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Directed by
Luc Besson

Pierre Christin
Jean-Claude Mézieres
Luc Besson

Produced by
Luc Besson
Virginie Silla
Camille Courau

Original Music by
Alexandre Desplat

Thierry Arbogast

Cara Delevingne Laureline
Dane DeHaan Valerian
Rihanna Bubble
John Goodman
Ethan Hawke Jolly the Pimp
Clive Owen Commander Arün Filitt
Rutger Hauer
Yifan Wu Sergeant Neza
Emilie Livingston Bubble Dancer
Mathieu Kassovitz
Sam Spruell General Okto Bar
Alexandre Nguyen JaMr.ese Delegate
Herbie Hancock
Jonas Bloquet
Eric Lampaert Thazzit
Alain Chabat Bob the Pirate
Sam Douglas American Tourist
Anders Heinrichsen Police Officer
Aurelien Gaya Actor
Yun Lai Valley Chinois
Roman Blomme Boulan Bathor
Mikael Buxton Paradise Alley Soldier
Gavin Drea Sergent Cooper
Jean-François Lenogue Igon Syruss Guard
Tristan Robin Paradise Alley Roper
Peter Eberst Igon Syruss Guard
James Flynn Big Market Guide
Andrew Tisba Kortan Dahuk
David Clark Astronaut

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