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Austin Powers in Goldmember 2002
Blue in the Face 1995
Children and Art 2007
Diamonds Are a Dog's Best Friend 1980
Driving Miss Kyra 2005
Looney Tunes: Back in Action 2003
Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005
Operation Astronuts
Operation Attack of the Killer Condo
Operation Attack of the Soft Hacker
Operation Brat Pack
Operation Break Out
Operation Buzz Off
Operation Chameleon Leon
Operation Chicken Suit
Operation Crabby Bob
Operation Crusin' for a Brusin'
Operation Dare Devil
Operation Dude Ranch Disaster
Operation Dyno-mite 2009
Operation Evil Paparazzi
Operation Fun and Games
Operation Funny Bone
Operation Grow Up
Operation Gus Jr.
Operation Gusjitsu
Operation Jolty Juice
Operation Leon's Revenge
Operation Noel's Last Stand
Operation Pet Peeved
Operation Rebel Robot
Operation Return of the Granny
Operation Rival Schools
Operation Sassy Lassie
Operation Scary Jerry: Part 1
Operation Scary Jerry: Part 2
Operation Senior Spy
Operation Shrubbery
Operation Sneak Attack
Operation Snowy Falcon
Operation Solo Spy 2009
Operation Spy Clone
Operation Spy-Sitter 2009
Operation Sudstastic
Operation Sunrise Tan
Operation Super Spy Flares
Operation Tami Trouble
Operation Terrible Thirteen
Operation the Island That Whoop Forgot
Operation There's No Pal in Principal
Operation Trudi on Duty!
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 1
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 2
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 3
Operation Wheels of Thunder
Operation WOOCSI
Operation Yeti Bear
Operation Yo-Yo Boy Ninja
Pilot 2012
Romiet and Julio 1980
Silencer 2006
Urgent Care 2006
Windfall 2006

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