Bob Bergen

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Other works
Robert Bergen, Bob Bergan
Date of Birth
8. March 1964, Pisces, 56 years
St. Louis, Missouri, USA


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A Bridge Too Farm/Monkey Fever 2008
A Bug's Life 1998
A Christmas Carol 2012
A Fair to Remember/Working Girl 2007
A Game of Cat and Mouse/Perfect Pizza 2009
A Giftmas Story 2007
A Growing Relationship/Where No Fraggle Has Gone Before 1987
A Lame Duck Mind 2005
A Thing for Musicians 2001
Air Kuzco/Kronkenitza 2008
Akira 1988
All-New Dennis the Menace 1993
Animaniacs! 1990
ARC Troopers 2010
Auction Action/The Astonishing Kuzco 2008
Auctioneer George/Sock Monkey Opera 2011
Avengers Assemble 2013
Aww, Nuts!/Curse of the Moonbeast 2007
Baby Care 1996
Bah Humduck!: A Looney Tunes Christmas 2006
Beauty School 2011
Best Friends Redux 2013
Big Trouble for a Little Fraggle/Necessity Is the Fraggle of Invention 1987
Bob Bergen 2013
Bobcats on Three! 2012
Bonafide Hero: Captain Duck Dodgers 2005
Brother Bear 2003
Brother Rats 1993
Bugs & Daffy Get a Job 2011
Camping with Hundley/Curious George vs. the Turbo Python 3000 2007
Candy Counter/Curious George, Rescue Monkey 2006
Cars 2006
Casa de Calma 2011
Caution! Boy at Work 1993
Clarence 2013
Clash of the Families 2006
Clone Cadets 2010
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2009
Color Me Monkey/Special Delivery Monkey 2007
Conspiracy 2014
Curious George 2006
Curious George and the Dam Builders/Curious George's Low High Score 2006
Curious George and the Invisible Sound/Curious George, a Peeling Monkey 2006
Curious George Beats the Band/Hats and a Hole 2008
Curious George Discovers the Poles/Curious George Finds His Way 2006
Curious George Gets All Keyed Up/Gutter Monkey 2007
Curious George on Time/Curious George's Bunny Hunt 2006
Curious George Sees Stars/Curious George Gets a Trophy 2006
Curious George Sinks the Pirates/This Little Piggy 2008
Curious George Takes a Job/Curious George Takes Another Job 2006
Curious George Takes a Vacation/Curious George and the One That Got Away 2007
Curious George's Rocket Ride/Curious George, Train Master 2006
Curious George, Dog Counter/Squirrel for a Day 2006
Curious George, Door Monkey/Curious George Goes Up the River 2006
Curious George, Plumber's Helper/Curious George Takes a Hike 2007
Curious George, Sea Monkey/Old McGeorgie Had a Farm 2008
Curious George, Spy Monkey/Castle Keep 2008
Curious George, Web Master/The Big Sleepy 2008
Dave 1993
Dear John 2013
Deathmatch Duck/Deconstructing Dodgers 2005
Deep 2017
Demon Llama/Show Me the Monkey 2007
Dennis the Genius 1993
Diamond Boogie/Corporate Pigfall 2005
Dirty Talk
Distorted Truths 2014
Diva Delivery/Castle High 2005
DJ George/Curious George Paints the Desert 2012
Doctor Monkey/Curious George the Architect 2006
Dot and Keeto 1986
Double Date 2011
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax 2012
Duck Codgers/Where's Baby Smartypants? 2003
Duck Deception/The Spy Who Didn't Love Me 2003
Duck Dodgers 2003
Eligible Bachelors 2011
Emperor's New Musical 2007
Emperor's New School Spirit/Card Wars 2007
Emperor's New Show/Too Many Malina's 2008
Empress Malina/The Adventures of Red-Eyed Tree Frog Man 2006
Enemy Yours/Duck Departure 2003
Escape from Planet Earth 2013
Father Figures 2012
Feeling Antsy/Maple Monkey Madness 2012
Flight of the Intruder 1991
Follow That Boat/Windmill Monkey 2011
For the Birds/Curious George-Asaurus 2008
For Whom the Bugs Trolls/To Beach His Own 2017
Fortune Cookie Day/Gold Fools 2006
Fraggle Rock 1987
Free Hundley/Bag Monkey 2007
French Fries 2011
Fun Ball Talley/Red Sky at Night, Monkey's Delight 2009
Gake no ue no Ponyo 2008
George and Allie's Lawn Service/Curious George's Scavenger Hunt 2013
George and the Giant Thumb/Shutter Monkey 2011
George Buys a Kite/Train of Light 2012
George Digs Worms/Everything Old Is New Again 2008
George Fixes Betsy's Wagon/Curious George Takes a Dive 2007
George Makes a Stand/Curious George Sees the Light 2006
George Measures Up/Something New Under the Sun 2009
George Meets the Press/Snow Use 2008
George's Home Run/Monkey on Ice 2011
George's Super Subway Adventure/Well Done, George 2010
George-O-Matic/Curious George, Sheep Herder 2011
Ghosts of the Past 2014
Girls Behaving Oddly 2006
Gnocchi the Critic/George Cleans Up 2009
Go West, Young Monkey/Meet the New Neighbors 2011
Gobo's Song/Homebody Matt 1987
God Bless the Child 1993
Goldfish Follies 2015
Gossamer Is Awesomer 2013
Grease Monkeys in Space/Pinata Vision 2007
Gribbler's Quest 2012
Guest Bob Bergen 2015
Hamster Cam/The Great Monkey Detective 2011
Happily N'Ever After 2007
Hercules 1997
Here Comes the Pig 2013
Hero Hamton 1990
Honey of a Monkey/Curious George's Egg Hunt 2013
Hooray for Hollywood Planet 2003
Horton Hears a Who! 2008
Hospitality 1993
Housebound!/Curious George Rides a Bike 2007
Hungry, Hungry Llama/Only the Wrong Survive 2006
I'm Going to Get You Fat Sucker/Detained Duck 2003
Ice Age: The Meltdown 2006
Ice Station Monkey/The Perfect Carrot 2008
In the Beginning 1985
In the Pinkster 2007
Inside Out 2015
Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers 1989
Invictus Interruptus/Pet Peeved 2004
It's a Guy Thing 1993
It's a Handbag 2012
Itsy Bitsy Gopher 2012
Jailbird and Jailbunny 2011
JEP! 1998
Jim Henson's Little Muppet Monsters 1985
Junky Monkey/Jumpy Warms Up 2012
K-9 Kaddy/Pig of Action 2003
Keep Out Cows/Curious George and the Missing Piece 2007
Kronk's New Groove 2005
Kuzclone 2006
Kuzcogarten/Evil and Eviler 2006
Kuzcokazooza/Kuzco's Little Secret 2008
Laundry Never Lies/What Boober's Nose Knows 1987
Like Master, Like Mutt 1993
Lilo & Stitch 2002
Lock, Stock, and Grumble 1993
Look Who´s Talking Now 1993
Loonatics Unleashed 2005
Looney Tunes: Back in Action 2003
Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run 2015
Looney Tunes: Reality Check 2003
Looney Tunes: Stranger Than Fiction 2003
Love, Maurice 2009
Master & Disaster/All in the Crime Family 2005
Minions 2015
MMORPD/Old McDodgers 2005
Mokey's Flood of Creativity/What the Doozers Did 1987
Moms Helper/Battle of the Bonding 1993
Monkey Size Me/Metal Detective 2011
Monkey Stagehand/The Magic Garden 2007
Monkey Underground/Cat Mother 2007
Monster Talent 2011
Monsters University 2013
Monsters, Inc. 2001
Movie House Monkey/Cooking with Monkey 2009
Mr. Weiner 2013
Mrs. Porkbunny's 2013
Mulch Ado About Nothing/What Goes Up 2008
Navy Destroyer 1993
New Looney Tunes 2015
Newspaper Thief 2011
Night of the Weiner Dog/Animal Trackers 2009
No Fraggle Is an Island 1987
No Knowing Gnocchi/Here Comes the Tide 2012
No Man Is an Island/Vincent Van Guaka 2008
No Place Like Home 2011
Of Course He's Dead Part 1 2015
Of Course You Know, This Means War and Peace: Part 1 2005
Of Course You Know, This Means War and Peace: Part 2 2005
Off-Duty Cop 2011
Oops, All Doodles/Chipmunky Business 2006
Pains, Trains and Automobiles 1993
Partners in Danger Chapter 1: Guilty 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 2: The Cat 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 6: The Awakening 1997
Pasta Wars/Mother Garfield 2009
Pig Out/Yankee Doodle Dennis 1993
Pig Planet 2004
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World / Disney's Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World / Pocahontas: Journey to a Ne 1998
Point, Laser Point 2012
Problem Child 1990
Quarterback Quack/To Love a Duck 2003
Queen Is Wild, The/Back to the Academy 2003
Rebel Without a Glove 2012
Red's Drippy Dilemma/The Funniest Joke in the Universe 1987
Relax/The Box and the Hound 2010
Reunion 2011
Robot Chicken 2005
Robot Chicken: Star Wars 2007
Robot Monkey Hullabaloo/Curious George and the Slithery Day 2008
Rodigitti 2006
Rover Dangerfield 1991
Rupan sansei: Kariosutoro no shiro 1979
Scaredy Dog/Say Goodnight, George 2008
School of Dance/Curious George Sounds Off 2012
Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase 2001
Semper Lie 2012
Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi / Spirited Away / Miyazaki's Spirited Away / Sen / Sen and the Mysterious Disappea 2001
Shell Game 2013
Shipwrecked with Hundley/Chasing Rainbows 2009
Shiver Me Dodgers 2003
Shout 1991
Sins of the Fathers Chapter 2: Make a Wish 1996
Sins of the Fathers Chapter 3: Attack of the Octobot 1996
Ski Monkey/George the Grocer 2007
Snarfer Image 2014
Space Jam 1996
Spider-Man 1994
Spread Those Wings and Fly 2013
Squeakend at Bucky's/Kuzco Fever 2006
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2008
Sunday Night Slice 2011
Super Me/Mastermind 2009
Surf the Stars/Samurai Quack 2005
Surf's Up 2007
Surprise Quints/Muddy Monkey 2007
Talent Show a Go-Go/The Love of a Father 2004
Tangled 2010
Tarzan 1999
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987
That Hurts Me 2005
That's My Baby 2011
The All Animal Recycled Band/The Times of Sand 2007
The Amazing Maze Race/The Color of Monkey 2008
The Best of the Best/Ambassador Gorg 1987
The Black Widow 2013
The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat/Bee Is for Bear 2006
The Cursed
The DMV 2011
The Elephant Upstairs/Being Hundley 2007
The Emperor's New Groove 2000
The Emperor's New Home School/Mudka's Secret Recipe 2007
The Emperor's New School 2006
The Finding of Camelot 1991
The Float 2011
The Fortune Fix 1993
The Fowl Friend, The/Fast and the Feathery 2003
The Fudd 2004
The Fully Automatic Monkey Fun Hat/Creatures of the Night 2007
The Garfield Show 2008
The Ghost 1993
The Good, the Bad and the Kronk/Mud 2008
The Grand Old Duck of York 2013
The Great Fraggle Freeze 1987
The Great Radish Round Up/Lucky Fargy 1987
The Green Loontern 2003
The Hansel and Gretel Witch Project/I.Q. Johnny/Get Stinky 2002
The Hinge of Fate 1994
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996
The Iron Giant 1999
The Legend of Prince Valiant 1991
The Light in the Dark
The Looney Tunes Show 2011
The Lost 1992
The Lost Kids/The Big Fight 2006
The Man with the Monkey Hands/Whistlepig Wednesday 2008
The Mark of Xero/I See Duck People 2005
The Menace of Mansuit/K-9 Quarry 2004
The Merlin Book
The Muh-Muh-Muh-Murder 2012
The Mystery of Micchu Pachu 2006
The New Cadet/The Love Duck 2004
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2014: Animation 2014
The Pizza Tron 7000 2008
The Powerpuff Girls
The Princess Aleta 1992
The Radish Fairy/Fraggle Babble 1987
The Road Back 1992
The Road to Living Death 2009
The Secret Life of Pets 2016
The Shelf 2012
The Six Wazillion Dollar Duck 2005
The Stud, the Nerd, the Average Joe and the Saint 2012
The They Stole Dodgers' Brain/Wrath of Canasta 2003
The Thirty-First 2012
The Trial of Duck Dodgers/Big Bug Mamas 2003
The Triumph 1992
The Truth About George Burgers/Curious George in the Dark 2006
The W.A.N.G.
The Wild 2006
The Yzma That Stole Kuzcoween/Monster Masquerade 2006
There Might Be Others 2010
Till Doom Do Us Part 2005
Tinker Bell 2008
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue 2010
Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure 2009
Tiny Toon Adventures 1990
To Bowl or Not to Bowl 2011
Too Close for Combat/Fins of War 2005
Total Recall 1990
Totally Spies! 2001
Toy Story 2 1999
Trader George/One in a Million Chameleon 2010
Treasure Planet 2002
Triangulation 2011
Unbalanced/Curious George vs. Winter 2007
Unfit to Print/The Emperor's New Pet 2006
Unpleasant Accordion Music 2013
Up 2009
Up a Tree/Trashed 2007
Up, Up and Away/Skunked 2007
WALL·E 2008
Water to Ducks/Animal Magnetism 2006
We're Alive 2009
We're in Big Truffle 2013
Wembley & the Bemble/A Fraggle for All Seasons 1987
Wembley's Trip to Outer Space/Fraggle Fool's Day 1987
Wheels on the Bus/Seed Trouble 2009
Wheels on the Bus/Seed Trouble 2009
Wise Words Wednesdays: AFYL 2014
Wish You Weren't Here 1993
Working Duck 2011
Wreck-It Ralph 2012
Year of the Duck 2013
You've Got Hate Mail 2012
Yzbot/The Puma Whisperer 2008
Yzmopolis 2006
Zeros to Donuts/Curious George, Stain Remover 2006
Zoo Night/Charkie Escapes 2006

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