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Regie von
Ernst Lubitsch

Guy Bolton
Jules Chancel
Ernest Vajda
Leon Xanrof

Produktion von
Ernst Lubitsch

Originale Musik von
Victor Schertzinger
W. Franke Harling
John Leipold
Oscar Potoker
Max Terr

Victor Milner

Maurice Chevalier Count Alfred Renard
Jeanette MacDonald Queen Louise
Lupino Lane Jacques
Lillian Roth Lulu
Eugene Pallette Minister of War
E.H. Calvert Sylvanian ambassador
Edgar Norton Master of Ceremonies
Lionel Belmore Prime Minister
Virginia Bruce Lady-in-Waiting
André Cheron Paulette's husband
Yola d'Avril Paulette
Margaret Fealy Lady-in-waiting
Winter Hall Priest
Jean Harlow Woman applauding in theater box
Perry Ivins Radio Announcer
Russ Powell Afghan Ambassador
Albert Roccardi The Foreign Minister
Carl Stockdale The Admiral
Ben Turpin Cross-eyed Lackey
William von Hardenburg Cabinet Minister

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