1955
Gracie Helps Mechanic with Girlfriend 1954
Gracie Helps Morton Get CPA Account 1953
Gracie Hires a Safecracker for Her Wall Safe 1955
Gracie on Train/Murder 1953
Gracie Pawns Her Ring 1955
Gracie Plays Talent Scout for Imitator 1955
Gracie Pretends to Be a College Boy's Mother 1953
Gracie Reports Car Stolen 1953
Gracie Runs for City Council 1954
Gracie Saves Blanche's Marriage 1954
Gracie Sees a Hold-Up/Johnny Velvet 1953
Gracie Selling Swamp So Harry Will Buy TV Set 1952
Gracie Takes Spanish Lessons 1953
Gracie Thinks Bob Cummings Is in Love with Her 1954
Gracie Thinks George Is Going to Commit Suicide 1952
Gracie Thinks George is Retiring from Show Business 1953
Gracie Thinks Harry is Broke 1953
Gracie Thinks Harry Morton Is in Love With Her 1953
Gracie Thinks She and George Are Moving to New York 1954
Gracie Thinks She and George are Not Married 1953
Gracie Tries to Get George in College 1954
Gracie Tries to Select George's Next Wife 1955
Gracie Trying to Get George to Go on Trip East 1953
Gracie Trying to Keep Mortons From Moving Away 1953
Gracie Wants the House Painted 1955
Gracie Wins a Television Set 1954
Gracie's Anniversary Present 1953
Gracie's Engagement Ring 1952
Gracie's Old Boy Friend, Dan Conroy, Comes to Town 1954
Gracie's Redecoration Scheme 1952
Gruen Guild Theater 1951
Hard Hat Jody 1967
Harry Morton Has Only a Week to Live 1954
Harry Morton Is Missing 1954
Harry Morton's Alumni Banquet 1954
Harry Morton's Cocktail Party 1955
Hell's Cargo 1939
Hello, Annapolis 1942
Her Summer Hero 1928
Hi-Jacked 1950
How Jack Found Mary 1954
I Married Joan 1952
I Saw It Happen 1952
Inspector Hornleigh 1939
Irene Dunne Show 1953
Jack Benny Steals George's Joke 1952
Jack Dreams He's Married to Mary 1954
Jack Takes the Beavers to the Fair 1955
Jake the Plumber 1927
Just Before Dawn 1946
Key Witness 1947
King of the Wild Horses 1947
Kite High 1951
Knickerbocker Holiday 1944
Knights of the Square Table 1917
Lady in Danger 1935
Laugh Your Blues Away 1942
Le Jugement de minuit 1932
Legionnaires in Paris 1927
Let's Dance 1956
Let's Have Fun 1943
Love from a Stranger 1937
Love Me, Love Me Not 1966
Lucky in Love 1929
Lucky Legs 1942
M Squad 1957
Make-Up 1937
Man in the Rough 1928
Mandy's Male Animal 1956
Marmalade 1966
Misunderstanding Over Buying Mountain Cabin 1953
Money to Burn 1952
Morton Buys Iron Deer/Gracie Thinks George Needs Glasses 1953
Mortons Exchange Houses with the Gibsons from New York 1954
Moscow Nights 1935
Mother's Boy 1929
Mrs. Beasley, Where Are You? 1966
Mungahana 1954
Mysterious Intruder 1946
New Year's Eve 1961
Night Bank 1951
Night Editor 1946
Night of Vaudeville 1956
Night Train to Danger 1952
No Fan Mail for George 1954
No Seats for Friar's Club Dinner 1955
Once in Love with Buffy 1967
One Angle Too Many 1952
One for the Books 1952
One for the Little Boy 1967
Out of the Depths 1945
Parachute Nurse 1942
Perfect Gentleman 1952
Perry & Pete/Gracie's Cousins/Sneak Thieves 1953
Pick a Number 1952
Poison Pen 1940
Politeness Never Pays 1956
Prison Ship 1945
Problem Husbands 1953
Questions and Answers 1956
Questions and Answers 1956
Raccoon Coat Story 1953
Racket Squad 1950
Redhead from Manhattan 1943
Reminiscing About Last New Year's 1953
Reveille with Beverly 1943
Robber's Roost 1959
Romance Market 1952
Ronnie Arrives 1955
Ronnie Gets an Agent 1956
Ronnie Is Lovesick 1956
Ronnie Meets Sabrina 1955
Ronnie Moves to the Village 1955
Ronnie's Elopement 1955
Room with a Viewpoint 1966
Sally of the Scandals 1928
Sampter Clayton Ballet/Selling Tickets 1952
School for Husbands 1937
Secrets of the Lone Wolf 1941
Serenade for a Sucker 1952
Shakedown 1952
Shamrock Hill 1949
She Has What It Takes 1943
Shoplifter and the Missing Ruby Clip 1954
Sick Old Man 1951
Silky Thompson/Gracie Writes/My Life with George Burns 1952
Skating Pearsons Come to Visit 1952
Skin Game 1951
Skinner's Big Idea 1928
Small Town Racket 1952
Smith of Minnesota 1942
Sock Gives Gus Away 1956
Sock Loses a Bet 1956
Southern Roses 1936
Springtime for Father 1951
Stolen Life 1939
Strange Illusion 1945
Surprise Birthday Party 1951
Surprise Party for Mortons/Sanitarium Routine 1953
Sweetheart of the Fleet 1942
Take Me Out of the Ballgame 1967
Take Two Aspirin 1966
Tax Refund 1953
Taxi 13 1928
Teenage Girl Spends the Weekend 1951
Thanksgiving 1951
That Was the Dinner That Wasn't 1967
The $50,000 Lie 1952
The Andersons Move In 1951
The Apple-Tree Girl 1917
The Award 1967
The Babe Ruth Story 1948
The Big Ride 1952
The Big Ride 1952
The Bill of Sale Racket 1951
The Bob Cummings Show 1955
The Burnses and Mortons Go to New York 1955
The Burnses and Mortons Going to Hawaii 1955
The Butler Method 1967
The Case of Just a Little Larceny 1951
The Case of No Questions Asked 1952
The Case of the Cold Neck 1952
The Case of the Condemned Cattle 1951
The Case of the Empty House 1952
The Case of the Frightened Man 1952
The Case of the Matchmaker 1952
The Case of the Miracle Mud 1951
The Case of the Not-So-Old-Masters 1951
The Case of the Old Flame 1951
The Case of the Perpetual Pellet 1951
The Case of the Slightly Used Car 1951
The Case of the Spanish Prisoner 1951
The Case of the Two Little Country Girls 1951
The Case of the Vain Woman 1951
The Case of the Widow's Mite 1951
The Circus Kid 1928
The Con Gambit 1952
The Crimson Circle 1936
The Diamond That Wasn't 1951
The English Playwright 1956
The Fabulous Fraud 1952
The Fabulous Mr. James 1951
The Fighting Frontiersman 1946
The Flying Saucer 1950
The Gentle Years 1956
The Gentleman Misbehaves 1946
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 1950
The Gift Horse 1966
The Harlem Globetrotters 1951
The Home Wreckers 1952
The Indian Potentate 1956
The Jack Benny Program 1950
The Kleebob Card Game 1950
The Knockout 1951
The Ladies' Club 1956
The Little Chevalier 1917
The Lone Wolf and His Lady 1949
The Magic Act 1956
The Man Who Dared 1946
The Man Who Returned to Life 1942
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 1959
The Matinee Idol 1928
The Matter of School 1966
The Mayor Proposes 1956
The Millerson Case 1947
The Mistaken Marriage of Emily Vanderlip and Roger 1955
The Moon and No Pence 1963
The Mother Tongue 1967
The Musical Scam 1952
The Musical Version 1955
The Newlyweds 1956
The Paris Creation 1956
The People's Choice 1955
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse 1953
The Perfect Match 1951
The Phantom Bible 1952
The Prize 1967
The Raccoon Hunt 1951
The Reluctant House Guest 1957
The Return of Daniel Boone 1941
The Return of Rusty 1946
The Return of the Whistler 1948
The Richest Man in Town 1941
The Right People 1956
The Romance of Harry Morton and Countess Braganni 1955
The Salted Mine 1951
The Soft Touch 1952
The Spectacular Spectacle Debacle 1952
The Staff of Life 1952
The Starmaker 1951
The Stolen Plants 1956
The Stolen Racehorse 1952
The Stu Erwin Show 1950
The Thursday Man 1966
The Tiger 1952
The Tougher They Come 1950
The Town Went Wild 1944
The Twenty-Four Dresses 1956
The Unbeliever 1918
The Uranium Caper 1955
The Vanderlips' Costume Party 1951
The Vanderlips' Dinner Party 1951
The Way It Was 1967
The Woman in the Car 1956
The Yellowback 1929
There's a Girl in My Heart 1949
There's Something About a Soldier 1943
Think Deep 1966
Three Ring Circus 1952
Tillie the Toiler 1941
Too Much of the Mortons 1951
Trapped by Boston Blackie 1948
Two for One 1951
Two Yanks in Trinidad 1942
Uncle Clyde Comes to Visit/Renting Room 1953
Uncle Harvey's Invention 1954
Vanderlip Buys Black Negligee for His Wife 1954
Vanderlip Leaves His Parakeet with George 1955
Von Zell Dates Married Woman/Jealous Husband 1952
Von Zell's Girlfriend Between Trains 1953
What Did You Do in the West, Uncle? 1967
When a Dog Loves 1927
Who's Afraid of Nural Shpeni? 1966
Who's Your Lady Friend? 1937
Wild Boy 1934
Women Who Play 1932
You'll Never Get Rich 1941

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