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Directed by
Ben Younger

Pippa Bianco
Angelo Pizzo
Ben Younger

Produced by
Bruce Cohen
Ben Matthew Empey
David Gendron
Michael Hansen
Noah Kraft
Myles Nestel
Marielle Olentine
Gino Pereira
Joshua Sason
Martin Scorsese
Robert Tarini
Pamela Thur
Emma Tillinger
Chad A. Verdi
Michelle Verdi
Ben Younger
Kori Sparks

Original Music by
Julia Holter

Larkin Seiple

Miles Teller Vinny Pazienza
Christine Evangelista Ashley
Katey Sagal Louise Pazienza
Aaron Eckhart Kevin Rooney
Ciarán Hinds Angelo Pazienza
Ted Levine Lou Duva
Allie Marshall Sport Reporter / Fight Attendee
Gia Sk Duran Ring Girl
Tina Casciani Heather
Amanda Clayton Doreen Pazienza
Portland Helmich Reporter at Weigh-In
Julie Ann Dawson Ring Girl
Liz Carey Charity
Ashley Couture Ringside Spectator / High Roller Casino Gambler
Kimberly Howe Doreen's Friend
Sabrina Piper Female Entourage Extra / VIP Fight Observer
Ashley Tramonte Ringside VIP
Sully Erna Sully
Stephanie McIntyre VIP Supporter
Susan DeBerardinis Casino Gambler
Tim Fields Jimmy
Dante Palminteri NBC Late Night Page
Jordan Gelber Dan Duva
Daniel Sauli Jon
Chad A. Verdi Chad
Tanja Melendez Lynch Woman at Twin River
Arthur Hiou Judge / Official
Tom Denucci Paulie
David Gere Scott Pryor
Stacey Forbes Iwanicki Doreen's Friend
James Wilcox Twin River Pit Boss #1
Mark Burzenski Event Security
Gene Amoroso Anthony
Joe Jafo Carriere Cebol
Hashim Lafond Mayweather Entourage
Shawn Contois News Media
Billy V Vigeant Bill - Ring Judge
Nick Austin Vinny Paz Entourage
J.P. Valenti VIP Ringside Spectator
Gary Galone Caesar's Pit Boss
Rocco Michaluk Press Agent
Jeffrey Corazzini Photographer
Ron G. Young NBC News Reporter
Noel Ramos Bruce Campbell - ESPN
Bobby Kenney Ringside Commentator
Lonnie Farmer Physician at Mayweather Fight
Jed Griswold Doctor
Steve Sweeney Weigh In Official
Artie Pasquale Reporter
Adrian M. Mompoint Mayweather Entourage
J.T. Turner Gambler
Adam Carbone Cameraman
Amy Whalen Ringside Fight Spectator
Connor Holden Vinny's Entourage
Rocky Rodriques Boxing Spectator
Ed O'Keefe Timekeeper Duran fight
Alicia Barrett Diane-Casino Waitress
Peter Lewis Walsh Mayweather Fan
Cassidy Neal Vinny's Friend
Patrick Languzzi Bodybuilder / VIP Fight Fan
Marty Smith News Reporter
Sera Verdi Sera
Michael Steven Swanson Reporter
Lorna Pruce Nurse Who Fetches Vinny
Jessica Rockwood Stripper
Nathan Johnson VIP Supporter
Edgar Damation Security Guard
Mike Koutrobis Ring Announcer
Christina Sciongay Hot girl gambling
Nathan Tetreault Gladiator
George J. Vezina Sports reporter / cameraman
Mike Wendt Gambler
Roy Souza Dr. Walter Cotter
Nicholas A. DiMaio Ringside Security
Wendy Farley VIP Fight Spectator
Christopher Alan Ringside Anouncer
Nicole Bardis Girlfriend of Black Jack Highroller
Paul Taft News Reporter
Derek Pratt Arena Security GuaRd
David Struffolino Ringside Spectator
Roman Vangeli Fight Attendee
Noelle Trudeau Principal Stripper
Bruce-Robert Serafin Bartender
David Lee Valle Reporter
Vincent Cucuzza
James L. Leite Birthday Party / Dinner Guest
Jra Schaefer Ringside Timer
Wendi Elle Flanders Event Goer
Lino Tanaka Sports Reporter
Remington Keyes Mayweather's Entourage
Allen Beattie Fight Spectator
Kevin J. Harris News Reporter
Jason Mayoh Foxy Lady Patron
Lance Norris Casino Gambler
Richard Lebeau Reporter
Steven Rears Vinnys friend at birthday party
John Gorham Boxing Fan
Christopher Connolly Boxing Referee / Duran
Kent R. Williams Contruction Worker
Jonathan Sawicki Maître d'hôtel
Jeff Kamps Ringside gambler
Abbiegayle Shafer Las Vegas Socialite
Sissy O'Hara Fan in Vinny Paz corner
Stephen O'Neil Martin Mink Man
Michael Anthony Joy Sports Reporter
José Antonio Rivera Jose
Pasquale Dalessio VIP Ringside
David Carbone Sr. Reporter
Michael D. Murphy Sr. Fight Spectator
Jonathan Hart Spectator
Sonny Saggese Sonny
Joe Alo Security - Ring Side
Lilith Astaroth Boxing Match Audience Member
David Bellerose Event Goer
Angel Connell Boxing Spectator
Christie Divine Event Goer
Stephanie Eaton VIP Ringside Spectator
William Galatis Mayweather Fight Bookie
Nick Gifford Boxing spectator
Robert Glenn Fight Fan
Elaine Victoria Grey Upscale Dinner Patron
London Hall Ringside VIP
Gwen Kosak Reporter at press conference
Jeremy Labrie Boxing Match Spectator
Louisa Lamarre Event Goer
Jared Marmitt Ringside Fight Spectator
Mike Messier Ringside Reporter
Kim Mulhauser Pretty Girl Ringside
Kevin Murphy Casino Fight Crowd
Joseph Oliveira Event Goer
Vinny Pazienza Mayweather Fight Spectator
Edmund Resendes Ringside Spectator
Chaunty Spillane Mayweather Fan
Nicolas Villamizar Reporter
Kyle Viveiros Event Goer
Lisa Wynn Ringside Spectator

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