Jack Arnold

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actor, director, writer, producer
First name
Jack Arnold Waks
Date of Birth
14. October 1916, Libra
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Date of Death
17. March 1992, 76 years
Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Into the Night 1985

Directed by
87 Different Kinds of Love 1964
A Full Moon Every Night 1964
A Global Affair 1964
A Haunting We Will Go 1977
A Matter of Grey Matter: Part 1 1969
A Matter of Grey Matter: Part 2 1969
A Medicine Man in This Day and Age? 1963
A Pattern of Sundays 1964
A Quiet Weekend in the Country 1968
A Tumble from a High White House 1963
Advice to the Lovelorn and Shopworn 1963
Agonized Labor 1965
Alias Smith and Jones 1971
Allergy Time 1966
Amateur Nite 1973
An Evening with Alistair Mundy 1970
And God Created Vanity 1963
And One to Grow On/Seems Like Old Times/I'll Never Forget What's Her Name 1984
Angel on the Island 1964
Angie, You Made My Heart Stop 1962
Ann Costigan: A Duel on a Field of White 1962
Archer 1975
Bachelor in Paradise 1961
Beauty Is as Beauty Does 1965
Beauty Playing a Mandolin Underneath a Willow Tree 1963
Black Eye 1974
Blood Money 1975
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre 1963
Boss Nigger 1975
Brookhaven U.S.A. 1973
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 1979
Bullet for a Badge 1959
Bushwack! 1972
Campus Terror 1978
Canliss 1964
Cannibal Plants, They Eat You Alive 1964
Castaways Pictures Presents 1965
Cold Hands, Warm Heart 1963
Cowboy in Africa 1967
Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954
Cry a Little for Mary Too 1962
Danger Stranger 1973
Day at the Races 1974
Death Surf 1978
Diamonds Are an Ape's Best Friend 1965
Does My Mother Have to Know?: Part 1 1964
Does My Mother Have to Know?: Part 2 1964
Double Parked 1971
Dr. Kildare 1961
Dusty's Trail 1973
Eat Little Fishie Eat 1962
Ellery Queen 1975
Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue 1965
Everybody Knows You Left Me 1963
Fear Begins at 40 1963
Five Moments Out of Time 1963
Fly, Ballerina, Fly 1967
Forget Me Not 1965
Four Feet in the Morning 1963
From Here to Maternity 1974
From Here to Paternity 1959
Gilligan's Island 1964
Gilligan's Mother-in-Law 1965
Girls in the Night 1953
Goodbye Old Paint 1965
Greg Gets Grounded 1973
Half Moon 1973
Hang by One Hand 1963
Hannah 1970
Has Mr. Terrific Sold Out? 1967
Hawaii Bound 1972
He Caveman - You Woman 1966
Hello Down There 1969
Hello Mother, My Name Is Julie 1969
Here Come the Brides, There Go the Grooms 1973
Hi Fi Gilligan 1965
High School Confidential! 1958
Holmes and Yo-Yo 1976
Home Free 1968
Hooray, Hooray the Circus Is Coming to Town 1962
Horse of Another Color 1973
How Do I Say I Love You? 1964
How Dry Was My Valley? 1974
I Can't Fly 1967
I Don't Belong in a White-Painted House 1962
I Feel Like a Rutabaga 1963
Illusion in Terror 1973
Incident at Jacob's Well 1959
Incident Below the Brazos 1959
Incident in No Man's Land 1959
Instant Money 1967
Is Mr. Martian Coming Back? 1963
It Came from Outer Space 1953
It Takes a Thief 1968
It's About Time 1966
It's Magic 1965
Japanese Connection 1981
John J. Callahan 1974
Juliet Is the Sun 1971
Keep Smiling 1959
La Belle Indifference 1963
Lady in a Trap 1973
Lake Sinclair 1967
Lightning on a Dry Day 1973
Like a Diamond in the Sky 1963
Love and the Artful Codger/Love and the Neglected Wife/Love and the Traveling Salesman 1971
Love and the Awakening/Love and the Bashful Groom/Love and the Four-Sided Triangle/Love and the Naked Stranger 1971
Love and the Baby/Love and the Big Mother/Love and the Free Weekend/Love and the Jealous Husband/Love and the Old Cowboy 1971
Love and the Lady Athlete/Love and the Lady Killers/Love and the New Size 8/Love and the Single Sister 1972
Love Me to Death 1959
Love Means Not Having to Say You're Bananas 1973
Love, American Style 1969
Make Me a Place 1962
Make Room for Granddaddy 1970
Man in the Shadow 1957
Man on Fire 1973
Marilyn: The Untold Story 1980
Matchless 1967
McCloud 1970
McNaughton's Daughter 1976
Meet the Meteor 1966
Monster on the Campus 1958
Movin' On 1974
Mr. Big Curtsies Out 1967
Mr. Terrific 1967
Music Hath Charms 1965
My Door Is Locked and Bolted 1964
My Fair Callahan 1973
My Name Is Judith, I'm Lost, You See 1963
Nanny and the Professor 1970
Nightmare in Steel 1973
No Food for Thought 1955
No Name on the Bullet 1959
Not So Magnificent Seven 1973
Nothing to Crow About 1974
Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet 1965
Of Roses and Nightingales and Other Lovely Things 1962
Oh, You Shouldn't Have Done It 1963
One Tiger to a Hill 1964
Orly's Hot Skates 1980
Our Son, the Man 1971
Outside the Law 1956
Ovation for Murder 1973
Panic in 3-B 1959
Pass the Tabu 1972
Pechango Berries 1974
Perkins Bombs Out 1980
Perry Mason 1957
Peter Gunn 1958
Phony Express 1974
Pilot 1973
Pressure Breakdown 1963
Prodigy 1964
Project X 1970
Rawhide 1959
Red Sundown 1956
Revenge of the Creature 1955
Run Buddy Run 1966
Saturday Night in Venice 1969
Science Fiction Theatre 1955
Sergeant Emma 1972
Sex and the Married Woman 1977
Sex Play 1974
Shattered Image 1974
Ship's Doctor 1963
Sing It Again, Sonny 1976
Smile, You're on Mars Camera 1965
Something Crazy's Going on in the Back Room 1963
Something to Get Hung About 1971
Sound of Murder 1955
Spider Inc. 1955
Stanley the Jailbreaker 1967
Stanley the Safecracker 1967
Stanley the Track Star 1967
Sunday Father 1964
Tailor Made Hero 1966
Tarantula 1955
Teaching Linda to Drive 1970
The Adventure of the 12th Floor Express 1975
The Adventure of the Disappearing Dagger 1976
The Adventure of the Two-Faced Woman 1976
The Bank Holdup 1966
The Blues My Babe Gave to Me 1962
The Brady Bunch 1969
The Bride Wore Pink 1963
The Bronze Locust 1963
The Captain's Captain/A Dog's Life/Romance Roulette 1977
The Case of the Scandalous Sculptor 1964
The Case of the Thermal Thief 1965
The Cavalry Is Coming 1974
The Clementine Ingredient 1972
The Color of Sunset 1964
The Congressman Was Indiscreet/Isaac's History Lesson/Winner Take Love 1978
The Danny Thomas Hour 1967
The Day of the Misfits 1963
The Driver's Seat 1974
The Fall Guy 1981
The Formula Is Stolen 1967
The Friendly Physician 1966
The Glass Web 1953
The Great Casino Caper 1969
The Guns of Will Sonnett 1967
The Hair-Brained Scheme 1974
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries 1977
The House Next Door 1963
The House Next Door 1963
The Human Element 1970
The Hunt 1960
The Illusion of Black Gold 1974
The Illusion of the Cat's Eye 1974
The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit: Part 1 1974
The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit: Part 2 1974
The Illusion of the Deadly Conglomerate 1974
The Illusion of the Evil Spikes 1974
The Illusion of the Fatal Arrow 1974
The Illusion of the Lethal Playthings 1974
The Illusion of the Lost Dragon 1974
The Illusion of the Queen's Gambit 1974
The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957
The Initiation 1966
The Lady from Laramie/Vicki Swings/Phantom Bride 1981
The Lady Takes a Flyer 1958
The Last of the Stubings/Million Dollar Man, The/Sisters 1978
The Last Phantom 1976
The Little Dictator 1965
The Lively Set 1964
The Magician 1973
The Man from Bitter Ridge 1955
The Man Who Came Home Late 1963
The Man Who Came to Pasta 1971
The Man Who Lost Himself 1973
The Manhunters 1973
The Matthew Lowry Story 1959
The Middle Child Gets All the Aches 1963
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo 1979
The Mod Squad 1968
The Mouse That Roared 1959
The New Adventures of Wonder Woman 1975
The Only Remaining Copy Is in the British Museum 1964
The Park Avenue Rustlers 1972
The Power of the Press 1972
The Queen and the Thief 1977
The Secret in the Stone 1964
The Seventh Day of Creation 1962
The Silence of Good Men 1963
The Space Children 1958
The Stainless Steel Lady 1974
The Subject Was Noses 1973
The Sweepstakes 1965
The Swiss Conspiracy 1976
The Tattered Dress 1957
The Thingamabob Heist 1968
The Thornhill Affair 1976
The Three Virgins of Rome 1969
The Tiki Caves 1972
The Trap 1968
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters 1963
The Ugly Frame 1959
The Un-Underground Movie 1970
The Vanishing Lady 1973
The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West 1976
The Wheeler-Dealer 1971
The Wings of the Morning 1963
There Is Nothing Like a Dame 1973
There Should Be an Outfit Called 'Families Anonymous'! 1963
They're Off and Running 1965
Think Pretty 1964
This Island Earth 1955
This Wonderful Madman Calls Me Beauty 1963
Three to Get Ready 1965
Time Is Just a Place 1955
To Love Is to Live 1964
Tomahawk Territory 1973
Two of a Kind 1973
Unexpected Murder 1959
V for Vitamins 1966
Vendetta 1959
Vicki's Dilemma/Discount Romance/Looser & Still Champ 1983
Wagon Train 1957
Waiting for Watubi 1964
What Did She Mean by Good Luck? 1963
What Happened at the XST? 1972
Where Have You Been, Lord Randall, My Son? 1963
Which Man Will Die? 1963
Which One Is Jaime? 1978
Which Way to the O.K. Corral? 1972
Who Chopped Down the Cherry Tree? 1964
Who Is to Say the Battle Is to Be Fought? 1964
Why Am I Grown So Cold? 1963
Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up? 1966
Witch Hunt 1976
Witch's Trail 1974
With These Hands 1950
World of Giants 1959
X Marks the Spot 1965
You're So Smart, Why Can't You Be Good? 1964
You've Been Disconnected 1966

Tarantula 1955
The Monolith Monsters 1957

Produced by
38-23-36 1969
A Friend in Deed 1969
A Nose by Any Other Name 1965
An Evening with Alistair Mundy 1970
Angel on the Island 1964
Beyond a Treasonable Doubt 1970
Big Man on a Little Stick 1965
Boom at the Top 1969
Boss Nigger 1975
Catspaw 1969
Diamonds Are an Ape's Best Friend 1965
Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home? 1965
Flowers from Alexander 1969
Fly, Ballerina, Fly 1967
Forget Me Not 1965
Fortune City 1970
Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy 1965
Gilligan's Island 1964
Goodbye Old Paint 1965
Harley and the Killer 1967
Has Mr. Terrific Sold Out? 1967
How to Be a Hero 1965
I Can't Fly 1967
It Takes a Thief 1968
It's Magic 1965
Little Island, Big Gun 1965
Mad in Japan 1969
Matchless 1967
Mr. Big Curtsies Out 1967
Mr. Terrific 1967
Music Hath Charms 1965
My Fair Gilligan 1965
My Partner the Jewel Thief 1967
New Neighbor Sam 1965
Nice Girls Marry Stockbrokers 1970
No Name on the Bullet 1959
Payoff in the Piazza 1969
Physical Fatness 1965
Plant You Now, Dig You Later 1965
Project X 1970
Rock-Bye, Bye, Baby 1969
Saturday Night in Venice 1969
Sex and the Married Woman 1977
Situation Red 1970
So Sorry, My Island Now 1965
Stanley and the Mountaineers 1967
Stanley Goes to the Dentist 1967
Stanley Joins the Circus 1967
Stanley the Fighter 1967
Stanley the Jailbreaker 1967
Stanley the Safecracker 1967
Stanley the Track Star 1967
The Baranoff Timetable 1969
The Beautiful People 1969
The Blue, Blue Danube 1969
The Family 1969
The Formula Is Stolen 1967
The Funeral Is on Mundy 1969
The Great Casino Caper 1969
The Great Chess Gambit 1969
The King of Thieves 1969
The Matchmaker 1965
The Old Who Came in from the Spy 1969
The Return of Wrongway Feldman 1965
The Scorpio Drop 1969
The Second Time Around 1969
The Steal-Driving Man 1970
The Sultan Has Five Wives 1967
The Suzie Simone Caper 1970
The Three Virgins of Rome 1969
They're Off and Running 1965
Three to Get Ready 1965
To Lure a Man 1969
To Sing a Song of Murder 1970
Touch of Magic 1970
Try This on for Spies 1967
Waiting for Watubi 1964
Who'll Bid Two Million Dollars? 1969
With These Hands 1950
X Marks the Spot 1965

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