Kyle Hebert

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Date of Birth
14. June 1969, Gemini, 51 years
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA


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100 Times Stronger! The Warriors Gather at Kaio 1990
17 Times 2 2004
A Battle Beyond Imagination: Son Goku vs. Vegeta 1989
A Black Day for Planet Earth 1997
A Challenge to Cell's Perfect Form 1992
A Collision Course 1997
A Dangerous Union 2004
A Dark and Secret Power 2001
A Day in Waiting 2003
A Devastating Wish 1996
A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles! 1997
A Full Moon: The Secret of Gohan's Power 1989
A General Uprising 1996
A Girl Named Lime 2000
A Grand Problem
A Heavy Burden 1997
A Hero's Farewell 2000
A Matter of Love and Death 2003
A Mega Energy Ball: His Last Ace! 1991
A New Element 2014
A New Enemy in the Universe: Evil Lord Freeza 1990
A New Evil Awises 2015
A New Goal... Namek! 1997
A New Guardian 2000
A New Knight 2014
A Present More Terrifying Than the Future!? 1992
A Reborn Vegeta, Father and Son, Sally Forth 1992
A Sheltered Boy: My Name Is Gohan 1989
A Sign 2000
A Sudden Turn of Events: The Warrior Piccolo Arrives 1991
A Surprise Attack! The Target Is the Scouter 1990
A Whole New Gohan 2002
A Worldwide Problem 2004
Adagio 2000
Agony 1999
Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016
Alien Attack 2007
All the Dragonballs Are Found: Mr. Piccolo Can Be Resurrected 1990
Ambition Destroyed: A Trial of Light 2003
Ambitious Vegeta: I'm the Greatest Warrior! 1990
An Absolutely Perfect Terror Closes In!! 1992
An Attack of Evil: Will Nameck Be Destroyed? 1991
Android Explosion 2000
Ape Knight 2014
Appear Shenlon! Saiyans Are About to Arrive 1989
Appear Super Shenlon and Grant My Wish 1990
Arch-Rivals 2003
Arrival of the Ginyu Force 1998
Asano 2011
Atashitte, honto baka 2011
Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher 2014
Awaken Darkness 2003
Awesome Magic or Trick? Mr. Gould Is Mad 1990
Baby Put to Rest 2004
Back from the Brink of Death, the Miracle Man: Vegeta 1990
BaiohazÔdo: Dijenereshon 2008
Battle Cry 2003
Battle for the Universe Begins 2003
Battle Power 1 Million: Freeza Transforms 1991
Battle Power Tenfold! Vegeta's Great Transformation 1990
Battle Supreme 2001
Battle to the End on a Dying Planet 1991
Battleship Omega 2007
Be Terrified! Freeza Transforms a 3rd Time! 1991
Best of the Boys 2001
Beware Betrayal 2014
Big Trouble for Bulma 1998
Big Trouble, Little Trunks 2001
Birth of a Super Namekian!! 1992
Birth of the God of Destruction Named Cell 1992
Bitter Regret! Proud Vegeta Dies 1991
Blackest Pitch 2009
Blackmail 2001
Blade 2011
Blue Gender 1999
Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch 2001
Broken Spirits 2011
Bubble Trouble 2007
Bucking the Treasure Trend 2010
Bullies 2000
Bulma Unveils a Mystery 1992
Buruma Is in Danger! Freeza Gets the Dragonball! 1990
Buu Against Buu 2002
Buu Is Hatched 2001
Buu's Mutiny 2002
Buu's Reincarnation 2003
Call for Death with an Exclusive Live Broadcast 1992
Call to Action 2003
Camera Shy 2001
Car's Life 3: The Royal Heist 2015
Catch Bubbles! The Struggle with Gravity 1989
Caught Between Illness and Adversary 1992
Caught in the Rain 2004
Celebrations with Majin Buu 2003
Cell - Prologue to Perfection 1992
Cell Escapes Into the City! 1992
Cell Returns! 2000
Cell's Bag of Tricks 2000
Cell's Mighty Breakdown 2000
Cell, a Shocking Bombshell Declaration 1992
Cell, a Spectacular Evolution Toward His Perfect Form 1992
Chênji! Masaka no fukkatsu! So no na wa Ginyû!! 2015
Chaos 2000
Chase the Missing Nuke! 2010
Checkmate 2014
Chikyû bakuhatsu!? Ketchaku no Kamehameha 2016
Chikyû ga! Gohan ga! Zettaizetsumei! Haku kite kure Son Gokû!! 2015
Children of Cell Attack 2000
Chooki's Mojo 2013
Cold Reception 2002
Collapse from Within 2004
Collision Course 2007
Compass 2000
Conquest and Power 2003
Corrupted Earth 2014
Crowded Airwaves 2007
Cruel General Red 2002
Cry 1999
Curtain Call 2004
D7Peacemaker: Nightfall 2003
Dai pinchi ni shôki ga mieta! Hangeki kaishi da Son Gokû! 2016
Day Walker and Mutant 2011
Deadly Vision 2002
Death of a Spirit Detective 2005
Debts 2009
Dende Dies: Bring Out the Ultimate Power! 1991
Dende's Dragon 2000
Detective Conan: Skyscraper on a Timer 1997
Dive Olly Dive and the Pirate Treasure 2014
Dojo Mojo 2014
Don't Cry! Gohan's First Battle 1989
Don't Die Dad! Gohan's Inner Power 1990
Don't Die, Gohan! Son Goku Finally Arrives 1990
Doragon b˘ru Z 2: Kono yo de ichiban tsuyoi yatsu 1990
Doragon b˘ru Z 5: Tobikkiri no saiky˘ tai saiky˘ 1991
Doragon b˘ru Z 6: Gekitotsu! Hyakuoku powÔ no senshitachi 1992
Doragon b˘ru Z 7: Kyokugen batoru!! San dai supÔ saiyajin 1992
Doragon b˘ru: Saiky˘ e no michi 1996
Double Crossed 2014
Dragon 2014
Dragon Ball 1986
Dragon Ball GT 1996
Dragon Ball Super 2015
Dragon Ball Z 1989
Dragon Ball Z 1989
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods 2013
Dragon Key Quest 2014
Dragon's Key 2013
Dragon*Con: Con of the Dragon 2: Double Complete Dragon 2011
Dress in Flames 2003
Dromus Betrayed 2014
Dungeon Crawlers 2014
Earth Reborn 2003
Eighteen Unmasks 2001
Electromagnetic Wavechange 2007
Electronic Warfare 2010
Elemental Knights 2014
Elite Fighters of the Universe... The Ginyu Force 1998
EM Wave Space 2007
Empty Planet 2002
End of Earth 2003
Energy Drain 2001
Enter Goku 1998
Escape 2010
Escape from Dodoria 1997
Escape from Piccolo 1996
Escape from Piccolo! Gohan and the Storm 1989
Evangerion shin gekij˘ban: Jo 2007
Evil Lives On 2002
Explosive Dodoria and the Fearsome Shock of Vegeta! 1990
Extreme Titan 2014
Eyes of Skull Has a Secret 2004
Face to Face! Encounter with Piccolo 1991
Face-Off on Namek 1997
Faith in a Boy 2000
Family Bonds 2004
Feeding Frenzy 2002
Feeling the Heat 2014
Final Atonement 2001
Final Round 2001
Finally, Son Goku Arrives! 1991
Finally... the Clash, Commander Ginyu Appears 1990
Find the Dragon Balls 2002
Five Murasakis 2002
Flight Knight 2014
Forfeit of Piccolo 2001
Fortress Revealed 2014
Free the Future 2000
Freeza Halved by a Single Blow!! Another Super Saiya-jin 1991
Freeza's Declaration, I'll Beat You Without Using My Hand 1991
Freeza's Secret Weapon! Demonic Ginyu Corps 1990
Friend or Foe! Children of the Mysterious Giant Spaceship 1990
Friends or Foes? 1997
Frontal Collism! Kamahameha and Kaio Fighting Style 1990
Frost and Ten 2012
Fukushû no hajimari! Furîza-gun no akui ga Gohan o utsu! 2015
Garlic Junior Becomes God 1991
Gather for the Tournament 2001
Gekitotsu! Furîza tai Son Gokû Kore ga ora no shugyô no seika da! 2015
Genkai's Strength 2003
Get Vegeta! 1997
Ginyu Turned Into a Frog! 1991
Giru's Checkered Past 1996
Glimpse Beneath the Mask 2003
Global Announcement 2002
Go Beyond Super Saiya-jin!! 1992
Gohan Goes to High School 2001
Gohan Is in Danger! The Death Warrior Dodoria 1990
Gohan Makes a Friend 1996
Gohan's Brief Chance for Victory!! Hit the Makyo Planet... 1991
Gohan's Desperate Plea 2000
Gohan's First Date 2001
Gohan's Harsh Survival Training with Dinosaurs 1989
Gohan's Hidden Powers 1996
Gohan's Metamorphosis 1996
Gohan's Rage 1996
Gokû no Ki ga seigyofunô!? Pan no osewa de shikuhakku 2016
Goku and Gohan... The Hero Father and Son's Ultimate Level-Up 1992
Goku Strikes Back 1997
Goku vs. Cell 2000
Goku vs. Pikkon 2001
Goku vs. Vegeta... a Saiyan Duel! 1997
Goku's Full Power Is Awesome 1990
Goku's New Finishing Technique!? 1992
Goku's Next Journey 2003
Goku's Noble Decision 2000
Goku's Time Is Up 2002
Goku's Unusual Journey 1996
Goku... Super Saiyan? 1998
Golden Winter 2012
Goodbye Tien... Chauzu's Sacrifice 1989
Goose Bump Time! Zarbon Transforms Into the Demon 1990
Gotenks Is Awesome 2002
Gotenks Is Born 2002
Granddaughter Pan 2003
Guardians of Luna 2015
Hang Tenkai 2014
Haunted Halloween 2010
He's Always Late 2003
He's Not Bragging: Son Goku Is Wonderful 1991
He's Not Me: Attack Your Father, Gohan 1991
Heart of a Villain 2001
Heart Turns to Stone 2014
Heaven Turns Into a Battlefield 1991
Heiwa no hôshû 1 oki zenî wa dare no te ni!? 2015
Hell Road 2011
Heresy 2000
Heya!! It's Been a While... The Return of Son Goku 1991
His Last Wish: I Will Stay on the Planet 1991
His Name Is Artificial Human Cell 1992
His Rage Power! Avenge Everyone 1991
History's Strongest Warrior Is Goku's Older Brother 1989
Hit Him, Kuririn! The Energy Ball of Everyone's Prayers 1990
Home for Infinite Losers 1996
Horrifying Buyon 2002
Huge Battle Power! Freeza's Plot Crumbles 1990
Hunt for a Dragonball 1997
I Am Saiyaman 2001
I Am Super Vegeta!! 1992
I Kill No More 2002
I Will Defeat Freeza... The Mysterious Boy Awaiting Goku 1991
I'll Be the Winner! The Final Attack 1991
I'll Fight Too! 2001
I'm Son Goku's Son! Gohan Returns to the Battle 1991
Ide yo Shenron! Kanaeru negai wa dare no mono!? 2016
Identities Revealed 2001
Iesodo: Forgiveness 2015
Igor 2014
Immortality Denied 1997
In the Room of Spirit and Time... 1992
Iron Man 2010
Iron Man Arrives in Japan 2010
Iron Will 2010
Is This the End of the Z Senshi!? 1992
Is This the End? Terrifying Power Attacks Gohan 1991
Jackie Chan Adventures 2000
Jako kara no keikoku! Semari kuru Furîza to 1000-nin no heishi-tachi! 2015
Jambareeqi Reviews
Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie 2013
Jin, the Wind Master 2003
Joker 2000
JonTron 2010
Journey to Namek 1997
Kakutô shiai e no o sarai Nokori futari no menbâ wa dare da!? 2016
Keep Your Hands Off! Enma's Secret Fruit 1989
King of the Demons 2001
Kingdom That Bred Heroes 2010
Kiseki mo, mahô mo, arundayo 2011
Knife Edge Death-Match 2003
Koenma Appears 2002
Krillin's Handiwork in Destroying No. 18 1992
Kurama's Stand 2003
Kuwabara's Spirit Sword 2002
Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men 2002
Kuwabara: Awakening 2004
Kyle Hebert 2014
Leap Into Space! The Planet of Hope Is Piccolo's Home 1990
Learn to Fuse 2002
Leave It to Me: Gohan's Explosion of Anger 1989
Lego Friends
License Mastery? Goku's Newest Trial 1992
Life or Death Decision: Kaio Style 20X Power! 1991
Listen Up Goku! Hands Off Freeza! 1990
Lone Wolf 2014
Looking Forward, Looking Back 2014
Losers Fight First 2000
Lost Key 2013
Loyalties 2009
Macross Plus: Part II 2013
Magical Ball of Buu 2001
Magnum Farce 2013
Magnum Farce: A Shot in the Park 2009
Majin Buu Transforms 2002
Major Metallitron 2002
Manborg 2011
Mariko 2011
Master of Disguise 2003
Mastermind 2010
Meal Time 2001
Meet Vegito 2002
Mega64 2004
MegaMan Star Force 2007
Memory Is the First Thing to Go 2008
Min 2011
Mind Trap 2002
Minute of Desperation 2003
Mix Master: Final Force 2011
Mixed Nutz 2008
Monkey in the City 2014
Mou nani mo kowakunai 2011
My Dad Is Vegeta... Admissions of the Mysterious Boy 1992
Mysterious Android No.8 2002
Mystery of the Dark World 2003
Mystery Solved 2013
Nappa... The Invincible? 1997
Napping on the Path of Snake: Son Goku Falls Off! 1989
Naruto 2002
Naruto movie 1: Daikatsugeki! Yukihime ninp˘ch˘ dattebayo!! 2004
Naruto vs. Ichigo 2014
Next Up, Goku 2001
NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians 2010
No I in Team 2014
No More Rules 2000
No Refuge from Recoome 1998
No Time Like the Present 1996
No. 17 and No. 18 Awaken!! 1992
No. 18 Has No Blind Spot 1992
Now Goku! The Last Great Effort 1989
NSFW Show 2009
Oh No, I Didn't 2013
Old Buu Emerges 2003
Omega Xis the Fugitive 2007
One Day 1999
One More Wish 2000
One Piece: Episode of Alabaster - Sabaku no Ojou to Kaizoku Tachi 2007
One Who Has All Seven Balls: Say the Right Words 1991
Out from the Broken Sword 2002
Outrageous Octagon 2003
Overcoming Grief 2003
Pan Blasts Off 1996
Pan tanjô! Soshite Gokû wa shugyô no tabi e!? 2015
Pan's Gambit 1996
Pandora's Box 2009
Pay to Win 2001
People of Earth Unite 2003
Percentage of Victory 2003
Piccolo Stakes His Life to Attack and Aid 1991
Piccolo vs Artificial Human No. 17 1992
Piccolo's Best Bet 2004
Piccolo's Confidence: I Will Defeat Freeza 1991
Piccolo's Decision 2004
Piccolo's Flame Burns Out!! 1992
Piccolo's Plan 1996
Piccolo's Resolution!! The Last Measure in His Reserve 1992
Piccolo's Secret Ace! Gohan the Crybaby 1989
Pikkoro VS Furosuto Makankôsappô ni subete o kakero! 2016
Pilaf and the Mystery Force 2002
Pitiful Freeza Cannot Stop Shaking 1991
Planet Freeza No. 79: Vegeta Recovers 1990
Primal Desires: Battle of Trost District, Part 9 2013
Princess Snake's Hospitality 1996
Priority 1999
Prisoner of War 2012
Progress 1999
Protect the Planet of Hope! Kuririn Powers Up! 1990
Puella Magi Madoka Magica 2011
Questions 2009
Race to Capsule Corp. 2002
RBUK 2019
Ready to Fuse? 2002
Really? That's the Planet of Hope, Nameck? 1990
Red & Black 2014
Relation 1999
Rescue Videl 2001
Return to the Living World 2004
Return to the Other World 2002
Reunion 2010
Reunions 1996
Reverse Decisions 2003
Revival 2002
Rikuum! He's Bad! He's Strong! He's Unbelievable! 1990
Rip in the Universe 2002
Robofusion 2014
Run Gohan! Back to Mt. Paozu Where Chichi Waits 1989
Rupan sansei: Dead or Alive 1996
Rupan sansei: Harimao no zaiho wo oe!! 1995
Rupan sansei: Hon˘ no kioku Tokyo Crisis 1998
Rupan sansei: Towairaito Jemini no himitsu 1996
Saigo ni Nokotta Michishirube 2011
Saiyan Hunting 1996
Saiyans: Greatest Warriors in the Universe, Awaken 1989
Samurai 7 2004
Save the World 2000
Saying Goodbye 2004
Science Friction 2007
Scorpidon 2014
Scramble for the Dragon Balls 1998
Search for Survivors 2002
Secret Invasion 2012
Secrets Revealed 1997
Set 2000
Shadow Dragons Unite 2004
Shanpa kara no chôsen-jô! Kondo wa yakyû de shôbu da!! 2016
Shenlon! Fly Through Space! Nameck's Destruction Nears! 1991
Shiai kaishi da! Min'na de Namae no nai Hoshi! e! 2016
Shin sangoku musou: Multi Raid 2009
Shitei Saikai Son Gohan to Mirai Torankusu 2016
Shooting Clerks 2015
Showdown in the Past 1996
Shut Up and Talk 2012
Siege on Chow Castle 2003
Soliste 2000
Son Goku Approaches Rapidly! Break Through Freeza's Defense 1990
Son Goku Becomes the Legendary Super Saiyan! 1991
Son Goku Declares Victory: Freeza Self-Destructs 1991
Son Goku Regains His Power in 100G 1990
Son Goku Vanishes in the Universe 1991
Son Goku's Power Is Restored! Six Days to the Milkway 1990
Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyan 1990
Sorry Mr. Robot: The Tears That Disappeared in the Desert 1989
Sound Advice 2012
Spirit and Inspiration 2013
Spirit Bomb Triumphant 2003
StarCade: Episode 1 - Arcade Games 2015
Stay Away from Frieza 1997
Stick 10 Even More Swag: The United League of Stereotypes 2014
Stop Vegeta Now! 1997
Super Anime Smackdown 2014
Super Moves of Gotenks 2002
Super Saiya-jin!! Trunks Summons a Storm 1992
Super Saiyan 3?! 2002
Super Saiyan 4 Fusion 2005
Super Saiyan, Son Goku: Performs a Mircale! 1990
Super Shenlon Brings God and Piccolo Back to Life 1991
Surprised to Be Dead 2002
Suzuka's Challenge 2003
Sweet Seduction: The Snake Princess' Hospitality 1989
Take Flight Videl 2001
Take off for Nameck! The Terror That Awaits 1990
Team Up 2012
Tekken: Blood Vengeance 2011
Tenkai Dragon Cube 2013
Tenkai Knights 2013
Tenkai Rogue 2013
Tenshihan's Final Scream! His Last Energy Beam 1989
That Is Earth Papa... Freeza and Father Counterattack 1991
That's Ridiculous! The Saiba Men Sprout from the Ground 1989
The Arc Station Infection 2010
The Arrival of Raditz 1996
The Artificial Humans Draw Near Goku 1992
The Attack 2004
The Attack on Vegeta 2004
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2010
The Awesome Guy from the Next World 1993
The Battle Again! I'll Defeat You Myself 1991
The Battle Begins 2014
The Battle Begins... Goku Where Are You? 1997
The Battle Ends 1997
The Beast Within 2004
The Beginning of the End 2003
The Birth of an Ultimate Warrior? Neil and Piccolo Merge 1991
The Black Mist of the Horror 1991
The Burning Escape: A Desperate Kamehameha 1990
The Cost of Giving 2012
The Dark Prince Returns 2001
The Dark Unlock 2014
The Death of Son Goku 1989
The Defeat of Freeza 1991
The Discovery of an Evil Egg!! 1992
The Divide 2004
The Eldest Namek 1997
The Emperor 2004
The End of Snake Way 1997
The End of the Path of Snake 1989
The End, the Beginning 2003
The Entertainer 2004
The Era's End 2004
The Evil of Men 2002
The Fall of Muscle Tower 2002
The Fall of the Saiyans 2004
The Fight Is Over 2000
The Fire-Eater 2003
The Flying Fortress: Vanished! 2002
The Four Beags 2014
The Fusion Dance 2002
The Game After Life 2004
The Games Begin 2000
The Greatest Surprise 2004
The Gun and the Calm 2004
The Guyver 2013
The Hand of Evil Is on Senior Elder! 1990
The Horror Won't End 2000
The Incredible Fighting Candy 2002
The Innards of Buu 2002
The Kamehameha Wave 2001
The Key to Evil 2014
The Kind Aliens... A Dragonball Suddenly Appears 1990
The King Is Shocked: Fighting Is His Netherworld? 1989
The King of the Fighting Saiya-jin Race 1992
The Last Battle 2004
The Legend of Saiyans: Son Goku's Roots 1989
The Legend of the Saiyans 1997
The Lies 2004
The Life or Death Journey of God 1991
The Loner 2004
The Long Awaited Fight 2001
The Losses Begin 2001
The Magic Medicine Man 2011
The Masked Fighter Revealed 1993
The Master 2004
The Mega Vigorous Battle 1991
The Might of Vegeta!! The Blood of a Super Saiya-jin Awakens 1992
The Monster Who Possesses Goku's Ki 1992
The Mutiny 2004
The Mysterious Yunzabit: Find God's Spaceship 1990
The Mystery Guardian: Part 1 2013
The Mystery Guardian: Part 2 2013
The Mystery of the New Tenkaichi Budoukai 1992
The Nameks Versus Frieza 1997
The New Threat 1996
The Newest Super Saiyan 2001
The Ninja Murasaki Is Coming! 2002
The Oaths 2004
The Offering 2004
The Old Kai's Weapon 2002
The Ox-King on Fire Mountain 2001
The Power of Four 2013
The Pupil 2004
The Puzzle of General Tao 2000
The Race Is On 2014
The Red and Blue Lightenging Ball: Jees and Baata Attack! 1990
The Remembrance 2004
The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza 2004
The Return of Goku 1997
The Return of Uub 2004
The Revival Project 2010
The Rising Fire 2013
The Road to Victory Is Long 1989
The Roar of Anger 2007
The Ruthless Frieza 1997
The Saibamen Strike 1997
The Savagery of Saiyan! God and Piccolo Die 1989
The Search for Doctor Gero's Mysterious Lab 1992
The Second Power of the Clash 1991
The Secret of Cell's Birth! What Lies Below the Laboratory!? 1992
The Secret of Doctor Gero 1992
The Shadow Dragons 2004
The Song of Lyra 2007
The Storm 2004
The Super Power of a Radiant Vegeta 1992
The Tenkai Kid 2013
The Terror of Majin Buu 2001
The Tiger and the Pussycat 2001
The Transforming Cell Is a Super Gourmet 1992
The Truth 2004
The Ultimate Battle Nears! Ginyu Special Corps Arrive 1990
The Ultimate Weapons to Kill Goku 1992
The Ultra Holy Water Worked!! The World Awakens from Its Nightmare 1991
The Unleashing 2000
The Unstoppable Gohan 2000
The Village 2004
The War for Super Magic Water 1991
The Warrior's Decision 2001
The Wizard's Curse 2001
The Wordless Warrior No. 16 Takes Action!! 1992
The World Tournament 2001
The World's Strongest Team 1996
The Z Sword 2002
There Will Be Brawl 2009
This Is It! The World's Strongest Pair 1989
This Story Is Happy End 2006
Tien Goes All Out!! 1997
Time Struggle 2002
Time Tricks and Body Binds 1998
Time's Up! 1997
To Steal an Ant-Man 2012
Toguro Returns 2003
Tomorrow I Am Going to Pulverize You!! 1992
Too Close to Home 2014
Top 11 Animaniacs Episodes 2015
Top 20 Greatest Giant Robots 2013
Touchdown on Namek 1997
Tournament Begins 2001
Tower of Bricks 2014
Toxca Blocked 2014
Toxic Toxa 2014
Toxsa 2.0 2013
Trapped in Forever 2002
Trial 1999
Tributon Extreme 2013
Trouble on Arlia 1996
Trouble Takes Wing 2007
True Saiyans Fight Alone 2003
Trunks vs. Goten 2001
Trunks' Fury, Which Scorches Even the Heavens 1992
Trunks, the Man Who Lived Through Hell 1992
Tsui ni ketchaku! Shôsha wa Birusu? Soretomo Shanpa? 2016
Twilight Ruin 2009
Twinkle Toes Lights Up New York 2016
Two New Visitors 2007
Two Sides to Every Coin 2013
Two Worlds 2013
Unexpected Power 1996
Union of Rivals 2002
Unlikely Alliance 1996
Unlikely Friendship 2002
Unlucky Break 2002
Until We Meet Again... 2005
Valley of Secrets 2013
Vegeta Attacks 2001
Vegeta Revived 1997
Vegeta's Pride 2001
Vegeta's Respect 2003
Vegeta... Saiyan Style! 1997
Vegito... Downsized 2002
Versus 2000
Videl Is Crushed 2001
Vilius Returns 2014
Vilius Revealed 2013
Vilius Unleashed 2013
VS Iron Man 2010
Waiting Patiently for 3 Hours: The Candy Cloud Flies 1989
Warriors of the Dead 2001
Warriors Z Come Back to Life 1991
Watashi no saikou no tomodachi 2011
Water Fight 2001
Watership Down 2013
We Need You, Goku! Freeza Transforms Again! 1991
Wedding Plans? 2002
Welcome to the Jungle 2014
Welcome to the Kree Empire 2012
What a Surprise! Goku Is Ginyu and Ginyu Is Goku 1990
Which Ones Are the Artificial Humans!? 1992
Who Survives the Incredible Power of Energy Ball? 1991
Who Will Fight Who? 2001
Who's Who?! 1997
Wolverine 2011
Wound: Battle of Trost District, Part 8 2013
Wow Dad! Kaio's Killer Technique 1989
Wreck-It Ralph 2012
Yûsha Satan yo kiseki o okose! Uchû kara no chôsen-jô!! 2015
Yamucha Dies! The Frightening Saiba Men 1989
You're My Guy... Krillin the 101st Proposal 1991
Yu yu hakusho 2002
Yukio 2011
Yume no naka de atta, youna... 2011
Yume no tsuzuki wa doko da!? Sûpâ Saiya-jin Goddo o sagase! 2015
Yusuke's Despair 2004
Zarbon Transformed 1997
Zenkai batoru! Fukushû no Gôruden Furîza 2015
Zetsubô futatabi! Aku no teiô: Furîza no fukkatsu! 2015

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