Jack Smight

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actor, director, writer, producer
Date of Birth
9. March 1925, Pisces
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Date of Death
1. September 2003, 78 years
Los Angeles, California, USA


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Fast Break 1979

Directed by
A Case of Pure Fiction 1955
A Flame in the Dark 1963
A Lion Amongst Men 1964
A Little Night Music
A Little Plot at Tranquil Valley 1972
A Medal in the Family
A Murder Is Announced 1956
A Patch of Faith 1956
A Softness in the Wind 1952
A Will to Live 1957
A. Fadeout 1953
Airport 1975 1974
Alcoa Theatre 1957
All Summer Long
And Crown Thy Good
Ark of Safety 1956
Arrest and Trial 1963
Backwoods Cinderella
Balance of Terror 1958
Banacek 1972
Before I Wake 1953
Beloved Stranger 1955
Better Than Walking 1952
Buy Me Blue Ribbons
Career Girl
Catch a Falling Star
Class of '58 1954
Columbo 1971
Columbo: Dead Weight 1971
Conspiracy of Hearts 1956
Country Fair Time 1956
Crown of Shadows 1952
Damnation Alley 1977
Dead on the Field of Honor 1961
Dear Harriet Heart-Throb
Destiny, West! 1960
Detour to Nowhere 1972
Do It Yourself 1955
Doing Her Bit 1955
Double Indemnity 1973
Dr. Kildare 1961
East Side/West Side 1963
Eddie 1958
End of the Mission 1955
Episode #1.5
Ernie Barger Is Fifty
Expectant Relations 1953
Fast Break 1979
First Love 1957
Flight Report
Flight to Freedom
Footlight Frenzy 1956
Four Feet in the Morning 1963
Four Meetings
Frankenstein: The True Story 1973
Game of Hide and Seek
Goodnight Sweet Blues 1961
Goodyear Television Playhouse 1951
Grow Up 1956
Guilty Is the Stranger
Hand in Glove 1957
Harper / The Moving Target 1966
Her Prince Charming
Here's Father 1954
Hey Moth, Come Eat the Flame 1962
Holiday Song
I Was Stalin's Prisoner
I'd Rather Be Rich 1964
In Darkness, Waiting: Part 1 1965
In Darkness, Waiting: Part 2 1965
In the Days of Our Youth 1956
Incident in July
Isn't It a Lovely View 1963
It's a Small World 1952
Joey 1956
John Turner
Journey into Darkness 1963
Journey into Fear 1956
Kaleidoscope 1966
Kraft Suspense Theatre 1963
Last Boat from Messina
Leaf Out of a Book
Let's Hear It for a Living Legend 1972
Lincoln 1961
Linda 1973
Loving Couples 1980
Madame Aphrodite
Madigan 1972
Maestro 1956
Man on Spikes 1955
McCloud 1970
Midway / The Battle of Midway 1976
Missouri Legend
Moment of Panic
Money to Burn 1951
Mr. Dorothy Allen 1955
Mr. Quimby's Christmas Hats 1952
Mutiny 1962
Naked City 1958
No Way to Treat a Lady 1968
Nobody's Town 1957
Nothing to Sneeze At
Number One with a Bullet 1987
O Romany
October Story
Old Tasselfoot
One Man's Family 1949
Operation Greif 1964
Our American Heritage: Autocrat and Son 1960
Our American Heritage: Gentleman's Decision 1961
Partners in Crime 1973
Pencil Sketch
Presence of the Enemy 1958
Printer's Measure
Proud Passage
Rabbit, Run 1970
Raymond Schindler, Case One 1952
Recoil 1954
Remembrance of Love 1982
Rise Up and Walk
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry 1978
Roman Fever 1952
Rumblin' Galleries 1957
Ruth and Naomi 1959
Signals of an Ancient Flame 1964
Somebody's Out to Get Jennie 1971
Sound the Pipes of Pan 1956
Spring Reunion 1954
Star in the Summer Night
Stardust II 1956
Strategy of Terror 1969
Studio One in Hollywood 1948
Suit Yourself 1955
Suitable for Framing 1954
Sunday Showcase 1959
Suspicion 1957
Tangled Web 1955
The Accident 1953
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 1962
The Arena
The Best Wine
The Betrayal 1962
The Big Man on Campus 1954
The Brownstone 1954
The Catered Affair
The Chivington Raid
The Cipher 1953
The Copper
The Danger by Night 1957
The Dark Pool 1963
The Dark Side of the Moon 1957
The Darkness Below 1952
The Defenders 1961
The DuPont Show of the Week 1961
The DuPont Show with June Allyson 1959
The Dusty Drawer 1952
The Eleventh Ward 1951
The Empty Chute 1962
The Expendable House 1955
The Favorite / Intimate Power / La Nuit du serail 1989
The Film Maker 1956
The Gene Austin Story 1957
The Ghost Writer 1955
The Happy Rest
The Haven
The House 1957
The Huntress
The Illustrated Man 1969
The Interrogator 1962
The Inward Eye
The Lantern Copy
The Lateness of the Hour
The Lawn Party 1954
The Legacy
The London Beat 1972
The Lonely
The Lonely Hours 1963
The Long Way Home
The Longest Night 1972
The Man from Independence 1974
The Man with the Gun 1958
The Medea Cup
The Merry-Go-Round
The Midtown Beat 1972
The Movie Star 1962
The Naked Heiress 1962
The Night of the Meek
The Oil Well 1953
The Old Beginning
The Opening Door 1959
The Oracle 1963
The Other Place 1958
The Paragon 1963
The Personal Touch 1954
The Power of Suggestion
The Primary Colors 1956
The Princess Back Home 1957
The Prizewinner 1955
The Rabbit Trap 1955
The Robert Herridge Theater 1960
The Room
The Rumor 1953
The Screaming Woman 1972
The Search
The Secret War of Harry Frigg 1968
The Sentry 1956
The Seven Lively Arts 1957
The Sinner 1963
The Sound of Miles Davis 1960
The Sparkle of Diamonds 1957
The Takers 1955
The Ten Commandments 1959
The Terrorists
The Third Day 1965
The Traveling Executioner 1970
The Travellers
The Treasure Hunters
The Trial of Steven Kent 1952
The Twenty-Third Mission 1952
The Way Things Happen 1955
The Witness
The Young and the Fair
Three Letters
Thunder of Silence 1954
Tigers Don't Sing
Tour of Duty 1952
Treasure Chest 1952
Twenty Two 1961
Twilight Zone 1959
Visit to a Small Planet 1955
Weekend in Vermont
Westinghouse Presents: That's Where the Town Is Going 1962
What Really Happened 1963
Whose Little Girl Are You? 1963
Wings Over Barriers 1953
Wish on the Moon 1953
Write Me Out Forever 1954
You Can't Beat the System 1963
Your Every Wish 1957

Hollywood Opening Night 1951
Hope Chest 1952
Return of the Boogeyman 1994

Produced by
The Third Day 1965
The Traveling Executioner 1970

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