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Directed by
Robert Zemeckis

Neil Gaiman
Roger Avary

Produced by
Steve Bing
Buzz Hays
Roger Roberts
Roger Avary
Steven J. Boyd
Neil Gaiman
Jacqueline M. Lopez
Josh McLaglen
Jacob Peratrovich
Jack Rapke
Martin Shafer
Steve Starkey
Peter M. Tobyansen
Robert Zemeckis

Original Music by
Alan Silvestri

Robert Presley

Robin Wright Penn
Anthony Hopkins
Paul Baker Musician #1
John Bilezikjian Musician #2
Rod D. Harbour Musician #3
Brice Martin Musician #4
Sonje Fortag Gitte
Sharisse Baker-Bernard
Charlotte Salt
Julene Renee Cille
Greg Ellis
Rik Young
Alan Ritchson
Sebastian Roché
Leslie Harter Zemeckis
John Malkovich
Aaron Stephens
Woody Schultz Aesher
Tyler Steelman Young Cain
Nick Jameson
Crispin Glover
Ray Winstone
Brendan Gleeson
Shay Duffin
Costas Mandylor Hondshew
Chris Coppola
Angelina Jolie
Dominic Keating
Jacquie Barnbrook Aethelbeorg
Alison Lohman
Richard Burns Additional Adult Performer
Tim Trobec Additional Adult Performer
Camille Lannan Additional Adult Performer
Larkin Campbell Additional Adult Performer
John Littlefield Additional Adult Performer
Shawn Driscoll Additional Adult Performer
Amy Esacove Additional Adult Performer
Nadine Stenovitch Additional Adult Performer
Fred Tatasciore Voice Performer
Holly Dorff Voice Performer
Neil Dickson Voice Performer
Peter Lavin Voice Performer
Matthew A. Ward Voice Performer
Peter Dennis Voice Performer
Keith Kraft Additional Adult Performer
Charmain Lak Adult Performer
Randy Shelly Boy

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