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Directed by
Anatole Litvak

Writing credits
Mary Jane Ward

Frank Partos
Millen Brand
Arthur Laurents

Produced by
Robert Bassler
Anatole Litvak
Darryl F. Zanuck

Original Music by
Alfred Newman

Leo Tover

Olivia de Havilland Virginia Stuart Cunningham
Mark Stevens Robert Cunningham
Leo Genn Doctor Mark Kik
Celeste Holm Grace
Glenn Langan Doctor Terry
Helen Craig Nurse Davis
Leif Erickson Gordon
Beulah Bondi Mrs. Greer
Lee Patrick Asylum Inmate
Howard Freeman Dr. Curtis
Natalie Schafer Mrs. Stuart
Ruth Donnelly Ruth
Katherine Locke Margaret
Frank Conroy Dr. Jonathan Gifford
Minna Gombell Miss Hart
Jean Andren Nurse
Sylvia Andrew Patient
Phil Arnold Bald Man
Polly Bailey Patient
Bobby Barber Lola's Husband
George Beranger Bit Role
Betsy Blair Hester
Marie Blake Patient Awaiting Staff
Lela Bliss Miss Greene
Margaret Brayton Staff Room Nurse
Virginia Brissac Miss Seiffert
Bobby Burns Inmate at Dance Social
Cliff Clark Shooting Gallery Proprietor
Angela Clarke Greek Patient
Jan Clayton Singing Inmate
Ruth Clifford Nurse
G. Pat Collins Attendant
Ashley Cowan Tommy
Irene Dehn Nurse
Jacqueline deWit Celia Sommerville
Ann Doran Valerie
Marjorie Eaton Patient
Mabel Forrest Patient
Joel Friedkin Doctor
Donna Hamilton Patient
Alvin Hammer Patient
Grayce Hampton Inmate Countess
Edna Holland Elderly Nurse
Victoria Horne Ward 33 Inmate
Isabel Jewell Ward 33 Inmate
Larry Johns Minister
Tiny Jones Inmate
Doris Kemper Patient
Kate Drain Lawson Cafe Cashier
Babe London Attendant
Louise Lorimer Nurse
Celia Lovsky Inmate Gertrude
Ellen Lowe Patient
George Lynn Doctor
Therese Lyon Patient
Marion Marshall Young Girl
Mae Marsh Tommy's Mother
Mira McKinney Patient
Doro Merande Inmate, First Lady of the Land
Lora Lee Michel Virginia - Age 6
Jerry Miley Bit Role
Belle Mitchell Inmate
Eula Morgan Attendant
Harry Hays Morgan Doctor
Frances Morris Patient
Dorothy Neumann Champion, Miss Neumann
Mary Newton Patient
Damian O'Flynn Mr. Stuart
Anne O'Neal Miss Primm, Hospital Dining Room Waitress
Inez Palange Italian Patient
Barbara Pepper Patient
Rose Plumer Inmate
Carol Savage Maxine
Syd Saylor Inmate Wearing Visor at Dance
Lester Sharpe Dr. Sommer
Tamara Shayne Ward 33 Inmate
Sally Shepherd Nurse
Queenie Smith Lola
Esther Somers Nurse Vance
Ann Staunton Nurse
June Storey Miss Bixby
Ray Teal Doctor
Laura Treadwell Mother
Mary Treen Nurse Jones
Minerva Urecal Ward 33 Inmate
Dorothy Vaughan Bossy Ward 12 Inmate
Basil Walker Bit Role
Ruth Warren Patient
Claire Whitney Inmate
Robert Williams Orderly, Dance Social Emcee
Isabel Withers Nurse Johnson

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