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1971 The Bull of the West
1970 The West vs. Colonel MacKenzie
1969 Catspaw
1968 A Tale of Two Tails
Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend
It Takes a Thief
Terrible Leprechaun
1967 Mr. Terrific
Long Time Dead
The Hunters and the Killers
The Mermaid
Doomsday Island
Stanley and the Mountaineers
Fatal Cargo
Fires of Death
Time Lock
Deadly Cloud
Deadly Amphibians
Sealed Orders
1966 The Day the World Ended
Devil's Island
The Kidnapper
Fortress Weisbaden
Back to the Drawing Board
Falling Star
The Case of the Misguided Model
Cave Movies
Up at Bat
Gilligan vs. Gilligan
To Seek and Destroy
Androcles and Clon
Practice to Deceive
The Case of the Scarlet Scandal
Forward March
Day of Reckoning
Six Feet Under
The Duel at Mont Saint Marie
The Last Diablo
Which Way the Wind Blows
Day of Evil
Face of a Shadow
Gauntlet of Fire
The Champ
Twenty Fifth Mission
The Dance of the Laughing Death
Burden of Guilt
The Case of the Avenging Angel
The Ace
It's About Time
All About Eva
Cross-Hairs on Death
The Survivor
The Case of the Crafty Kidnapper
Siren Voices
The Mother-in-Law
And Then There Were None
Angel Babe
The Slaughter Pen
The Fighter Pilot
The All-American
The Pariah
1965 The Idolator
In Search of My Enemy
A Nice Little Till to Tap
Cry of Fallen Birds
Those Who Are About to Die
Big Brother
P.O.W.: Part 2
The End of the Line
The Ticket
Between the Lines
I Am the Enemy
Honey West
We're Not Coming Back
V for Vendetta
The Lorelei
R/X for a Sick Bird
Target 802
Conspiracy of Silence
The Albatross
To Heinie - With Love
The Trap
The Left-Handed Man
Get Smart
The Jones Boys
Faith Hope and Sgt. Aaronson
The Clash
Mutiny at Ten Thousand Feet
Show Me a Hero, I'll Show You a Bum
Grant Me No Favor
Then Came the Mighty Hunter
The Loneliest Place in the World
The Hero
Storm at Twilight
A Man Called Shenandoah
1964 An Act of War
Owney Tupper Had a Daughter
The Sound of Distant Thunder
The End Game
Home Is the Hunted
The Hours Before Dawn
Here's to Courageous Cowards
Golden Boy Had Nine Black Sheep
Flight from the Final Demon
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Escape into Black
Soldiers Sometimes Kill
The Baritone Canary
Search in a Windy City
Rat in a Corner
Somebody to Remember
Gomez, the Politician
The Men and the Boys
12 O'Clock High
The Seasick Sailor
Gilligan's Island
The Addams Family Tree
The Addams Family
The Suspected
Green-Eyed Gomez
Yen Ku Horowitz
Pressure Point
The Glory and the Mud
Valentine's Day
Dark Corner
Morticia, the Matchmaker
The Climate of Doubt
The Homecoming
1963 Carter Caper
Pa Hack's Brood
The Fugitive
Alias Bill Hawks
Unforgiving Minute
Vacation Playhouse
The Tom Tuesday Story
Hooray for Love
Amos Burke, Secret Agent
Duel at Shiloh
The Clarence Mullins Story
Terror at High Point
Ticket to Alaska
Bob Wire
American Primitive
The Michael McGoo Story
1962 The Case of the Melancholy Marksman
Trial at Tablerock
Man in an Hourglass
The Donna Fuller Story
The Case of the Tarnished Trademark
The Martin Gatsby Story
The Case of the Counterfeit Crank
The Martin Onyx Story
Day of Reckoning
Walk This Street Lightly
Marshal of Sweetwater
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
The Virginian
1961 The Case of the Roving River
Town Against a Man
The Hand That Shook the Hand
The Selena Hartnell Story
Those Golden Days
Prince Jim
The Has-Been
The Artie Matthewson Story
Blueprint for Robbery
Casket 7.3
Sweet Charity
A Quiet Little Town
Westinghouse Playhouse
Stage from Yuma
Whispering Smith
Bitter Vengeance
The Jealous Man
The Mrs. Harper Story
The Remittance Man
Moth Trap
A Show from Silver Lode
The Barefoot Bandit
The Pipes of Pan
The Case of the Left-Handed Liar
The Diamond Dude
Safety Valve
Something Pretty
Gunman's Revenge
New Orleans Trackdown
The Repentant Outlaw
Buddy's Formal Dinner
The Dowry
Lady Trouble
John Jones
The Planned Picnic
1960 Escort to Santa Fe
The Journey
Long Odds
The Canyon
The Great Bullion Robbery
Man for the Job
Black Trail
Pearl Hart
The Killing of Johnny Lash
The Roger Bigelow Story
All That Glitters
The Wade Place
The Governor's Visit
Threat of Death
The Town
The Horace Best Story
Cole Younger
Dead Man's Street
Doc Dawson
Bare Knuckles
Race to Death
The English Woman
The Kinfolk
A Study in Petticoats
Day of Judgment
Leading Citizen
Forty-Four Forty
Red Ransom
Angry Town
The Lita Foladaire Story
The Bride and the Bandit
The Alexander Portlass Story
The Dick Jarvis Story
The Last of the Night Raiders
Dealer's Choice
The Easterner
Jeff Davis' Treasure
Counterfeit Gun
Diary of a Bomber
Frightened Witness
The Outlaw's Wife
The Late Mayor Brown
Kid Brother
The Trading Post
1959 The Stage Line
Young Jim Hardie
Return of Doc Bell
The Annie Griffith Story
The Clara Duncan Story
Home Town
Desert Showdown
Relay Station
The Last Stand
The Daltons
Full Circle
The Tired Gun
The Vittorio Bottecelli Story
Woman with a Gun
The Night the Cowboys Roared
Tom Horn
Lola Montez
The Conchita Vasquez Story
Kid Curry
The Warrior's Return
The Jackass
The Dutch Schultz Story
The House I Enter
The Rawhide Kid
Double Reverse
The Legacy
The Vincent Eaglewood Story
The Branding Iron
Wanted: Jim Hardie
The Bounty Hunter
Toll Road
The Town That Wouldn't Talk
The Unaccepted
The Deadeye Kid
Wild Cargo
The Angry Man
Bob Dawson
The Glass Diamond
The Cleanup
The Train Robbery
Showdown Trail
Ballad for a Bad Man
Long Odds
Wichita Town
The Quiet Village
Shred of Doubt
1958 A Matter of Honor
Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse
White Indian
Bentley and His Junior Image
Law and Order
The Most Dangerous Man Alive
A Call to Arms
The Mark Hanford Story
Uncle Bentley Loans Out Peter
Jefferson Drum
The Millie Davis Story
End of a Young Gun
Uncle Bentley and the Matchmaker
Bat Masterson
The Gaucho
The Dealer
Naked City
The Jennifer Churchill Story
The Manuscript
The Gunfighter
Waiting Up for Kelly
Bentley and the Talent Contest
The Missouri Traveler
The Golden Owl
Cimarron City
Legacy of a Legend
The Gambler
Bentley, the Homemaker
Faster Gun
Bentley and the Social Worker
The Killer
Cow Town
1957 Have Gun - Will Travel
Bachelor Father
The Wildcatter
M Squad
Bentley Versus the Girl Scouts
Tales of Wells Fargo
Wagon Train
A Date with Kelly
Bentley and the P.T.A.
It's a Small World
How to Marry a Millionaire
A Time to Kill
Uncle Bentley Keeps His Promise
Uncle Bentley and the Lady Doctor
Uncle Bentley and the Aunts
Bentley and the Revolving Housekeepers
Bentley and the Baby Sitter
Perry Mason
1956 Everything But the Truth
Never Say Goodbye
The Sharkfighters
Zane Grey Theater
The Toy Tiger
1955 The Private War of Major Benson
Smoke Signal
One Desire
Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre
The Square Jungle
1954 Secret of the Incas
Alaska Seas
Naked Alibi
1953 Pony Express
1952 The Atomic City
Hurricane Smith
A Little Gift for Cairo
Who Killed Wimbledon Hastings?
Who Killed the Card?
Who Killed the Fat Cat?
The Man's Men
Who Killed Mr. Colby in Ladies' Lingerie?
Who Killed Nobody Somehow?
Who Killed Cassandra Cass?
Who Killed the Toy Soldier?
Who Killed the Rabbit's Husband?
Who Killed the Thirteenth Clown?

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