Jonathan Brandis

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actor, writer
First name
Jonathan Gregory Brandis
The J-Man, Jon
Date of Birth
13. April 1976, Aries
Danbury, Connecticut, USA
1.83 m
Date of Death
12. November 2003, 27 years
Los Angeles, California, USA


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111 Gramercy Park 2003
A Little Romance 1989
A Thanksgiving Story 1993
Aladdin 1994
Alien Nation 1989
And Everything Nice
Bad Girls from Valley High 2005
Bad Water
Better Than Martians
Between the Sheets 1998
Born Free: A New Adventure 1996
Brave New World
Brothers and Sisters
Buck James 1987
By Any Other Name
Cannon of Ethics 1987
Chains of Command
Child's Play 1990
Crossroads 1992
Dagger Redux
Dead End
Destination Terminal
Destiny's Child/Jonathan Brandis 2007
Dream Weaver
Episode #5.6 1992
Fall Into Darkness / Descent 1996
Freedom of the Road 1992
Ghost Dad 1990
Give Me Liberte
Good King Wenceslas / The Good King 1994
Good Morning, Miss Bliss 1987
Good Soldiers
Greed for a Pirate's Dream
Hart's War 2002
Her Last Chance 1996
Hide and Seek
Higher Power
If the Shoe Fits 1990
In the Company of Ice and Profit
It / Stephen King's It 1990
Knight of Shadows
L.A. Law 1986
Ladybugs 1992
Mars: Base One 1988
Nothing But the Truth
Odd Boy Out 1984
Oliver & Company 1988
Once a kid 1991
Our Shining Moment 1991
Outside Providence 1999
Photon Bullet
Pilot 1987
Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story 1987
Pros and Cons 1991
Puerto Vallarta Squeeze 2004
Ride with the Devil 1999
Sea World/Busch Gardens Party for the Planet 1995
Second Chance
Sidekicks 1992
Sins of the Father 1987
Smoke on the Water
Something in the Air
Special Delivery
Stepfather II 1989
Such Great Patience
Sympathy for the Deep
Take My Cousin, Please 1988
The Book of Khartoum 1995
The Citadel 1994
The Devil's Window
The Fear That Follows
The Good Death
The Hunted 1995
The Last Lap at Luxury
The Lost City of the Sun 1994
The More You Know 1989
The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter / Die Unendliche Geschichte 2 / Unendliche Geschich 1990
The Regulator
The Secret of Dagger Rock 1994
The Siamese Dream
The Silver Bullet 1990
The Sincerest Form of Flattery
The Stinger
The Touch 1990
The Wind Jackals of Mozenrath 1994
The Wizard of Odds 1987
The Wrong Guys 1988
The Year That Trembled 2002
The Yearbook 1991
They Shoot Hammers, Don't They? 1986
To Be or Not to Be 1993
To Tell the Truth 1991
Treasure of the Mind
Treasures of the Tonga Trench
Truth and Consequences 1991
Two Came Back 1997
Two to Tangle 1995
Vocal Hero 1994
Weapons of War
Whale Song
When We Dead Awaken
Your Grandmother's a Bimbo 1989

The Siamese Dream

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