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Directed by
Bernard L. Kowalski

W.R. Burnett
Harold Robbins
A.J. Russell

Produced by
Norman Rosemont

Original Music by
Sid Ramin

Jack Priestley

Alex Cord Count Cesare Cardinali
Britt Ekland Illeano
Patrick O'Neal Baker
Joseph Wiseman Matteo
Barbara McNair Ahn Dessie
John Dehner District Attorney
Titos Vandis Tonio
Eduardo Ciannelli Don Andrea
Roy Scheider Bennett
Lincoln Kilpatrick Hannibal Smith
Louie Elias Mann
Luke Andreas Macy
Dominic Barto Franchini
James Tolkan Edwards
Charles Durning
Raul Julia
M. Emmet Walsh
Leonardo Cimino Allie Fargo
Olympia Dukakis Mrs. Amato, woman accepting perfume

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