Gregg Berger

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Greg Berger, Greg Barger
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Saint Louis, Missouri, USA


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A Big Cure for a Little Illness 1983
A Bullet for Bullock 1995
A Cat Named Rover/The Dog Must Diet 1994
A Christmas Story 1992
A Civil War 1994
A Fair to Remember 1996
A Game of Cat and Mouse/Perfect Pizza 2009
A Little Gold, a Lot of Trouble 1983
A Little Rock and Roll 1984
A Matter of Conscience/Grape Expectations: Part 2/Top Ten 1994
A Moon for the Misbegotten 1987
A Plague of Insecticons 1984
A Room with a Bellevue 1996
A Room with No Viewfinder/Krumm Rises to the Top 1995
A Star Is Abhorred 1997
A Stone Age Story 1991
A Trophied Duck 1997
A Vacation from His Senses/Garfield's Garbage Can and Tin Pan Alley Review/Dread Giveaway 1993
About Face 1994
Aged Heat 1996
Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat 1997
Ahead of the Future 1992
Airborne Odie/Once Upon a Time Warp/Bride and Broom 1992
Airport 1981
Ajax & Ajaxer 1997
Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore: Part 2 1985
Alive!/Who Is Supercow?/I.M. Weasel: Deep Sea Tour 1997
All About Elliott 1997
All Things Fat and Small/Robin Hog/Hare Replacement 1990
All-New Dennis the Menace 1993
Alley Katta & the 40 Thieves/If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Alpha Centauri/Clash of Titans 1994
Already Dead 2007
America the Beautiful 1995
American Dicks 1994
Amulet of Enfarg/Bad Hair Day 1996
An Eye for an Aye Aye 1999
Angelica's Worst Nightmare/The Mega Diaper Babies 1994
Apocalypse Not 1996
Arbuckle the Invincible/The Monster Who Couldn't Scare Anybody/The Ocean Blue 1994
Arise, Serpentor, Arise!: Part 2 1986
Arrivederci, Odie!/U.S. Acres: Gort Goes Good/Feeling Feline 1989
Astro Boy 2003
Astro Cat/U.S. Acres: Cock-A-Doodle Duel/Cinderella Cat 1990
Atlantis, Arise! 1985
Attack of the Autobots 1985
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! 1978
Attention Getting Garfield/U.S. Acres: Swine Trek/It Must Be True! 1989
Baby It's You/Monsters Are Fun 1996
Basket Brawl/U.S. Acres: Origin of Power Pig!/Cactus Jake Rides Again 1989
Batman Beyond 1999
Batman Beyond: The Movie 1999
Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2008
Battle of the Century/A Perfect World 1997
Bazooka Saw a Sea Serpent 1985
Beethoven 1994
Best of Breed/U.S. Acres: National Tapioca Pudding Day/All About Odie 1988
Bev Takes a Holiday 1997
Beware of Hunter! 1983
Binky Gets Cancelled!/U.S. Acres: Show Stoppers/Cutie and the Beast 1989
Binky Gets Cancelled, Again!/U.S. Acres: Orson's Diner/Flat Tired 1990
Binky Goes Bad!/U.S. Acres: Barn of Fear/Mini-Mall Matters 1989
Bloo's Gang: Bow Wow Bucaneers 1996
Bold Beginnings! 2011
Bonfire of the Panties 1997
Bonkers 1993
Boo Who? 1989
Born a Rambler Man 1996
Bouncing Baby Blues/The Ugly Duckling/Learning Lessons 1991
Box O' Fun/U.S. Acres: Unidentified Flying Orson/School Daze 1988
Brother Rats 1993
Bully Boogie/Here Thar Be Dwarves 2004
But Seriously Folks 1982
Cabin Fever/U.S. Acres: Return of Power Pig/Fair Exchange 1988
Cactus Makes Perfect/U.S. Acres: Hogcules II/Crime and Nourishment 1989
Call of the Primitives 1986
Canvas Back Cat/Make Believe Moon/The Creature That Lived in the Refrigerator, Behind the Mayonnaise, Next to the Ketchu 1992
Caped Avenger/U.S. Acres: Shy Fly Guy/Green Thumbs Down 1988
Capitol Critters 1992
Captives of Cobra: Part 1 1985
Captives of Cobra: Part 2 1985
Career Day/Hey Harold! 1998
Carnage in C-Minor 1986
Casting the Runes 1997
Cathy 1987
Cathy's Last Resort 1988
Cathy's Valentine 1989
Caution! Boy at Work 1993
Cellar Beware 1994
Change of Mind/Temp Trouble/The Perfect Match 1994
Channel Umptee-3 1997
Chaos 1986
Chickens Don't Fly/P.E./I.M. Weasel: I Am Vampire 1998
China Cat/U.S. Acres: Cock-A-Doodle Dandy/Beach Blanket Bonzo 1989
Chip Off the Old Beast/The War's Over 1994
City of Steel 1985
Clean Sweep/U.S. Acres: Secrets of the Animated Cartoon/How the West was Lost 1990
Clear and Presidente Danger 1996
Clifford's Really Big Movie 2004
Clip Job 1995
Clockwise/Gromble Soup 1997
Cobra Stops the World 1985
Cobra's Candidate 1985
Cobra's Creatures 1985
Cold Hard Toenails/Attack of the Blobs 1994
Cold Slither 1985
Color of Naught 1996
Cooking Mother's Goose 1988
Coolio Runnings 1997
Count Lasagna/U.S. Acres: Mystery Guest/Rodent Ramage 1990
Countdown for Zartan 1985
Country Cousin/The Name Game/The Carnival Curse 1992
Cow and Chicken 1997
Cowboys & Alien Force/ThunderLOLcats 2011
Crawling Niceness, The/Smarten Up!/The Grim Show 2003
Crime, Punishment, War, Peace, and the Idiot 1997
Curse of the Krumm/Krumm Goes Hollywood 1994
Cute for Loot/The Caverns of Cocoa/Dream Date 1992
D.J. Jon/U.S. Acres: Cornfinger/Five Minute Warning 1990
Dammit, Hollywood 1997
Dancing in the Dark 1989
Dark Awakening 1986
Das Sub 1997
Date of Disaster/A Little Time Off/The Longest Doze 1993
Day of the Machines 1985
Days of Whining and Neurosis 1995
Dennis the Genius 1993
Depth Charge 2013
Desertion of the Dinobots: Part 1 1985
Desertion of the Dinobots: Part 2 1985
Dinky's Doomsday Pizza 1983
Dinobot Island I 1985
Dinobot Island II 1985
Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone 2005
Don't Just Do It/Joined at the Hip 1994
Down the Drain/Let Them Eat Cake 1993
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse/Payday Mayday/How to Drive a Human Crazy 1993
Draining the Deep 1991
Drew vs. the Pig 1997
Duckman and Cornfed in 'Haunted Society Plumbers' 1997
Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man 1994
Dummy of Danger/Sooner or Later/Jumping Jon 1992
Eau de Cobra 1985
Eau de Krumm/O'Lucky Monster 1995
Ebony, Baby 1997
Eclipse 1991
Episode #18.9 1986
Episode #2.28 2001
Episode #20.11 1988
Episode #20.129 1989
Episode #20.130 1989
Episode #20.90 1989
Episode #22.37 1991
Episode #22.41 1991
Episode #23.58 1992
Episode #24.1 1992
Episode #24.59 1993
Every Little Vote Counts 1984
Ewe Can't Go Home Again 1987
Excalibur 1985
Exile in Guyville 1996
Extreme Ghostbusters 1997
Eyewitness 2000
Fantastic Four 1994
Fantastic Max 1988
Feline Felon/The Legal Eagle/The Cactus Saga 1990
Festival of the Festering Moon/Simon's Big Score 1996
Field Trip to Folsom Prison Blues/Girls' Bathroom/I.M. Weasel: This Bridge Not Weasel Bridge 1997
Fight or Flee 1986
Fire in the Sky 1984
Fire on the Mountain 1984
First Class Feline/U.S. Acres: Hamelot/How to Be Funny 1989
Fistful of Toenails/Blind Love, Monster Love 1996
Fit for a King/U.S. Acres: Ben Hog/Dessert in the Desert 1990
Flint's Vacation 1985
Flood Warning 1998
Fluffy the Anaconda/The Laughing Puddle/I.M. Weasel: I.R. Mommy 1998
Fly Me to the Moon 2008
Fools Russian 1995
For the Birds 1984
Forbidden Fruit 1996
Forest Women 1991
Forget Me Not/U.S. Acres: I Like Having You Around!/Sales Resistance 1988
Four Weddings Inconceivable 1997
Fraidy Cat/U.S. Acres: Shell Shocked Sheldon/Nothing to Sneeze At 1988
Frankenstein Feline/Weatherman Wade/Fill-In Feline 1991
From Brad to Worse 1997
G.I. Joe 1985
G.I. Joe: Arise, Serpentor, Arise! 1986
G.I. Joe: The Movie 1987
Galactic Gamesman Garfield/Sly Spy Guy/The Thing That Stayed Forever 1991
Garbage Ahoy/Goin' (Way) South
Garbage Night: The Musical 1987
Garfield and Friends 1988
Garfield Gets a Life 1991
Garfield Gets Real 2007
Garfield Goes Hollywood 1987
Garfield in Disguise 1985
Garfield's Babes and Bullets 1989
Garfield's Feline Fantasies 1990
Garfield's Fun Fest 2008
Garfield's Moving Experience/U.S. Acres: Wade: You're Afraid/Good Mousekeeping 1988
Garfield's Pet Force 2009
Garfield's Thanksgiving 1989
Garfield: His 9 Lives 1988
Gargoyles 1994
General Winter 1997
Geniuses 2014
Gland of Opportunity 1994
Golden Lagoon 1985
Golem 1999
Grandma-ma's Flatulent Adventure 1996
Grey Hairs and Growing Pains 1986
Grimlock's New Brain 1986
Gripes of Wrath 1994
Grouch Appreciation Day 1990
Group Therapy 1987
Guaranteed Trouble/U.S. Acres: Fan Clubbing/A Jarring Experience 1991
Hamlet 2: This Time It's Personal 1997
Haul Down the Heavens 1985
Heart On 1987
Heavy Metal War 1984
Here Come the Littles 1985
Hey Arnold! 1996
Hip Hop Flop/Talk to Me, Baby/Blanky Hanky Panky 1997
History of the Monster World: Part One/Fear, Thy Name Is Ickis 1995
Home Away from Home/Rainy Day Robot/Odie the Amazing 1992
Home Sweet Swindler/Forget-Me-Not Newton/The Great Inventor 1992
Horror Hostess/Newsworthy Wade 1994
Hospitality 1993
Hoss Delgado: Spectral Exterminator/Evil on Trial/To Eris Human 2002
Hot in Cleveland 2010
Hound of the Arbuckles/U.S. Acres: Read Alert/Urban Arbuckle 1990
House at Pooh Corner 2014
How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window? 2010
How to Suck in Business Without Really Trying 1997
I Am Weasel 1997
I Oughta Be in Toons 1993
I, Duckman 1994
Ickis and the Red Zimbo/Oblina and the Three Humans 1996
Identity Crisis/U.S. Acres: The Bad Sport/Up a Tree 1988
If I Weren't So Small 2011
In the Nam of the Father 1995
Inherit the Judgment: The Dope's Trial 1995
Inside Out 2015
Inside Out 1987
Into the Woods 1995
Into the Woods/Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox 1995
Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep 1986
Invasion of the Big Robots/U.S. Acres: Shelf Esteem/Housebreak Hotel 1989
Is Toon Fur Really Warm? 1993
It's a Gruel, Gruel World 1991
It's a Guy Thing 1993
It's the Thing of the Principal 1994
Johnny Bravo 1997
Joking the Chicken 1994
Jon the Barbarian/Uncle Roy to the Rescue/The Kitten and the Council 1993
Jumbo Johnny/The Perfect Gift/Bravo, James Bravo 1997
Jungle Trap 1985
Kidney, Popsicle, and Nuts 1997
Knights and Daze/Holiday Happening/Jailbird Jon 1993
Kraven the Hunter 1995
Krumm Gets Ahead/It's Only a Movie 1996
Krumm's Pimple/Monster Hunter 1994
Laugh, Krumm, Laugh/Rookie Monsters 1997
Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers 2010
Lemon Aid/U.S. Acres: Hog Noon/Video Airlines 1989
Liberty and the Littles 1986
Life with Louie 1995
Lights! Camera! Cobra! 1985
Lights, Camera, Littles 1983
Like Master, Like Mutt 1993
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland 1989
Lock, Stock, and Grumble 1993
Looking for Grandma Little 1984
Lost and Foundling/Winter Wonderland/Films and Felines 1993
Lost City of the Littles 1983
Lost Loves 2012
Love Streams 1984
Love! Anger! Kvetching! 1997
M.I.A. 1995
Mad 2010
Madman's Paradise 1986
Magic Mutt/U.S. Acres: Short Story/Monday Misery 1988
Maine Course/U.S. Acres: No Laughing Matter/Attack of the Mutant Guppies 1989
Majority Rule 1992
Mammal-O's 2000
Married Alive 1995
Mayberry UFO/I Dream of Snorch with the Long Golden Hair 1995
Mayor Mask 1995
Me an' My Dog/Cow's Dream Catcher/I.M. Weasel: Dessert Island 1998
Men in Black: The Series 1997
Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas 2004
Military Reunion 1997
Mind Over Matter/Orson at the Bat/The Multiple-Choice Cartoon 1991
Mini Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 2011
Mistakes Will Happen/The Well Dweller/The Wise Man 1990
Model Behavior/U.S. Acres: Egg Over Easy - Part 2/Another Ant Episode 1994
Mole Man 1994
Moms Helper/Battle of the Bonding 1993
Money Is Everything 1986
Money to Burn 1985
Monster Blues/I Heard the Snorch Call My Name 1996
Monster Make-Over/Airplane, a Wing and a Scare 1994
Monster Who Came in from the Cold/Puppy Ciao 1995
Monsters Are Real/This Is Your Brain on Ickis 1995
Monsters University 2013
Monsters, Get Real/Snorched If You Do, Snorched If You Don't 1994
Moo Cow Mutt/Big Bad Buddy Bird/Angel Puss 1991
My Fair Feline/Double Trouble Talk/Half-Baked Alaska 1994
My Feral Lady 1997
My Left Fang 1991
Mystic Manor/U.S. Acres: Flop Goes the Weasel/The Legend of Long Jon 1989
Navy Destroyer 1993
Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 1: The Insidious Six 1995
Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 2: Battle of the Insidious Six 1995
Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 8: Duel of the Hunters 1995
Next Door Nuisance/What's It All About, Wade?/Bigfeetz 1993
Nigel Planter and the Order of the Peanuts/The Incredible Shrinking Mandy 2007
Night of the Huntress! 2009
Night of the Living Laundromat/Fast Food/Cash and Carry 1991
Nighty Nightmare/U.S. Acres: Banana Nose/Ode to Odie 1988
Noir Gang 1996
None Like It Hot 1996
Not So Easy Riders 1994
Nuclear and Present Danger/Loch Ness Mess 1997
Oblina Without a Cause/Slick Ick 1997
Odielocks and the 3 Cats/Quack to the Future/Beddy Buy 1990
Old Monster/Mother May I? 1994
One Angry Man 2000
One Good Fern Deserves Another/U.S. Acres: Goody-Go-Round/The Black Book 1989
Only Human 1986
Out of the Past/Ship of Fools 1996
Outstanding 2016
Pains, Trains and Automobiles 1993
Pal Joey 1999
Papa Oom M.O.W. M.O.W. 1995
Partners in Danger Chapter 4: Return of Kraven 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 9: The Haunting of Mary Jane 1997
Pasta Wars/Mother Garfield 2009
Peace & Quiet/Wanted: Wade/Garfield Goes Hawaiian 1988
Pest of a Guest/U.S. Acres: The Impractical Joker/Fat & Furry 1989
Pig Amok 1996
Pig Out/Yankee Doodle Dennis 1993
Piglet's Drawings 2011
Piglet's Party 2014
Pink Panther and Sons 1984
Pizza Boy in No Tip 1996
Podunk Possum in One Step Beyond 1996
Polar Pussycat/Over the Rainbow/Remote Possibilities 1991
Polecat Flats/U.S. Acres: Hogcules/Brain Boy 1989
Police Academy: Mission to Moscow / Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow 1994
Pooh and Piglet Corner 2011
Pound Puppies 1986
Prescription for Disaster 1983
Pros and Cons/Rooster Revenge/Lights! Camera! Garfield! 1989
Psyche 1994
Puppy Time/The Morning Paper 1994
Puss in High Tops/Egg Over Easy: Part 1/The Beast from Beyond 1994
Quack Pack 1996
Quest for the Holy Pail/Garbage in, Garbage Out 1995
Ransom of Cynthia/Turtle Recall 1997
Recess 1997
Recess: School's Out 2001
Red Rocket's Glare 1985
Red, White and Drew 1999
Renewed Terror/Bad Time Story/Tooth or Dare 1992
Research and Destroy 1995
Resurrection 1987
Return of the Buddy Bears/U.S. Acres: Much Ado About Lanolin/Reigning Cats and Dogs 1990
Ride the High School 1994
Riley's First Date? 2015
Rip Van Kitty/U.S. Acres: Grabbity/The Big Catnap 1989
Robodie II/For Butter or Worse/Annoying Things 1991
Robodie/U.S. Acres: First Aid Wade/Video Victim 1989
Role with It 1997
Rosh O' Monster/The Tree of Ickis 1995
Rover Dangerfield 1991
Rugrats 1991
Rugrats Tales from the Crib: Snow White 2005
Rugrats Tales from the Crib: Three Jacks and a Beanstalk 2006
Running Mates 1992
S.O.S. Dinobots 1984
Satellite Down 1985
Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue Falcon 2012
Scuttle 1994
Searching for Sarah Hansen 1995
Seems Like Old Toons 1993
Sesame Street 1969
Ship Shape/Barn of Fear II/Break-a-Leg 1990
Short, Plush and Deadly 1997
Showdown/Internal Affairs 1997
Shriek 1999
Sid's Revenge/Roller Coaster 1998
Side by Side/Hooked on Phobics 1997
Simon Strikes Back/The Ickis Box 1994
Sins of Our Fathers 1986
Sit on It/Kiddy Korner/Brainwave Broadcast 1994
Skeletons in the Closet 1985
Skyway Robbery/U.S. Acres: The Bunny Rabbits Is Coming!/Close Encounters of the Garfield Kind 1990
Smile and Say Oblina/The Great Wave 1994
Sound Judgement/Gross Encounters/The Perils of Penelope 1992
Spacecats 1991
Spaced Invaders 1990
Speed Trap/Flights of Fantasy/Castaway Cat 1991
Sperminator 1988
Sperms of Endearment 1996
Spider-Man 1994
Spontaneously Combustible/Curse of Katana 1995
Spy vs. Monster/Misery Date 1997
Squeak Previews/Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Wade/A Tall Tale 1991
St. Elsewhere 1982
Stairway to Stardom/Midnight Ride of Paul Revere's Duck/Magic, Monsters and Manicotti 1993
Star Street 1991
Star Struck/Election Daze/Dirty Business 1990
Star Wars Rebels 2014
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2008
Stick to It/Orson in Wonderland/For Cats Only 1990
Still Another Day in the Life 1990
Stressed to Kill 1994
Super Ickis/The Substitute 1997
Super Me/Mastermind 2009
Super Sonic Seymour/A Mildly Mental Mix-Up/The Garfield Rap 1992
Superman 1996
Synthoid Conspiracy: Part 1 1985
T'ank You for Dat, Ariel 1993
T.V. of Tomorrow/U.S. Acres: Little Red Riding Egg/Well-Fed Feline 1989
T.V. or Not to Be 1994
Take My Duck, Please! 1996
Tangled Web 2012
Taste Makes Waist/The Wolf Who Cried Boy/The Kitty Council 1992
The 'I Married an Alien' Syndrome 1998
The Amanda Show 1999
The Amazing Colossal Duckman 1996
The Aurora 1993
The Autobot Run 1985
The Automated, Animated Cartoon/It's a Wonderful Wade/Truckin' Odie 1991
The Baby Kay Syndrome 2000
The Back to School Syndrome 2000
The Bad Doggie Syndrome 2000
The Bad Seed Syndrome 1998
The Bear Facts/U.S. Acres: Nothing to Be Afraid of/The Big Talker 1989
The Best Policy/Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs: Part 2/Fishy Feline 1993
The Big Bad Bug Syndrome 1998
The Big Bang 2014
The Big Broadcast of 2006 1986
The Big Scare 1983
The Big Sleep 1988
The Big Sleep Syndrome 1998
The Binky Show/U.S. Acres: Keeping Cool/Don't Move! 1988
The Black Christmas Syndrome 1998
The Black Guard Syndrome 1999
The Boys Are Back 1994
The 2000
The Breaking News Syndrome 2001
The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad 1989
The Burden Hardest to Bear 1986
The Burning Bridge 1993
The Bye Bye Worm Syndrome 1999
The Canine Conspiracy/Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs: Part 1/The Genuine Article 1993
The Cartoon Cat Conspiracy/The Picnic Panic/Ghost of a Chance! 1992
The Cartoon Cat Conspiracy/Who Done It?/The Picnic Panic 1992
The Circus Parade Syndrome 2001
The Cold Sweat Syndrome 1999
The Core 1985
The Curse of the Klopman/Mud Sweet Mud/Rainy Day Dreams 1989
The Dimming 1993
The Dog Eat Dog Syndrome 1998
The Dragon and the Professor 1999
The Drew Carey Show 1995
The Endgame Syndrome: Part 1 2001
The Endgame Syndrome: Part 2 2001
The Expedition 2011
The First Annual Garfield Watchers Test/Stark Raven Mad/The Record Breaker 1992
The Five Faces of Darkness: Part 1 1986
The Five Faces of Darkness: Part 2 1986
The Five Faces of Darkness: Part 3 1986
The Five Faces of Darkness: Part 4 1986
The Five Faces of Darkness: Part 5 1986
The Five Faces of Ickis/Bigfoot, Don't Fail Me Now 1995
The Floyd Story/How Now, Stolen Cow?/The Second Penelope Episode 1993
The Fmall, Fmall World Syndrome 1998
The Forest Littles 1984
The Fortune Fix 1993
The Fourth Thursday in November 1995
The Friend 1996
The Future's So Bright Syndrome 2000
The Garfield Musical/Mind Over Melvin/The Third Penelope Episode 1993
The Garfield Show 2008
The Germ Turns 1995
The Girls of Route Canal 1996
The Great Alaskan Land Rush 1985
The Great Ball Game 1991
The Great Escape/Beast with Four Eyes 1997
The Great Getaway/U.S. Acres: Scrambled Eggs/Hansel and Garfield 1989
The Great Inventors 1989
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy 2001
The Guy of Her Dreams/U.S. Acres: The Discount of Monte Cristo/The Fairy Dogmother 1994
The Head Trip Syndrome 1997
The Heads You Lose Syndrome 1998
The Hots for Jay Syndrome 2000
The I Want My Mummy Syndrome 2000
The Idiot and the Odyssey 1987
The Idol of Id/Bedtime Story Blues/Mama Manicotti 1991
The Immobilizer 1985
The Invaders 1985
The J Is for James Syndrome 2000
The Jack O'Lantern Syndrome 1998
The Jelly Roger/The Farmyard Feline Philosopher/Dogmother II 1994
The Kitty Council/The Bo Show/Bad Neighbor Policy 1992
The Land of the Carpet Flyers 1992
The Land of the Lost Pyramid 1992
The Land of Trala La 1989
The Lasagna Zone/U.S. Acres: Sleepytime Pig/Yojumbo 1989
The Last Battle 2016
The Last Weekend 1982
The Late Mr. Kent 1997
The Legend of Cactus Jupiter/Birthday Boy Roy/Jukebox Jon 1991
The Legend of Johnny Ragweedseed/Grape Expectations, Part 1/Catch as Cats Can't 1994
The Legend of Prince Valiant 1991
The Legend of the Lake/U.S. Acres: Double Oh Orson/Health Feud 1989
The Life and Times of the Lasagne Kid/Return of the Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster/Unreal Estate 1993
The Lights Out Syndrome 2000
The Lips Have It/Escape Claws 1997
The Little Babysitters 1984
The Little Big Man Syndrome 1998
The Little Fairy Tale 1983
The Little Mermaid 1992
The Little Scouts 1983
The Little Winner 1983
The Littles 1983
The Littles' Halloween 1984
The Living Exhibits 1992
The Longest Weekend 1996
The Loon in the Moon 1988
The Loose Ball Foul Syndrome 2000
The Lost Continent Syndrome 1999
The Lottery 1988
The Mail Animal/U.S. Acres: Peanut-Brained Rooster/Mummy Dearest 1989
The Making of a President 1997
The Making of Toxie 1991
The Mallardian Candidate 1996
The Man Who Hated Cats/Deja Vu/Canned Laughter 1994
The Master Builders 1985
The Master Monster/Slumber Scare 1996
The Mayflower Voyagers 1988
The Menace of Mysterio 1995
The Mighty Cone-Dog/Car Trouble 1994
The Mine, Mine, Mine Syndrome 1999
The Musical Chairs Syndrome 2000
The NASA Space Station 1988
The Neuralizer Syndrome 1997
The Once and Future Duck 1996
The One with Lisa Kudrow in a Small Role 1996
The Opening Gambit Syndrome 2000
The Out to Pasture Syndrome 2000
The Pie-Eyed Piper/Sweet Tweet Treat/Fine Feathered Funnyman 1993
The Pizza Patrol/The Son Also Rises/Rolling Romance 1991
The Pizza Tron 7000 2008
The Powerpuff Girls
The Puppy Love Syndrome 1999
The Quick Clone Syndrome 1998
The Quintesson Journal 1986
The Rats Are Coming, the Rats Are Coming 1983
The Return of Optimus Prime: Part 1 1987
The Return of Optimus Prime: Part 2 1987
The Rival/Hats Off 1995
The Road to Dendron 1996
The Rugrats Movie 1998
The Sage 1993
The Sardines & Ice Cream Syndrome 2000
The Secret of Omega Supreme 1985
The Sludge Monster/Fortune Kooky/Heatwave Holiday 1989
The Smithsonian and the Presidency 1989
The Soft War 2012
The Song of Valor 1993
The Sonic Boom Syndrome 1998
The Spectacle Syndrome 2000
The Spirits of the Night 1983
The Stand-Up Mouse/Daydream Doctor/Happy Garfield Day 1994
The Star System Syndrome 1999
The Story of Santa Claus 1996
The Stunt Man 1980
The Suburban Jungle/The Thing in the Box/The Feline Philosopher 1994
The Supermen in Black Syndrome 1999
The Switching Hour 1994
The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries 1995
The Take No Prisoners Syndrome 1998
The Tami Show 1997
The Third Penelope Episode/Hare Force/Garfield's Garbage Can & Tin Pan Alley Revue 1993
The Transformers 1984
The Transformers: The Movie 1986
The Ultimate Doom: Revival (3)
The Ultimate Doom: Search (2)
The Underground Hunters 1991
The Unfriendly Giant 1992
The Virtual Crossfire Syndrome 2001
The Way Out West Syndrome 1999
The Wild Thornberrys 1998
The Worm-Guy Guy Syndrome 1999
The Worst Pizza in the History of Mankind/Jack II: The Rest of the Story/The Garfield Opera 1992
The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk 1988
The Wright Stuff/Safe at Home/Orson Express 1993
The Zero to Superhero Syndrome 2001
They Craved Duckman's Brain! 1996
Thief in the Night 1986
This Bridge, Not Weasel Bridge 1997
This Is America, Charlie Brown 1988
Thoroughly Mixed-Up Mouse/The Old Man and the Mountain/Food Fighter 1994
Thumbelina 1990
Timeless Tales from Hallmark 1990
Tipping Points 2012
Transformers: Five Faces of Darkness 1986
Transmission: Impossible 1996
Trial and Error/An Egg-Citing Story/Supermarket Mania 1991
Triple Take-Over 1985
Twenty Questions 1985
Twice Told Tale/U.S. Acres: Orson Goes on Vacation/Wedding Bell Blues 1990
Twins 1984
Unpleasant Accordion Music 2013
Untitled Transformers Cartoon Project 2015
Viking Fling 1992
Violence 1981
Vuuck, as in Duck 1997
Wake Me When It's Over/Things That Go Bump in the Night 1996
Walk Like a Man/A Friend in Need 1997
War of the Dinobots 1984
Watch the Watch/She Likes Me? 1997
Weighty Problem/U.S. Acres: The Worm Turns/Good Cat, Bad Cat 1988
Westward, No! 1997
What's Up, Stox? 1985
When a Man Loves a Donut 1995
When Cedar Knoll Freezes Over 1996
Where Have All the Monsters Gone? 1994
Where No Duckman Has Gone Before 1997
Where There's Smoke... 1998
Where's Waldo? 1991
Who'll Stop the Brain?/Cement Heads 1996
Wings 1990
Wings 2012
Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving 1999
Wish You Weren't Here 1993
With Friends Like These 1997
Worlds Without End: Part 1 1985
Wuzzles 1985
You Only Scare Twice/Less Talk, More Monsters 1996
You've Come a Wrong Way, Baby 1997
Zeta 2000

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