Charles R. Rondeau

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director, producer
Charles Roneau, Charles Rondeau
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Worcester, Massachusetts, USA


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Directed by
77 Sunset Strip 1958
A Gift from the Chief 1965
A Hairy Escape 1973
A Little Flyer on the Market 1972
A Place to Die 1962
A Prince of a Ranger 1966
A Star Is Born 1977
A Time for Waiting 1965
A Tremendous Sense of Loyalty 1971
Adventures in Paradise 1959
Al in the Family 1973
Alfred of the Amazon 1967
And Cain Cried Out 1962
And in This Corner... 1972
Art A La Carte 1970
B.J. and the Bear 1979
B.J. and the Witch 1980
Batman 1966
Beethoven, Brahms and Partridge 1973
Ben Casey 1961
Beware of Hidden Prophets 1967
Bigfoot and Wildboy 1977
Boast Not of Tomorrow 1963
Bourbon Street Beat 1959
Cain's Son-in-Law 1979
Calamity Over the Comstock 1963
California Fever 1979
Captain Nice 1967
Captain Parmenter, One Man Army 1966
Cimarron Strip 1967
Communications Gap 1969
Corporal Agarn's Farewell to the Troops 1965
Counterfeit 1960
Danger: Man at Work 1962
Dark Sunday 1973
Deadly Male 1960
Deadly Persuasion 1960
Death at the Party 1976
Death in Slow Motion 1966
Devil's Partner 1962
Doc's Big Idea 1977
Don't Ever Speak to Me Again 1966
Don't Look Now, One of Our Cannon Is Missing 1965
Dry Ice 1976
Dundee and the Culhane 1967
Eclipse 1976
Eighteen Hours of Fear 1974
F Troop 1965
Facts on the Fire 1961
Fifteen Years and What Do You Get? 1973
Five Fingers 1959
Flight 307 1963
Follow the Yellow Brick Road 1976
Four on the Floor 1979
Four-Cornered Triangle 1962
Gasohol 1979
Get Smart 1965
Ghost of a Memory 1962
Green Hell 1960
Gunsmoke 1955
Halloween Show 1977
Hawaiian Eye 1959
Heartbreak Keith 1973
Here Comes the Tribe 1965
Hi, Dad 1971
Homicide 96403 1976
Homicide Is a Fine Art 1976
Honest Injun 1965
I Didn't Raise My Girl to Be a Soldier 1974
I Gave My Love 1972
I've Got the Hammer, If You've Got the Thumb 1973
Inside Job 1961
Interrupted Malady 1973
Iron Horse 1966
Iron Horse Go Home 1965
Jigsaw John 1976
John & Sally & Fred & Linda 1973
Kitty Goes West 1961
Knife in the Darkness 1968
Laredo 1965
Lesson for a Lover 1962
License to Steal 1961
Little Mister Kelly 1961
Little Star Lost 1961
Local Girl 1960
Love and Dear Old Mom and Dad/Love and the High School Sweetheart/Love and the Spaced Out Chick/Love and the Country Gir 1972
Love and Double Trouble/Love and the Fly/Love and the Millionaire 1970
Love and Formula 26B/Love and the Loud Mouth/Love and the Penal Code 1971
Love and Grandma/Love and the Other Guy 1970
Love and Operation Model/Love and the Sack 1971
Love and the Advice Column/Love and the Bathtub/Love and the Fullback/Love and the Guru/Love and the Physical 1972
Love and the Alibi/Love and the Instant Father/Love and the Lovely Evening/Love and Lover's Lane/Love and the Split-Up 1972
Love and the Amateur Night/Love and the Cheaters/Love and the Love Nest/Love and the Unbearable Fiance 1972
Love and the Athlete/Love and the Dummies/Love and Mother/Love and the Shower 1969
Love and the Awakening/Love and the Bashful Groom/Love and the Four-Sided Triangle/Love and the Naked Stranger 1971
Love and the Baby Derby/Love and the Burglar Joke/Love and the Favorite Family 1973
Love and the Bachelor/Love and the Other Love/Love and the Positive Man 1969
Love and the Banned Book/Love and the First Nighters/Love and the King 1970
Love and the Big Game/Love and the Nutsy Girl/Love and the Vampire 1971
Love and the Big Surprise/Love and the Security Building/Love and the Ski Lodge/Love and the Happy Unhappy Couple/Love a 1972
Love and the Boss/Love and the Jury/Love and the Logical Explanation/Love and the Pregnancy 1971
Love and the Bowling Ball/Love and the Check/Love and the Hiccups/Love and the Liberated Lady Boss 1971
Love and the Burglar/Love and the Roommate/Love and the Wild Party 1969
Love and the Christmas Punch/Love and the Mystic/Love and the Tycoon 1972
Love and the Clinic/Love and the Perfect Wedding/Love and the President/Love and the Return of Raymond 1972
Love and the College Professor/Love and the Eyewitness/Love and the Lady Barber/Love and the Plumber 1971
Love and the Confession/Love and the Disappearing Box/Love and the Hip Arrangement/Love and the Old Flames 1972
Love and the Cryptic Gift/Love and the Family Hour/Love and the Legend/Love and the Sexpert 1973
Love and the Doorknob/Love and the Phone Booth 1969
Love and the Elopement/Love and the Visitor 1970
Love and the End of the Line/Love and the Growing Romance/Love and the Postal Meeter 1973
Love and the Father/Love and the Motel 1970
Love and the Fighting Couple/Love and the Pick-Up/Love and the Proposal 1970
Love and the Fur Coat/Love and the Trip 1970
Love and the Fuzz/Love and the Groupie/Love and the Housekeeper/Love and Women's Lib 1971
Love and the Ghost/Love and the Out-of-Town Client/Love and the Secret Habit 1972
Love and the Girlish Groom/Love and the New You/Love and the Oldlyweds/Love and the Wishing Star 1972
Love and the Hand Maiden/Love and the Hot Spell/Love and the Laughing Lover/Love and the Perfect Set-Up 1973
Love and the Heist/Love and the Love Potion/Love and the Teddy Bear 1971
Love and the Know-It-All/Love and the Perfect Wife/Love and the Sensuous Twin/Love and the Triple Threat 1972
Love and the Ledge/Love and the See-Through Man/Love and the Television Weekend/Love and the Waterbed 1971
Love and the Lovesick Sailor/Love and the Mistress/Love and the Reincarnation/Love and the Sex Survey 1971
Love and the Married Bachelor/Love and the Sweet Sixteen/Love and the Vacation/Love and the Well-Groomed Bride 1971
Love and the Medium/Love and the Bed/Love and the High School Flop-Out 1969
Love and the Missing Mister/Love and the Old Lover/Love and the Twanger Tutor 1973
Love and the Particular Girl/Love and the Fountain of Youth/Love and the House Bachelor/Love and the Waitress 1971
Love and the Young Executive 1970
Love, American Style 1969
Mad Dog 1967
Maid in San Pueblo 1973
Mannix 1967
May I Have the Last Dance? 1967
Me Heap Big Injun 1965
Memory 1966
Minerva Goes Straight 1977
Mission: Impossible 1966
Mister Nice Guy 1977
Money, a Horse and a Knowledge of Latin 1964
MPG 1973
My Fair Andy 1965
Nightmare 1968
No Time for Sergeants 1964
Nobody's Millions 1961
None But the Lonely 1973
O Krupnick, My Krupnick 1964
Odds on Evil 1966
Oh Careless Love 1966
Old Ironpants 1965
Old Man Out: Part 1 1966
Old Man Out: Part 2 1966
Ole-Ole an Free 1976
Onions and Mustard Seed Will Make Her Weep 1964
Our Hero, What's His Name? 1966
Panhandle Pussycats Come to Orly 1979
Pardon Me, Your Apathy Is Showing 1973
Paul Goes to New York 1978
Payoff 1962
Perry Mason 1957
Pinky Goes to College 1961
Plastique 1976
Promise to Kill 1976
Race Against Time 1961
Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm 1970
Reunion for O'Rourke 1966
Robertino 1962
Room 222 1969
Room for One More 1962
Run, Sam, Run 1976
Scourge of the West 1965
Search and Rescue 1977
Secret of the Deep 1968
Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth 1975
Six Hours to Midnight 1960
Smartacus 1970
Some Tears Fall Dry 1962
Spinout at Sebring 1961
Spring Training 1961
Spy, Counterspy, Counter Counterspy 1966
Steel Chain to a Music Box 1967
Stockdale of the Stockade 1965
Stockdale's Island 1964
Stockdale's Millions 1964
Surfside 6 1960
Tabitha 1977
Tabitha's Party 1978
Take My Wife, Please 1971
Tammy 1965
Target: Stockdale 1965
The 1000 Feet Deep Brief 1967
The 3:10 to a Lynching Brief 1967
The 86 Proof Spring 1965
The Artful Deceit 1962
The Beast That Walks Like a Man 1967
The Bitter Yen of General Ti 1967
The Blackout 1970
The Breakup 1970
The Case of the Fatal Fetish 1965
The Cat in the Bag Brief 1967
The Catch a Thief Brief 1967
The Cinemazation of Tammy Tarleton 1966
The Crucible 1963
The Curse of Tut 1966
The Death Bag 1967
The Death Clock 1968
The Death of a Warrior Brief 1967
The Doctor's Lady 1961
The Dogs of War 1963
The Frightened Canary 1960
The Gallant Men 1962
The Girl from Philadelphia 1965
The Girl in Lovers Lane 1959
The Good Guys 1968
The Good Life 1971
The Guns of October 1979
The Impractical Joker 1961
The Intruders 1964
The Law and Big Annie 1964
The Leathernecks 1963
The Living End 1965
The Long Shot Caper 1962
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 1964
The Man in the Mask 1977
The Man with Three Blue Eyes 1967
The Mess of Adrian Listenger 1970
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo 1979
The Missile 1971
The Missing Jewels 1977
The Mourning Line 1976
The Murderer Stallion Brief 1967
The Murdocks and the McClays 1970
The Muscle and the Medic 1972
The New Adventures of Wonder Woman 1975
The New Head Nurse 1972
The New I.G. 1966
The New Temperatures Rising Show 1972
The Nichols Girl 1972
The Night of the Colonel's Ghost 1967
The Night of the Sabatini Death 1969
The Night of the Tartar 1967
The Night of the Wolf 1967
The Odd Couple 1970
The Odds on Odette 1962
The Partridge Family 1970
The Pharaoh's in a Rut 1966
The Psychic 1967
The Quitter 1972
The Red Hand Gang 1977
The Riddler's False Notion 1966
The Roaring 20's 1960
The Spy 1972
The Survival School Affair 1967
The Threat 1960
The Treasure of Mockingbird Heights 1965
The Turn the Other Cheek Brief 1967
The Vasquez Brief 1967
The Violent Journey 1960
The Widow's Weeds Brief 1967
The Wild Wild West 1965
There Was Once a Man in the Land of Uz 1964
There's No Fool Like ... 1972
They Love Me, They Love Not 1971
Thicker Than Blood 1976
Through the Past, Darkly 1980
To Hold Up a Mirror 1963
To Kill a Writer 1968
Tommy 1963
Too Much, Too Soon 1976
Train Ride to Hollywood 1975
Two for the Show 1974
Two for the Show 1965
Vacation Playhouse 1963
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1964
Wall of Silence 1960
Where Is It Written? 1972
Whortleberry Roots for Everyone 1965
Widow Often Annie 1969
Will the Real Captain Try to Stand Up 1966
Will the Real Captain Try to Stand Up
Will's Misfortune Cookie 1965
Wonder Woman vs Gargantua 1976
Wrongo Starr and the Lady in Black 1966
Yesterday's Hero 1961

Produced by
The Threat 1960

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