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Regie von
Laurence Olivier

William Shakespeare
Dallas Bower
Alan Dent
Laurence Olivier

Produktion von
Dallas Bower
Laurence Olivier
Filippo Del Giudice
Herbert Smith

Originale Musik von
William Walton

Robert Krasker
Jack Hildyard

Leslie Banks Chorus
Felix Aylmer Archbishop of Canterbury
Robert Helpmann Bishop of Ely
Vernon Greeves The English Herald
Gerald Case Earl of Westmoreland
Griffith Jones Earl of Salisbury
Morland Graham Sir Thomas Erpingham
Nicholas Hannen Duke of Exeter
Michael Warre Duke of Gloucester
Laurence Olivier King Henry V of England
Ralph Truman Mountjoy - The French Herald
Ernest Thesiger Duke of Berri - French Ambassador
Frederick Cooper Corporal Nym
Roy Emerton Lieutenant Bardolph
Robert Newton Ancient Pistol
Freda Jackson Mistress Quickly
George Cole Boy
George Robey Sir John Falstaff
Harcourt Williams King Charles VI of France
Russell Thorndike Duke of Bourbon
Leo Genn The Constable of France
Francis Lister Duke of Orleans
Max Adrian The Dauphin
Jonathan Field The French Messenger
Esmond Knight Fluellen
Michael Shepley Gower
John Laurie Jamy
Niall MacGinnis Macmorris
Frank Tickle The Governor of Harfleur
Renée Asherson Princess Katherine
Ivy St. Helier Alice
Janet Burnell Queen Isabel of France
Brian Nissen Court
Arthur Hambling Bates
Jimmy Hanley Williams
Ernest Hare A Priest
Valentine Dyall Duke of Burgundy
Patric Doonan Minor Role
Anthony Newley Boy in English camp

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