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Ellen Chaset Baxter


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1-900-BIG-SLUT 1999
4 Women and a Baby 2009
A Hair-Razing Experience 1994
Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 1994
Adventures in Double Dating 2002
Altar Ego 2001
Baby I'm Back... Again 1995
Back in the Day 1997
Between a Rock Star and a Hard Place 1999
Big Advice to Put It on Ice 2004
Birth 2009
Bite Me 1999
Bring in 'Da Milo, Bring in 'Da Robyn 1998
Bristle While You Work 1994
Burglar in the House 1993
Chasing Sammy 1998
Come Back Little Diva 1995
Do the Right Thing 2000
Don't Fuck the Stripper 1998
Double Indignity 1994
Dude Awakening 1999
Fatal Attractions 2002
Fifteen Candles 2001
First Lush Date 1996
Fix Me Up, Tie Me Down 1998
For Sale, Cheap 2003
For Your Love 1998
Forgive Us Our Trespasses 1997
Friends Like These 1994
Full House 2000
Getting Personal 1998
Guess Who Else Is Coming to Dinner? 1998
Half & Half 2002
He Got Game... Again 2002
High Anxiety 1997
Hot Fun in the Wintertime 1994
I Found My Thrill on Nancy Garver Hill 1996
I Love This Game 1994
If the Crew Fits 1995
Instinct 1983
It's Raining Women 2002
Jailbait 2001
Labor of Love 2002
Last Three Temptations of Robyn Buckley 1998
Let's Wait Awhile 2001
Likes Father, Likes Son 1996
Living Single 1993
Love Don't Live Here Anymore: Part 2 1997
Love Means Never Having to Say I Know You 2002
Love Takes a Holiday 1993
Lush Life 1996
Me & My Shadow 2002
Me, Myself, and I 2000
Men Behaving Badly 1996
Mi Casa Es Mi Casa 2001
Midnight Milo 1998
Misery 2002
Moi the Jury 1996
Mommy Not Dearest 1995
Mr. Big Shot 1995
My Best Fling's Wedding 1998
My Cups Runneth Over 1994
My Life as a Dog 2001
Mystery Date 1994
On the Rebound 1995
On the Rocks with a Twist of Limey 2000
One Birthday at a Time 1999
One on One 2001
Partners 1995
Phantom Menace 2001
Pilot 2001
Pilot 1998
Plastered 2000
Play Ball 1995
Playing Possum 2001
Radioactive Platonic 2001
Raiders of the Lost Watch 1998
Reconcilable Differences 1997
Relation-slips 2000
Roommates 2009
Rude Awakening 1998
Sam I Am 1998
Sara's Ex 1998
Saving Milo's Privates 1998
School Dazed 2001
Sexiversary 1995
She Ain't Heavy, She My Mother 1994
Sherri 2009
Shrink to Fit 1996
Singing the Blues 1995
Slackula 1999
Sleeping with the Enemy 2013
Star 80 Proof 2000
Stormy Weather 1995
Talk Showdown 1995
Thanks for Giving 1994
Thanksgiving It to Me, Baby 2001
The Art of War 1998
The Bad Girl's Guide 2005
The Best Defense 2003
The Big All Bets Are Off Episode 2005
The Big Award Episode 2002
The Big Bad Neighbor Episode 2003
The Big Birth-Date Episode 2004
The Big Birth-Quake Episode 2003
The Big Bitter Shower Episode 2003
The Big Butting in Episode 2003
The Big College Admission Episode 2003
The Big Condom-nation Episode 2003
The Big Crappy Birthday Episode 2002
The Big Credit Card Check Episode 2005
The Big Days of Wine & Neuroses Episode 2005
The Big Diva Down Episode 2006
The Big Dollars & Sense Episode 2005
The Big Don't Leave Me This Way 2004
The Big Dose of Reality 2002
The Big Double Date with My Mate Episode 2004
The Big Employee Benefits Episode 2004
The Big Ex-expectations Episode 2002
The Big Falling for It Episode 2003
The Big Fast Track Episode: Part 1 2005
The Big Fetish What You Started Episode 2004
The Big Foot in My Mouth Episode 2003
The Big Forbidden Fruit Episode 2003
The Big Forget-Me-Not Episode 2002
The Big Frozen Assets Episode 2005
The Big Game of Love Episode 2003
The Big Gen: Why Me? Episode 2005
The Big Good Help Is Hard to Find Episode 2004
The Big Hide & Sneak Episode 2006
The Big Hit It & Quit It Episode 2003
The Big Home Is Where the Car Is Episode 2005
The Big How the Ex Stole Christmas Episode 2003
The Big How to Do & Undo It Episode 2005
The Big I Have a Dream' Episode 2003
The Big I Haven't the Vegas Idea Episode 2004
The Big in with the in Crowd Episode 2002
The Big Keep Your Eyes Off My Prize Episode 2003
The Big Labor of Love Episode 2004
The Big Love Is Here and Now You're Gone Episode 2004
The Big Lover, My Brother Episode 2004
The Big Mis-Conception Episode: Part 1 2003
The Big Mis-Conception Episode: Part 2 2003
The Big Mixed Up Mojo Episode 2003
The Big Mother of a Mother's Day Episode 2003
The Big Mother of a Mother's Day Rides Again Episode 2004
The Big Mother's What?! Episode 2006
The Big Much 'I Do' About Nothing Episode 2003
The Big My Funny Valentine Episode 2006
The Big My Life & Kids Episode 2004
The Big My Little Pony Episode 2004
The Big Nervous Breakup Episode 2006
The Big No-Substitutions Please Episode 2003
The Big Not So Loyal Family Episode 2004
The Big Off Pitch Episode 2005
The Big One Wedding and a Funeral Episode 2004
The Big Parent Trap Episode 2004
The Big Performance Anxiety Episode 2005
The Big Phat Mouth Episode: Part 1 2003
The Big Phat Mouth Episode: Part 2 2003
The Big Pilot Episode 2002
The Big Pimpin' Episode 2002
The Big Pomp & Circumstance Episode 2005
The Big Practice What You Preach Episode 2004
The Big Reality Bites Episode 2006
The Big Rules of Engagement Episode 2004
The Big Sexism in the City Episode 2005
The Big Sexy Shame Episode 2003
The Big Sistah Sans Soul 2002
The Big State of the Reunion Episode 2005
The Big Sweet Smell of Excess Episode 2005
The Big Take Me as I Am Episode 2006
The Big Thanks for Forgiving Episode 2002
The Big Thanks for Nothing Episode 2004
The Big Training Day Episode 2005
The Big Turning Over a New Leaf Episode 2006
The Big Typecast Episode 2004
The Big Upsetting Set-Up Episode 2002
The Big Who You Gonna Call Episode 2006
The Big Who's Wooing Who Episode 2005
The Big You're Not the Boss of Me Episode 2004
The Big Young & the Restless Episode 2005
The Break-In 2009
The Broadroom 2009
The Broadroom 2009
The Case of the Almost Broken Heart 2002
The Casting Ouch 2000
The Church Supper 1998
The Craving 2000
The Doctor Is In 1998
The Ex-File 1995
The Fix Up 1999
The Fly-Fishing Show 1998
The Grateful Living 1999
The Guide to Procrastination 2005
The Hair Club for Men 1998
The Hand That Robs the Cradle 1994
The Height of Passion 1999
The Luke & Sara Show 1998
The Lush Hex 1996
The No Joy Bad Luck Club 1998
The Not So Lush Rock Star 1996
The Other Mother 1998
The Remodeling Show 1998
The Shake-Up 1995
The Simple Life 1998
The Way You Make Me Feel 2002
The Wedding Zinger 1998
There's Got to Be a Morning After 1994
There's Something About Rhonda 1998
They've Gotta Have It 1994
To Grandmother's House We Go 1995
Too Good to Screw 1997
Trude Awakening 1999
Truth Don't Fail Me Now 2000
TV Mom 1998
Up the Ladder Through the Roof 1997
Wet Nurse 1997
What Ever Happened to Billie Frank? 1998
What's Next? 1994
When Co-Workers Attack 1998
When Good Credit Goes Bad 2002
Who's Scooping Who? 1995
Why Are the Blumenthals Living in My House? 1995
Working Nine to Nine-Fifteen 1994
Yes Sir, That's My Baby 2000

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