Dolph Sweet

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First name
Adolphus Jean Sweet
Date of Birth
18. July 1920, Cancer
New York, New York, USA
Date of Death
8. May 1985, 65 years
Tarzana, California, USA


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1985 Grandpa's Will
Monkey See, Monkey Do
Cat Story
The Lookalike
Julie's Birthday
Alabamy Bound: Part 1
Alabamy Bound: Part 2
The Gift
Police Mamas
The Answering Machine
1984 Knock Three Times
James Returns
The Spirit of Christmas
Baby of the Family
Class of '84
Katie's College
TV or Not TV
Samantha's Protest
The Center
Carl's Delicate Moment
Sam's First Love
The Big Apple: Part 1
Daddy's Little Girl
Julie's Lie
Who Dunnit?
The Big Apple: Part 2
1983 The Return of the Doo-Wop Girls
Grandpa Robs a Bank
Katie's Commitment
The Way to a Man's Heart
A Kanisky Christmas
Julie Smokes
Grandpa's Rebellion
Nell's Friend
Love, Kidney
Glenlawn Street Blues
Nell Gets Sick
The Groupie
The Mayor
The Custody Suit
Nell and the Kid
Joey: Part 2
Joey: Part 1
Eddie Gets Married
The Centerfold: Part 1
The Centerfold: Part 2
1982 The Robbery
Nell Goes to Jail
The Emergency
Porko's II
Katie Steals Julie's Jock
Brother Ed and the Hooker
Nell's Ex
Sam's Imaginary Friend
Julie's First Love
Love Thy Neighbor
An Unmarried Couple
Nell Goes Home
Grandpa's Visit
Hot Muffins
Grandma Fools Around
Take My Baby, Please
Sam Faces Death
The Chief's Gay Evening
Nell Goes Door to Door
Samantha Steals a Squad Car
Sam's Affair
Katie the Cheat
1981 I Never Promised You a Rose, Marvin
The Second Time Around
The Two Lives of Carol Letner
Katie the Crook
A Good Man Is Hard to Find
The Acorn People
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
Life, Death, Eternity
Do or Diet
Gimme a Break!
Hill Street Blues
A Man in Nell's Room
Mom's Birthday
Julie's Rejection
Your Prisoner is Dead
Murder in Paradise
1980 Hagen
Macho Man
Gideon's Trumpet
America the Beautiful
Hagen (Pilot)
Grits and Greens Strike Again
The Man in the Full Toledo
Beauty Pageant
When the Whistle Blows
Love in the Fast Lane
God's Country
Below the Belt
Love Is a Four-Letter Word
Run for the Roses
Miss Hard Hat USA
1979 Wolfpack
Murder Is a Parlor Game
Aunt Mary
Flesh & Blood
Act of Violence
The Wanderers
The Elopement
Rendezvous Hotel
Conspiracy in Blue
Mrs. Columbo
1978 The Great Line
The Godsister
Go Tell the Spartans
Reunion in Terror
Heaven Can Wait
Death Moon
1977 A Killing Affair / Behind the Badge
Billy: Portrait of a Street Kid
The Amazing Spider-Man
Which Way Is Up?
The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training
1974 Amazing Grace
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three / El Tomar de Pelham uno dos tres
The Lord's of Flatbush
The Migrants
1973 Cops and Robbers
1972 The New Centurions
Fear Is the Key
1971 The Telephone Book
1970 Colossus: The Forbin Project
The Out of Towners
1969 The Lost Man
1968 A Lovely Way to Die
The Swimmer
Finian's Rainbow
Walk the Long Pier
1966 Episode #1.99
The Greatest Game: Part 1
You're a Big Boy Now
1965 Dangerous to the Public Peace and Safety
Where There's Smoke
The Trials of O'Brien
...To Prosecute All Crimes...
The Witnesses
A Gaggle of Girls
For the People
1964 Another World
The Non-Violent
1963 The Eye of Fear
The Empty Heart
Not Bad for Openers
1962 The Doctors and the Nurses
1961 The Defenders
The Young Doctors
1956 The Edge of Night
1951 Hallmark Hall of Fame

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