Leon Askin

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First name
Leo Aschkenasy
Date of Birth
18. September 1907, Virgo
Vienna, Rakousko-Uhersko
Date of Death
3. June 2005, 98 years
Vienna, Rakousko


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A Creep in the Deep or Will Success Spoil Boris Badenov?/Ace Is Wild or The Flying Casket 1959
A Matter of Grey Matter: Part 2 1969
A Stroke of Genius 1984
Abschied von den Wolken 1959
Adventures of Superman 1952
Airplane II: The Sequel 1982
Alfred of the Amazon 1967
Alpine Assignment 1952
An Affair at the Embassy 1952
An Old Spanish Custom 1957
Assignment: Paris 1952
Avalanche Is Better Than None or Snows Your Old Man/Below Zero Heroes or I Only Have Ice for You 1960
Benvenuto... Who? 1969
Bis daß das Geld euch scheidet 1960
Blonde Köder für den Mörder 1969
Boris Burgles Again or Sinner Take All/Danger Ahead or Watch Out for Falling Rockys 1960
Box Top Robbery/A Fault in the Vault or Banks a Million 1960
Bullwinkle Makes a Hit or I Get a Bang Out of You/Three on an Island or Tell It to the Maroons 1960
Bullwinkle's Rise or This Goon for Hire/Boris Bites Back or A Rebel without a Pause 1960
Burning Sands or The Big Hot Foot/Death in the Desert or A Place in the Sun 1960
Calaboose Moose or The Crime of Your Life/When a Felon Needs a Friend or Pantomime Quisling 1960
Carolina Cannonball 1955
Charlie's Secret Love 1956
Cheerful Little Pierful or Bomb Voyage/Summer Squash or He's Too Flat for Me 1960
China Venture 1953
Christmas in Connecticut 1956
Confidential Mission 1956
Crusader 1955
Dancing Mouse 1956
Dancing on Air or The Pottsylvania Polka/Axe Me Another or Heads You Lose! 1960
Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse 1962
Death Squad 1970
Der Schinderhannes 1958
Desert Legion 1953
Desert Rat 1956
Die Fernsehsaga - Eine steirische Fernsehgeschichte 1995
Die Funkstreife Gottes 1968
Die Herrin der Welt - Teil I 1960
Die Herrin der Welt - Teil II 1960
Do Not Disturb 1965
Double Trouble 1967
Down to Earth or the Bullwinkle Bounce/Fall Story or Adrift in the Lift 1960
Dr. Death: Seeker of Souls 1973
Ene mene muh - und tot bist du 2001
Fashion Show 1956
Fatal Charm 1956
Fearless Malph 1978
Fiddler in the House 1974
First Strike 1985
Florence Nightingale/Plato/Martin Luther/Voltaire: Part 1 1978
Florence Nightingale/Plato/Martin Luther/Voltaire: Part 2 1978
Fortunatus 1956
French Love 1956
Frightmare / Body Snatchers / Horror Star 1983
Fuels Rush in or The Star-Spangled Boner/The Pottsylvania Permanent or I've Grown Accustomed to the Place 1960
Furchtbare Wahrheit 1999
Genesis II 1973
Give 'Em the Works or Rocky Around the Clock/Crime on My Hands or Hickory Dickory Drop 1960
Going Ape! 1981
Hamburger Heaven 1956
Hammersmith Is Out 1972
Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula 1977
Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula: Part 2 1977
Hatchet Man 1956
Höhenangst 1994
Immer Ärger mit dem Bett 1961
Integrity 1956
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home 1965
Karl May 1974
King for a Day 1955
Knock on Wood 1954
Kubanisch rauchen 1999
La Bataille de San Sebastian / Guns for San Sebastian 1968
Lola - Der deutsche Filmpreis 2005
Love and Marriage 1956
Lux Video Theatre 1950
Marie Antoinette/Sir Thomas More/Karl Marx/Ulysses S. Grant: Part 1 1977
Marie Antoinette/Sir Thomas More/Karl Marx/Ulysses S. Grant: Part 2 1977
Martin of the Movies 1965
Medicopter 117 - Jedes Leben zählt 1998
Meeting of Minds 1977
My Favorite Martian 1963
My Gun Is Quick 1957
Nineteen Rue Marie 1953
No Great Hero 1954
No Hearts, No Flowers 1973
Odd Jobs 1986
One Way Train 1955
One, Two, Three 1961
Operation Cicero 1956
Operation Murder 1956
Parapsycho - Spektrum der Angst 1975
Passport to Life 1957
Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers 1974
Pay the Man the $24 1966
Pension Schöller 1960
Phyfe and the Code Book: Part 2 1966
Plavonia, Hail and Farewell 1964
Private War 1956
Project X 1963
Return to Alsace 1953
Road to Bali 1952
Rocky and His Friends 1959
Rocky's Dilemma or A Squirrel in a Stew/The Submarine Squirrel or 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea 1959
Ruba al prossimo tuo 1969
Russian Embassy 1985
Russian Roulette 1965
Savage Island 1985
Schlitz Playhouse 1951
Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo 1979
Secret of the Incas 1954
Secrets 1956
Sherlock Holmes und das Halsband des Todes / Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace / Valley of 1962
Soldiers of Fortune 1955
Son of Sinbad 1955
South Sea Woman 1953
Spy Chasers 1955
Stiffs 1985
Studio 57 1954
Superman in Exile 1954
Superman in Exile 1953
Switch 1975
Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers 1956
Telephone Time 1956
The Abominable Snowman 1965
The Adventures of Hiram Holliday 1956
The Back-seat Divers or Mashed Landing/Bullwinkle's Water Follies or Antlers Aweigh 1959
The Bake-Off 1979
The Bars and Stripes Forever/Hello Out There! or There's No Place Like Space 1959
The Best of Three's Company: Part 2 1982
The Black Scarab 1955
The Boundary Bounders or Some Like It Shot/The Washington Whirl or Rocky Off the Record 1960
The Buyer 1972
The Cactus Casanova 1956
The Caper of the Golden Bulls 1967
The Card Carrying Red Shoes 1967
The Case of the Priceless Passport 1955
The Charles Farrell Show 1956
The Deep Six or The Old Moose and the Sea/The Slippery Helm or Captain's Outrageous 1960
The Earl & the Squirrel or The March of Crime/Adrift in the Mist or Fog Groggy 1960
The Farm 1956
The Great Cherub Knitwear Strike 1976
The Ground Floor or That's Me All Over!/Fools Afloat or All the Drips at Sea 1960
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries 1977
The Heart's Desire 1958
The Human Touch 1956
The Imposter 1957
The Inheritors: Part 1 1964
The Inspector-Detector or A Kick in the Plants/Canoes Who? or Look Before You Leak 1960
The Lady from Liechtenstein: Part 1 1976
The Lady from Liechtenstein: Part 2 1976
The Last Blitzkrieg 1959
The Maltese Bippy 1969
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 1964
The Mule Man 1950
The Off-Broadway Affair 1966
The Pat Hand of Death 1967
The Pen-Pals or Rock Hocky Rocky/The Fright-Seeing Trip or Visit to a Small Panic 1960
The Perils of Pauline 1967
The Peter Tchaikovsky Story 1959
The Project Deephole Affair 1966
The Purloined Letter 1952
The Return of Blackbeard 1959
The Robe 1953
The Scrooched Moose/Monitored Moose or The Carbon Copy-Cats 1959
The Shooting of Jett King 1957
The Snowman Cometh or An Icicle Built for Two/The Moonman Is Blue or The Inside Story 1960
The Soft Touch 1956
The Stone Age Diplomats 1967
The Tenth Mona Lisa 1963
The Train on the Plain or The Overland Express/Danger in the Desert or Max Attacks 1960
The Veils of Bagdad 1953
The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz 1968
The World's Greatest Athlete 1973
The World's Greatest Athlete: Part 1 1983
The World's Greatest Athlete: Part 2 1983
The Year Joan Crawford Won the Oscar 1963
They Came to Baghdad 1952
Two for the Ripsaw... or Goodbye, Mr. Chips/Farewell, My Ugly or Knots to You 1960
Upsidaisium, Parts #1 and #2 1960
Upsidaisium, Parts #3 and #4 1960
Valley of the Kings 1954
Visions 1976
Water on the Brain or the Deep Six and 7/8/Bullwinkle Goes to Press or All the Moose That's Fit to Print 1960
Weit ist der Weg 1960
What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? 1966
Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up? 1966
You Can't Escape Forever 1956
Young Frankenstein 1974

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