Alyson Court

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Date of Birth
9. November 1973, Scorpio, 47 years
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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A Dandy Handy Man/Out of My Mind 1989
A Favour Returned
A Friend in High Places 2007
A Ghoul and His Money/Brides of Funkenstein 1991
A Very Grimm Fairy Tale 1991
Against the Wind 2012
All Aboard for Bed
All Dressed Up 2012
All That Glitters 2012
Almost Naked Animals 2011
An Acorn Too Far 2007
An Officer and a Chipmunk 2008
Babs in Toyland 1993
Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice/Campfire Ghouls 1989
Baiohazâdo: Dijenereshon 2008
Bakugan Battle Brawlers 2007
Bakugan Idol 2007
Battle Plans 1999
Beauty and the Beetle 1991
Beaver Fever 2009
Beetle Geezer 1991
Beetlebones 1991
Beetledude/The Farmer in the Smell 1991
Beetlejuice 1989
Between the Covers 2003
Bewitched, Bothered, and Beetlejuiced 1990
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in Babysitting 1991
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures 1990
Bizarre Bazaar/Pat on the Back 1989
Black Box Down 2007
Blades of Courage 1988
Brinkadoom 1991
Cabin Fever 1991
Captain Snow 1999
Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation 1986
Cave of Truth 2012
Centopia's Hope 2011
Cherry Sundae 2009
Choosing Sides 2012
Clothes Make the Clown
Clowning in the Rain 2003
Cluny the Scourge: Part 1
Cluny the Scourge: Part 2
Cluny's Clowns 1999
Cool It! 2003
Cousin B.J./Beetlejuice's Parents 1989
Critter Sitters 1989
Deranged Marriage 2009
Dirty Rotten Mammals 2007
Dog Show Days Are Over 2015
Doing Our Part 2007
Don't Lose It, Lilly/Frankless Frank 2000
Don't Tell
Doomie's Romance 1991
Double or Nothing 2008
Dr. Beetle & Mr. Juice/Running Scared 1990
Dr. J's Brain Machine 1991
Dragster of Doom 1990
Dream Weasal 2008
Driven Crazy 1990
Drop-Out Mother 1988
Earth to Loonette
Earthquake 2008
Elvis Meets Nixon 1997
End of an Era 2012
Episode #1.4 2010
Evie's Birthday 2011
Exodus 2007
False Heroes 2007
Fast Food 1991
Flippy Floppy Fun
Foreign Exchange 1991
Free Willy 1994
Freedom Fighters 2007
Friends and Heroes 2007
Funny Faces
Galahad the Great 2012
Garbage Pail Kids 1989
Get Set for Life 2000
Ghost to Ghost 1991
Gizmo Shmizmo
Going Up 2003
Goldthumb/An Egg-citing Adventure 2006
Goodbye Columbus... and America 1991
Goody Two-Shoes 1991
Gotta Catch Santa Claus 2008
Having a Wonderful Time/The Taketombo 2001
High Standards 1999
Highs-Ghoul Confidential 1991
Hope in Pieces 2011
Horseplay 2007
House of Industry 2016
How Green Is My Gallery? 1991
Idaho Spud and the Temple of Trash/Justin Cleans Up 2006
It's a Big, Big, Big, Big Ape
It's a Bogus Day in the Neighborhood 1991
It's My Party/One Star Hotel 2011
Jerry and Tom 1998
Journey to the Centre of the Neitherworld 1991
Junkoid Zone Aliens/Batteries Not Included 2006
Keeping Up with the Boneses 1991
King for a Day 2012
Kinky Kong/Chris Messin' August 2006
Knit One Twirl Too
Lantern Hill 1990
Laugh of the Party 1989
Leave It to Bill & Ted 1991
Leprechaun Interrupted 2010
Lettuce, Turnip and Pea
Leviathan 2007
Long Journey 2007
Lost in Alexandria 2007
Malcolm and the Baby 1990
Mia and Me 2011
Midnight Scum 1991
Mike the Knight 2012
Mike the Knight and Evie's New Friend/Mike the Knight and Trollee the Apprentice 2013
Mike the Knight and Peace and Quiet/Mike the Knight and the Glendragon News 2012
Mike the Knight and the Big Parade/Mike the Knight and Sparkie's Amazing Thing 2012
Mike the Knight and the Buried Treasure/Mike the Knight and the Tale of Sir Trollee 2012
Mike the Knight and the Fluttering Favour/Mike the Knight and the Tricky Trail 2012
Mike the Knight and the Glendragon Big Picture/Mike the Knight and the Present for Trollee 2013
Mike the Knight and the Greatest Story Ever/Mike the Knight and the Most Medals 2013
Mike the Knight and the Invisible Monster/Mike the Knight and Dragon Squires 2012
Mike the Knight and the Jewel of Glendragon/Mike the Knight and a Favour for Trollee 2013
Mike the Knight and the Knight for a Day/Mike the Knight and the Brave Song 2013
Mike the Knight and the Knight Hider/Mike the Knight and Trollee's Sleepover 2012
Mike the Knight and the Knightly Campout/Mike the Knight and the Rescue 2012
Mike the Knight and the Lost Pots/Mike the Knight and the Magic Pot 2013
Mike the Knight and the Mission Home/Mike the Knight and the Many Knights 2012
Mike the Knight and the Scary Noise/Mike the Knight and the Mighty Shield 2012
Mike the Knight and the Sneezing Reindeer/Mike the Knight and the Viking Snow Day 2012
Mike the Knight and the Snow Dragon/Mike the Knight and Santa's Little Helper 2012
Mike The Knight And The Super Trebuchet/Mike The Knight And The King's Play 2013
Mike the Knight and the Wizard's Treasure
Mike the Knight and Trollee in Trouble 2011
Miss Know-It-All 2012
Moby Richard 1991
Mom's Best Friend 1991
Monster by Mistake 1996
Mr. Dressup 1967
My Pet Monster 1987
My Pet Monster 1986
My Secret Identity 1988
Mysticons 2017
Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 4: The Mutant Agenda 1995
Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 5: Mutants Revenge 1995
No Way Out 2007
Now Museum, Now You Don't 1991
Oh, Brother! 1991
On the Fritz/The Great Obstacle Course 2000
Onchao's Oasis 2011
Oops! The Disaster Movie/The House That Dripped Crud 2006
Operation Astronuts
Operation Attack of the Killer Condo
Operation Attack of the Soft Hacker
Operation Brat Pack
Operation Break Out
Operation Buzz Off
Operation Chameleon Leon
Operation Chicken Suit
Operation Crabby Bob
Operation Crusin' for a Brusin'
Operation Dare Devil
Operation Dude Ranch Disaster
Operation Dyno-mite 2009
Operation Evil Paparazzi
Operation Fun and Games
Operation Funny Bone
Operation Grow Up
Operation Gus Jr.
Operation Gusjitsu
Operation Jolty Juice
Operation Leon's Revenge
Operation Nano Spies
Operation Noel's Last Stand
Operation Pet Peeved
Operation Rebel Robot
Operation Return of the Granny
Operation Rival Schools
Operation Sassy Lassie
Operation Scary Jerry: Part 1
Operation Scary Jerry: Part 2
Operation Senior Spy
Operation Shrubbery
Operation Sneak Attack
Operation Snowy Falcon
Operation Solo Spy 2009
Operation Spy Clone
Operation Spy-Sitter 2009
Operation Sudstastic
Operation Sunrise Tan
Operation Super Spy Flares
Operation Tami Trouble
Operation Terrible Thirteen
Operation the Island That Whoop Forgot
Operation There's No Pal in Principal
Operation Trudi on Duty!
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 1
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 2
Operation Twins of Trouble: Part 3
Operation Wheels of Thunder
Operation WOOCSI
Operation Yeti Bear
Operation Yo-Yo Boy Ninja
Paint by Numbers/The Sleepover 2000
Panthea's Proposal 2012
Pest O' the West 1989
Phaeton: The Chariot of Fire 1999
Phuddle's Foibles 2012
Pie Fight at the Okee Dokee Corral/Honest Abe Has a Close Shave 2006
Pie in the Sky 1992
Pinch to Grow an Inch
Ping Pong Polka
Pippi Longstocking 1985
Poe Pourri 1991
Politics of Love 1998
Poopsie/It's the Pits 1989
Poultrygeist 1991
Prince of the Neitherworld 1989
Quit While You're a Head 1989
R.A.L.F.: Rejected Alien Life Form/Elliot Messed Up 2006
Rashomom 2008
Red Light, Green Light
Red Thunder/Putting It All Together 2000
Redwall 1999
Relatively Pesty 1991
Restoration 2011
Robbers and Robots 1985
Robbin Juice of Sherweird Forest 1991
Rolling Vengeance 1987
Run Coco Run 2008
Runo Rules 2007
Ryu no senshi 2007
Sappiest Place on Earth 1991
Savage Stuart the Barbarian/Green Dean Goes Out of His Bean 2006
Scare and Scare Alike/Spooky Boo-tique 1990
Scummer Vacation 1990
See Ya in My Dreams
Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird 1985
Shirley Dimples/The Land of Odd 2006
Silver Surfer 1998
Small Change/Shy Charles 2000
Smell-A-Thon 1991
Smiley Treasure 2012
Snug as a Bug
Something's Fishy Around Here
South of Wawa 1991
Sparra's Kingdom 1999
Spider-Man 1994
Spitting Images/Awards to the Wise 1991
Stage Fright/Spooky Tree 1989
Stink Club 2007
Super Zeroes 1991
Supernerd/Mona Loser 2006
Tales from the Endor Woods 1997
Talking to Unicorns 2011
Tears of Joy 2012
The Amazing Spiez 2009
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Phone Booth 1991
The Awful Truth/Jughead Predicts 1987
The Big Comfy Couch 1993
The Big Face Off/Skeletons in the Closet 1989
The Blossom Tree 2011
The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland 1987
The Count of Monte Cristo 1997
The Dating Guy 2009
The Elves and the Dragon 2011
The Final Conflict
The Fire Unicorn 2012
The Fry/A Fishy Story 2006
The Golden Son 2011
The Haunted Village 1997
The Last Laugh/Thief! (Of Hearts) 1987
The Magic Key 1998
The Mind of Simon Foster 1989
The Miss Beauty-Juice Pageant 1991
The New Archies 1987
The One That Got Away 2007
The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 2 1998
The Panned Piper 2012
The Pink Cat's Eye/A Rhyme in Time 2006
The Prince of Rock and Roll 1991
The Really Odd Couple/A-Ha! 1990
The Star Strangled Banner 1991
The Totally Gross Anatomy of a Gym Teacher 1991
The Unicorn Trap 2012
The Unmeationables/Heartless Hal 2006
The Visitor
The Visitor/Ballot Box Blues 1987
The Wizened Woods 2012
There's Something About Amelia 2009
Time for Molly
Timothy Goes to School 2000
Timothy Goes to School/Yoko 2000
Towering Towers 2015
Treachery 1999
True Heroes 2007
Trumptus Lost 2011
Tunnel Vision 2007
Turbo Dogs 2008
Two Heads Are Better Than None 1991
Uncle B.J.'s Roadhouse/Scarecrow/The Son Dad Never Had 1990
Under the Moon 2012
Upsey Downsey Day
Urban Vermin 2008
Vidiots 1991
VJ and the Holy Boner 2009
Warren's Nightmare 2003
Wizard of Ooze 1991
Woodyplicity 2009
Worm Welcome 1989
You're a Gem!
Ziggo's Day Off 2011

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