Julie Lemieux

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Juli Lemieux
Date of Birth
4. December 1962, Sagittarius, 58 years
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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15th Graders 2012
20,000 Fans Under the Sea 2006
A Bridge Too Weak 1999
A Bug Responsibilty 2000
A Claw for Talon 2015
A Combination Battle 2007
A Curried Favor 1995
A Face in the Crowd 1999
A Favour Returned
A Feud Between Friends 2007
A Hero Among Us 2006
A Knight to Remember! 2002
A Little Help from My Friends! 2007
A Little Slow: Stalking the Beanstalk 2004
A Majestic Battle... A Majestic Victory? 2002
A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars 2015
A Moon Star Is Born 1995
A New Kid in Town 2004
A Perfect Match 2007
A Score to Settle 2002
A Sporting Chance 1997
A Spot of Trouble 1999
A Star Is Born 2002
A Tale of Almost Unbearable Sadness 2006
A Taste of Wang 2009
A Teacher's Lesson 2000
A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket 2015
A Wicked Wind Blows 2003
A Wolf in Geek's Clothing 2005
Adios Bladebreakers 2002
Adventures in Budylon/Ladonna Compson: Party Animal 2013
All Dog No Danger/Cowboy Cabana 2011
All That Taz 2013
All You Need Is Cake
Almost Naked Animals 2011
Amazon/Juice 2010
An Orphans' Life Indeed 2006
And Justice-Five for All 2003
And Then There Were Two 2003
Andromeda: The Warrior Princess 1998
Angela Anaconda 1999
Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series 2000
Ant-tuition: Sing It Sister 2004
Armie Loves Cigarettes 2006
Art Attack 2002
Artopia 2008
Attack of the Rock Bit Beast 2002
Attack of the Wasp Zombies/Legend of the Locker 2006
Aye Robots/Where No Buddy Has Gone Before 2008
B.F.F. - Best Friends Forever 2007
Babar and the Adventures of Badou 2010
Back to Basics 2003
Bad Seed in the Big Apple 2002
Bahamarama 2015
Bait and Switch/Shutterbug 2007
Baiting the Trap 2000
Bakugan Battle Brawlers 2007
Bakugan Idol 2007
Bakugan Stall 2007
Bakugan: Battle Planet 2018
Bakuten shoot beyblade 2002
Based on a True Story: Part 1/Based on a True Story: Part II 2012
Battle in the Sky 2002
Battle Plans 1999
Battle Tower Showdown 2002
Be Good to Bugs... and Frogs 2006
Beat the Drum, Catboy/Blame It on the Train, Owlette! 2015
Bedtime Story: Fly Away Friends 2004
Being Alone for Beginners 2006
Best Before Date/Stompabout 2010
Best Bug Buddies: Snuggle Bugs 2006
Best Ed 2008
Beta City Blues 2009
Beybattle at the Bit-Beast Corral 2002
Beybattle for the Ages 2005
Beyblade: The Movie - Fierce Battle 2004
Beyond the Sea 2006
Big Beak or Not Big Beak 1999
Big City Panda 2006
Big Fish 2006
Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks 2006
Birdman 1998
Birdz 1998
Birdz of a Feather 1999
Bishôjo senshi Serâ Mun supâ S - Serâ nain senshi shuuketsu! Black-Dream-Hole no kiseki 1995
Bite Nite/Night of Fright 2006
Bjorken Telephone 2015
Black and White Evil Powers 2002
Bladin' in the Streets 2002
Blading with the Stars! 2002
Blaster's Universe 1999
Bob & Doug 2009
Body Eclectic 1999
Bottom of the Ninth 2002
Bowled Over/Stuck Together 2009
Brain's Brain/Brain Sees Stars 2015
Brazilian Pain Forest 2015
Bring Me Dranzer! 2002
Brotherly Love 1998
Brotherly Love 2009
Bubbles for Libby 2006
Bug Your Mom Day: A Cloudy Day in Sunny Patch 2005
Buggin'Out 2000
Building the Perfect Beast! 2002
Bully for Parker
Busytown Mysteries (Hurray for Huckle!) 2007
Butterfly Dreams; Rock Sock 3000 2013
Bye Bye Bit Beast 2002
Ca-noodling 2015
Can't Buy Me Love 1999
Can't Wait 2006
Captain Snow 1999
Care Bears: Big Wish Movie 2005
Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot 2004
Carl's Concerto/Too Much of a Good Thing 2015
Carrots Away/Price of Fame 2002
Catboy & Master Fang's Sword/Catboy & the Teeny Weeny Ninjalino 2016
Catboy & the Lunar Dome/Owlette's New Trick 2016
Catboy & the Sticky Splat Slingshot/Gekko Floats 2016
Catboy and the Butterfly Brigade/Gekko's Nice Ice Plan 2016
Catboy Squared/Slowdown Catboy 2016
Catboy vs Robo-Cat/Gekko Saves Christmas 2016
Catboy's Flying Fiasco/Catboy's Two-Wheeled Wonder 2016
Catboy's Tricky Ticket/Clumsy Catboy 2015
Catboy, Gekko & the Robot Rampage/Owlette & the Battling Headquarters 2016
Catch a Shooting All-Star 2002
Chamele-Ed/Camp Camaraderie 2008
Changing Gears 2003
Cherry Sundae 2009
Chilly Beach: The World Is Hot Enough 2008
Chinese Please/The Unhappy Sandals 2008
Chinese Puzzle Box 1997
Clash of the Tyson 2004
Clogspiracy 2013
Cluny the Scourge: Part 1
Cluny the Scourge: Part 2
Cluny's Clowns 1999
Computer School Blues 1995
Confessions 1999
Convalescence 2009
Costume Capers/Fire's Out 2002
Country Bug-Kin: A Star Fell on Sunny Patch 2004
Creepie's Living Doll/Operation Monarch Liberation 2007
Crossing Dogs/Squeals on the Bus 2008
Crouching Lion, Hidden Tiger 2002
Cruising for a Bruising 2002
Cyber Dragoon Takes Control 2002
Cyber Nightmare 2009
Dad for a Day/Haircut Hoopla
Dan and Drago 2007
Dangerous Dollies 1995
Darjeel with It 2015
Darkness at the End of the Tunnel... 2002
Dasha's New Friend 2006
Dawn and Outback 2015
Day of Destiny 1995
Day of the Dragoon 2002
Deceit from Above 2002
Deep in the City 1999
Déja Vu All Over Again 2002
Dental Dilemma 2000
Deranged Marriage 2009
Destiny of the Final Battle 2002
Detentionaire 2011
Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist 2008
Diabolik 1997
Dinopaws 2014
Do Orphans Dream of Electric Parents 2006
Dollars & Sense 1999
Doodlebops Rockin' Road Show 2010
Doom Dimension or Bust! 2007
Down to Under 2003
Down with Lee Club 2012
Down, Up and Out 2006
Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Jerk 2005
Draciel of Approval 2002
Drago's on Fire 2007
Dragoon Storm 2002
Drawn to the Darkness 2003
Dreams of Her Own 2000
Dreams Take Flight 2000
Driver's Ed/Go Cart Go 2008
Drunks 2001
Dude Buggies 2015
Dude, Where's My Bakugan? 2009
Duel in the Desert 2007
Duel in the Dunes 2009
Ed & Breakfast/Tooth or Consequences 2008
Ed for Sale/Rope-A-Dopes 2008
El Bunny Supremo 2015
Elliot Moose 2000
Episode #1.24
Episode #1.25
Episode #1.9
Episode #2.8
Evolution Revolution 2007
Facing Ace 2009
Fairy Odd Princesses/Brothers in Farms 2009
Family Circus: Eight Is Not Enough 2005
Family Ties 2009
Family Tree: The Jitterbug 2006
Father and Son Campout 1999
Fight or Flight 2013
Fight or Flight! 2007
Final Countdown 2009
Final Showdown 2003
Fire in the Garden 1999
Fire the Reverend 2006
First Strike 2003
Fishing in the Deep 2015
Flash Gordon 1996
Follow the Yeeder/Come Fly with Yee 2008
For Old Time's Sake 1997
Fortunes Dear and Dire 2002
Freddie and the Yeti 2005
Freedom Run 2009
Friday Night Bites 2011
Friends and Enemies 2003
Frog in the Moon: Moon Music and Sun Songs 2006
Fungus Among Us: Ground Bound 2006
Funpak 2005
Fuzzy's Great Journey/Octocataclysm 2010
Gadget Management 2015
Gate Crashers 2009
Gekijô-ban - Bishôjo senshi Serâ Mun R 1993
Gekko & the Snore-a-Saurus/Catboy & the Great Birthday Cake Rescue 2016
Gekko Has The Stay-At-Home Sneezes/Catboy Takes Control 2016
Get a Piece of the Rock 2003
Get Psyched 2009
Ghost in the Machine 2003
Gideon Raises Gerry 2002
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 2007
God's New Plan / No Greater Love / No Higher Love 1999
Going for the Gold 2002
Gone, Gone Bakugan! 2009
Good Deed Seeds: Shelley and the Brain 2006
Got Venom 2015
Goth to Have Better Friends/Wax Attacks 2007
Grandpa's Got a Brand New Bakugan 2007
Grey Man Digital Shorts 2005
Growing Pains 2006
Growing Up Creepie 2006
Guess Who's Back in Town?! 2002
Gulls & Dolls 1999
Gym Nausium 1999
Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow/The Cred 2012
Happy Birthday Henry/Henry's Big Story 2006
Happy Heartwood Day: Ground House Rules 2005
Harold Rosenbaum 2005
Has Bean 2007
Hawaiian Honeyruin 2015
Hay Day 2006
Headless Roach Man/Invasion of the Locusts
Hello and Dubai 2015
Hello Kitty 1993
Help Want-Ed/Screaming Yee-Bees 2008
Henry and Henrietta/Stage Fright 2005
Henry the Magnificent/Jump to It 2002
Henry's Christmas Gifts/Snow Day
Henry's Little Adventure/Henry the Cook 2006
Henry's Massive Munchies/Plant Life 2005
Henry's New Shoes/Stuck on You 2005
Henry's World 2002
Her Fathers Daughter 1997
Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow 1999
Hide and Seek 1997
Hide and Seek/Max's Breakfast/Louise's Secret 2002
High Slide 2006
High Standards 1999
Hilary's Bey-B-Cue 2002
Hitch in Time/Doris's Day 2002
Home Run Henry/Henry the Brave Knight 2005
Home Sweet Home 2005
Honorary Freak/Come to the Dork Side 2009
Honour Student 1997
Hot Battle in a Cold Town 2003
Hot Rock 2003
Hotel Transylvania: The Television Series 2017
How Deep Is Your Love? 2015
Hum Bug: Dashing Through the Snow 2004
I Heard It Through the Grapevine 1999
I Love Ridonc and Roll 2015
I'll Fly Away: All Pupa'ed Out 2004
Ice Cream Promise 2000
Ice Road Truckers 2009
If a Tree Falls in the Forest 2006
In Near Under and Out the Other 2003
Invasion of the Vestals 2009
Is Anybody Out There?/Secrets 2002
It's a Battle Royale...! 2003
It's All Relative 2002
It's My Party/One Star Hotel 2011
Itzy Bey-Itzy Spider 2002
Jacob Two-Two 2003
Jacob Two-Two and the Daily Crown 2003
Jacob Two-Two and the Mystery of the Malty McGuffin 2003
Jacob Two-Two vs. The Hooded Fang 2003
Jerks 2001
Julie Plays Hard Brawl 2007
Just for the Shun of It 2007
Kai's Royal Flush 2002
Katie Chats in studio 2013
King 2003
King Tut Tut's Nut/Gym Dandy! 2008
King's Legacy 1997
Knock Knock 2012
Kung Fu Henry/Henry the Cowboy
La Isla Bey-Nita!! 2002
Last One Standing 2009
Last Resort 1995
Last Tangle in Paris 2002
Last Tango in Buenos Aires 2015
Le lotus bleu 1 1991
Le lotus bleu 2 1991
Leaf It to Libby/Hay Fever 2007
Les aventures de Tintin 1991
Let the Chicks Fall Where They May 1999
Let the Games Begin... Again! 2003
Libby's Bubble 2006
Litterbug Busters/There Might Be Giants 2007
Little Bull on the Prairie 2015
Little Ladybug Lost: A Beetle-ful Family
Little People: Discovering the ABC's 2005
Live and Let Kai! 2003
Local Zeroes/Outside Inmates 2008
London Calling 2002
Looking After Gekko/Catboy's Great Gig 2016
Lord of the Ring Toss 2015
Los City 1997
Losing Kai 2003
Lost Ed Found/Peddle Me Nuts 2008
Lost in Place/Scouts Dishonour 2008
Lots of Questions... Few Answers 2002
Love Is in the Air/Who's Afraid of the Dark? 2002
Lucky Lucy/You Got to Know When to Hold'em 2006
Mamaland Blues 2007
Man Trap 2011
Maori or Less 2015
Marucho's Mission 2009
Masquerade Ball 2007
Math Math Revolution 2011
Math Schmath 1999
Max & Ruby's Groundhog Day/Ruby's First Robin of Spring/Grandma's Geraniums 2013
Max and Ruby 2002
Max and Ruby's Train Trip/Go to Sleep Max/Conductor Max 2012
Max and the Magnet/Ruby's Parrot Project/Max's Spaghetti 2012
Max Cleans Up/Max's Cuckoo Clock/Ruby's Jewelry Box 2002
Max Takes One for the Team 2002
Max's Bug Salad/Ruby's Beach Party/Super Max to the Rescue 2003
Max's Checkup/Max's Prize/Space Max 2003
Max's Pinata/Ruby's Movie Night/Doctor Ruby 2012
Max's Sandwich/Ice Cream Cone/Ruby's Art Stand 2012
Max's Shadow/Max Remembers/Ruby's Candy Store 2003
Mediterranean Homesick Blues 2015
Meet the Prez 2012
Meet the Prez 2012
Memor-Yee Loss/Long Bark of the Law 2008
Memories 1997
Messy Dress Mess/Two Minutes 2014
Middle Child Blues/Silver Tongue 2002
Milk and Sandwiches 2006
Mind Over Manners 1999
Mind Your Manners/Sharesies 2010
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 1995
Misadventures in Baby Sitting 2013
Misplaced Weekend 1999
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends 2004
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids 2003
Missing Mittens Mission/Talking Ed 2008
Missing Mom 2006
Monster by Mistake 1996
My Enemy, My Friend 2002
My Fair Laddies/Confined to Ed 2008
My Good Friend 2007
My Gorilla Is Bigger Than Yours/Wither-Weather 2002
My Two Front Teeth/Goragh 2002
My Way or the Highway 2002
My Way or Zimbabwe 2015
Myme Disease
Mysterious Color-Changing T-Shirt/Metal Finger Mystery 2009
Mysterious Sound 2006
Mystery of the Lost Camera
Mysticons 2017
Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend 1998
Naughty N' Nice 1995
Neighborly Nice Day/Savanna Scramble
New and Cyber-Improved 2003
New Beijinging 2015
Nice Ice, Panda 2006
Night and Day: Cob Fog 2008
Night of the Tibble/Read and Flumbergast 2012
No Buddy's Hero/An Arm Yee of One 2008
No Guts No Glory 2007
No Newbies/Stamp Champ 2010
No Ordinary Horsepower 2000
No Play for Princess/Cleaning Up 2009
No-See-Um Is Believin'!: A Little Bug Music 2005
None Down, Eighteen to Go 2015
None Down, Eighteen to Go: Part 2 2015
Not So Cool 2007
Now You See Me/Talk to the Animals
Nowhere to Hide 1999
Numb Chucks 2014
Oh Solo Moo 2006
Olympia Challenge 2002
One for All... Free for All! 2003
One Giant Leap 1999
Operation Astronuts
Operation Attack of the Killer Condo
Operation Attack of the Soft Hacker
Operation Brat Pack
Operation Break Out
Operation Buzz Off
Operation Chameleon Leon
Operation Chicken Suit
Operation Crabby Bob
Operation Crusin' for a Brusin'
Operation Dare Devil
Operation Dude Ranch Disaster
Operation Dyno-mite 2009
Operation Evil Paparazzi
Operation Fun and Games
Operation Funny Bone
Operation Grow Up
Operation Gus Jr.
Operation Gusjitsu
Operation Jolty Juice
Operation Leon's Revenge
Operation Nano Spies
Operation Noel's Last Stand
Operation Pet Peeved
Operation Rebel Robot
Operation Return of the Granny
Operation Rival Schools
Operation Sassy Lassie
Operation Scary Jerry: Part 1
Operation Scary Jerry: Part 2
Operation Senior Spy
Operation Shrubbery
Operation Sneak Attack
Operation Snowy Falcon
Operation Solo Spy 2009
Operation Spy Clone
Operation Spy-Sitter 2009
Operation Sudstastic
Operation Sunrise Tan
Operation Super Spy Flares
Operation Tami Trouble
Operation Terrible Thirteen
Operation the Island That Whoop Forgot
Operation There's No Pal in Principal
Operation Trudi on Duty!
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 1
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 2
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 3
Operation Wheels of Thunder
Operation WOOCSI
Operation Yeti Bear
Operation Yo-Yo Boy Ninja
Out of the Past 2003
Out of Their League 2003
Outsmartered/Gordon 2009
Outta Sight Space Bowl Night 2007
Owlette & the Flash Flip Trip/Cowboy & the Pogo Dozer 2015
Owlette & the Moon Ball/Catboy & the Shrinker 2016
Owlette & The Owletteenies/Gekko & the Mayhem at the Museum 2016
Owlette of a Kind/Gekko's Special Rock 2016
Owlette the Winner/Gekko and the Super-Ninjalinos 2016
Owlette's Terrible Pterodactyl Trouble/Catboy's Cloudy Crisis 2016
Owlette's Two Wrongs/Gekko & the Mighty Moon Problem 2016
Panda Go-go 2006
Pandalian 2006
Pandas on Ice 2006
Pandemonium in Pandasia! 2006
Panther Uncaged 1997
PAW Patrol 2013
Paws for Alarm/Send in the Klownmans 2008
Pecola 2001
Perfect-O/Sleep Wrecker 2008
Persons Living or Dead 1994
Pet Dinosaur/Pirates Out of Water 2002
Phoenix Falling 2004
Picnic 2006
Pizza Dasha 2006
PJ Masks 2016
Play It Again, Dizzi! 2002
Practice Makes Perfect 2002
Pup, Pup, Goose/Pup, Pup and Away 2013
Pup-Fu! 2015
Pups and the Ghost Cabin/Pups Save a Sniffle 2015
Pups and the Ghost Pirate 2013
Pups and the Snow Monster/Pups on Ice 2014
Pups Bark with Dinosaurs 2015
Pups Get a Rubble/Pups Save a Walrus 2013
Pups Make a Splash/Pups Fall Festival 2013
Pups Save a Big Bone/Pups Save Walinda 2015
Pups Save a Floundering Francois/Pups Save the Pop-Up Penguins 2015
Pups Save a Hoedown/Pups Save Alex 2013
Pups Save a Mer-Pup 2015
Pups Save a Pizza/Pups Save Skye
Pups Save a Pool Day/Circus Pup Formers 2013
Pups Save a School Day/Pups Turn on the Lights 2013
Pups Save an Adventure/Pups Save a Surprise 2015
Pups Save an Iron Mayor/Pups Find an Outlaw's Loot 2015
Pups Save the Circus/Pup a Doodle Do 2013
Pups Save the Elephant Family/Pups and the Mischievous Kittens 2015
Pups Save the Treats/Pups Get a Lift 2013
Pups Save the Woof and Roll Show/Pups Save an Eagle
Pups' Adventures in Babysitting/Pups Save the Fireworks 2015
Question of Servival 1997
Race Day/Night Light 2010
Raising Kane!! 2002
Ray and Kai: The Ultimate Face-Off... 2003
Ray Loses His Crow 2006
Rebel Alliance 2003
Red, White and Orphanage 2006
Redwall 1999
Redwall: The Movie 2000
Refuse to Lose 2005
Return of a Friend 2009
Return of the Bladebreakers! 2002
Return of the Ping 2013
Return of the Ping 2013
Return of the Stryder 2008
Reunion 2009
Reversal of Fortune Cookie! 2006
Rhyme Time 2006
Risk 2001
Rock Bottom 2003
Rockabye Freakie 2008
Rolie Polie Olie: The Baby Bot Chase 2003
Roots/Two Arms Joe 2009
Rotting Hills 2005
Rub My Ed for Luck 2009
Rub My Ed for Luck/Best Ediquette 2008
Rubeus Evens the Score 1998
Ruby Gets the Picture/Ruby's Birdie/Max Plays Catch 2012
Ruby Rumpus/Dandy Andi
Ruby's Autograph/A Toy for Baby Huffington/Max's Big Dig 2012
Ruby's Easter Bonnet/Max's Easter Parade/Max & the Easter Bunny 2007
Ruby's Easter Bonnet/Max's Easter Parade/Max & the Easter Bunny 2007
Ruby's Lemonade Stand/Ruby's Rummage Sale/Ruby's Magic Act 2002
Ruby's Memory Quilt/Lights, Camera, Ruby!/Ruby's Ping-Pong Record 2012
Ruby's Tower/Ruby's Juice Bar/Max's Tree Fort 2012
Runo Rules 2007
Russell's Tussle 2005
Ryu no senshi 2007
Sailor Moon 1995
Sammy's Episode 2006
Sandcastle Squasher/Strange Ski Tracks Mystery 2009
Say It Ain't So, Joe! 2007
Scarecrow 2006
Scaredy Squirrel 2010
Scarey Scaley Tale: A Bug-A-Boo Day Play 2004
Scoop of the Century 2006
Sea of Gold 1997
Searching for Dragoon 2002
Secret Frog 2005
See No Bit Beast, Hear No Bit Beast 2002
Sensational Wilbur 2006
Serena Times Two 1995
Sheep Shape 2006
Shelter from the Storm: Part 1 and Part 2 2015
Shooting Stars 2000
Shot Down in Flames! 2003
Show Me the Bit Beasts! 2002
Show Me the Power 2009
Showdown in Chowville 2006
Showdown in Hong Kong 2002
Showdown in Vegas 2002
Shutter Bugged 1995
Sibling Rivalry 2003
Silver Screen Lucy 2006
Situation Vacation 1999
Six Little Muffins/The Crashing Cans Mystery 2007
Size Me Up! 2006
Sleepless in Madrid 2003
Slim City 1995
Slo Mo Mo/Joe 'n' Fro
Slowpoke Gekko/Super-Sized Gekko 2016
Smarti Pants/Sock It to Him 2008
Snake Charmer: A Party for Pops 2007
So You Want to Be a Superstar 1995
Something's Stinky in Sunny Patch: The Listening Walk 2004
Song Bird/Message Mess-Up
Sound Advice 1999
Sound of Moosic 2006
Sparra's Kingdom 1999
Speak Up, Francine!/Waiting for Snow 2013
Speak Up, Gekko!/Owlette & the Giving Owl 2016
Spliced 2009
Spoon Full of Mystery
Spring Unsprung: Bumbling Bees 2008
Squeaker Come Home 2006
Squeeze Play 2004
Squirrel's Gone Wild/Ed Waiter 2008
Stressed to Impress 1998
Stupid Means Never Having to Say I'm Sorry/Cube Whacked 2010
Sugar Overload/Lady Luck 2002
SuperSonic Owlette/Gekko's Blame Campaign 2016
Surprise Visitor 2009
Sweet Dreams 2000
Swiped on the Streets 2003
Tainted Tea Party 2000
Take It to the Max! 2002
Talk Radio 1995
Taste of Defeat 2009
Taste-Bugs: Top O'Big Tree 2005
Team Psykick's New Recruit 2002
Testing One, Two, Three 2002
The Accuser 2000
The Achoo Mystery
The Agony & the Eggstasy 1999
The Alphabet's Sad Day
The Amazing Spiez 2009
The Applicant 2006
The Battle of America 2002
The Beet Party 2012
The Big 10 Mystery 2009
The Big Bug Breakout 2006
The Big Green Bug 2005
The Big Recap Show 2006
The Big Tooth Mystery 2009
The Big Tooth Mystery!
The Bigger the Cyber-Driger... The Harder It Falls 2002
The Bit Beast Bond 2002
The Blade Raider 2002
The Blame Game 2004
The Bug Flu: A Time Telling Tale 2005
The Bunny Who Cried Lobster/Max and the Three Bears/Little Ruby Hen 2012
The Busy World of Richard Scarry 1993
The Cat Nap/Elliot Mapleberry/The Magic Pond/Boo!
The Cheese Car Chomp Mystery/Where's the Hero? 2007
The Chestervale Challenge/Fishing Friends 2006
The Cosmetics Caper 1995
The Curse of Earl Nigma 2013
The Dance Part 1 2012
The Dance Part 2 2012
The Danger Down Deep 2006
The Dating Guy 2009
The Day My Butt Went Psycho!
The Dumb Bunnies 1998
The End of Days at Godfrey Global Inventory 2014
The Enemy Within 2002
The Evil Island of Dr. B 2002
The Fan Who Cried Flying Pink Dinosaur/Follow That Iguana!
The Fate of the Spark Battle 2002
The Final Conflict
The Flattened Field Mystery 2009
The Frightful Flu 2006
The Gekko-Mobile Is Missing/Owlette's Feathered Friend 2016
The Island of No Return 2002
The Jellybean List Mystery 2009
The Ladies' Man 1998
The Last Day: Part 1 and Part 2 2015
The Life of Riley 1999
The Lost Key Mystery/The Door Knocker Mystery
The Magtram Threat! 2002
The Marin Rose: A Sticky Situation 2004
The Math of Kon 2013
The Missing Laundry Mystery
The Mysterious Mystel... 2003
The Mystery Invitation
The Mystery of the High Jumper/The Mystery of the Summer Snowman 2007
The Mystery of the Stone Circle/The Big Apple Christmas Caper/Who's Too Scared to Masquerade? 1997
The Night Before Hoppenscotch/Yeederhosers 2008
The Nut Job 2014
The Pageant Pickle/Some Assembly Required 2015
The Perfect Lesson 2006
The Playground Mystery/The Crazy Clock Mix-Up Mystery 2007
The Poster Child 2006
The Power Half Hour! 2002
The Qualifier Begins 2002
The Race Is on! 2002
The Return of Kai 2003
The Reunion Begins 2002
The Search for Mr. X 2003
The Secret of Success! 2007
The Seventh Portal 2000
The Shawshank Ridonc-tion 2015
The Sour Milk Mystery 2009
The Spy Ring Mystery 2009
The Sticky Stuff Mystery/Up, Up and Away 2007
The Story of Vestroia 2007
The Tattletale Frog/D.W. & Bud's Higher Purpose 2014
The Teeny Weeny Piano Mystery 2009
The Tell-Tale Poem/Creepie Meets Tarantula Boy 2006
The Tell-Tale Poem/Creepie Meets Tarantula Boy 2006
The Thing That Fell Down 2014
The Thinking Stone/Big Bad Buggysitter 2006
The Visitor
The Worst Date 2005
Their Own Private Battles 2002
There Are No Small Parts/Keep on Monster Truckin' 2011
There's Something About Amelia 2009
Thirteen Candles 2002
To Yee or Not to Yee/The Mighty Measle Role 2008
Total Drama: Ridonculous Race 2014
Tournament Fever 2006
Track of the Panther 1997
Traditions 2001
Treachery 1999
Triple Trouble/Tunneling to China 2002
Trouble Comes Thundering Down 1995
Trust Me 2007
Ultimate Bakugan 2009
Ultimate Security 1997
Ulysses and Circe 1998
Ulysses and Penelope 1999
Ulysses and the Journey Home 1998
Ulysses and the Trojan Horse 1999
Uncommon Scents/A Pox on Thee Now 2008
Uncool Copycat 1999
Under Pressure 2004
Under the Microscope 2002
Under the North Pole 1997
Undergrads 2001
Underground Takedown 2009
Unmasked 2009
Unseen and Unleashed 2003
Victory in Defeat 2003
Virgins 2001
Viva Las Vegas 2002
VJ and the Holy Boner 2009
Voices in the Night 2009
VR Madness 1995
Wall to Wall Brawl 2009
Warren's Nightmare 2003
We Were Once Bladebreakers... 2004
Welcome to Factory Island 2012
What a Blast! 2005
What a Tangled Web: Cry Buggie 2004
What It's Like Being Alone 2005
What Lies Bean-neath 2006
What's the Plan? 2009
When Friends Become Foes 2002
When in Rome... Beyblade! 2002
When in Rome... Let It Rip! 2003
When You Wish Upon a Star 2003
Where's Junior?/The Secret Club Mystery 2007
Who Da Panda? He Da Panda! 2006
Who's Your Daddy? 2002
Wiggle's Squiggles: Basketberry Blues 2004
Wiggly Fun 2006
Wilbur 2006
Wilbur's Camp Out 2006
Wilbur's Wobbly Bed 2006
Wild Wild Circus 2005
Wish You Were Here 2006
Woodyplicity 2009
Work Study 2001
X-Ray X-Mas/Darwin for a Day 2002
Xcquankly 2010
You're History 1999
Zeo vs. Ozuma 2002

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