Emily Perkins

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First name
Emily Jean Perkins
Emily Jane Perkins
Date of Birth
4. May 1977, Taurus, 43 years
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1.63 m


Beitrag eingeben
hiya  06.11.07 14:00 - anonymous Monitor this discussion

hiya i think u were good in ginger snaps :thumbsup: good actor i think u and katherine were good together acting thanks jodiee xx 

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2014 Extraterrestrial
Cease and Desist
Lost and Found
When Calls the Heart
2011 Gym Dandy
Flirt Locker
Welcome Back Potter
Talking Points
Novel Idea
Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!
Hollywood Make Up
Home Swapping
Wake the Baby
Commercial Success
Sexual Healing
Welcome Back Potter
Car Pool
2010 Hippy Anniversary
Office Clothes
You Shmooze, You Lose
Hot Luv
Speed Ball
Watch and Learn
Carry on Camping
Autograph Hound
Model Patient
Dream Gig
Thanks for Nuttin'
Strata's Fear
Millie Meet Stan
Family Matters
2009 The Real Ghostbusters
Blood: A Butcher's Tale
Sympathy for the Devil
2008 Another Cinderella Story
2007 Juno
2005 Must Be a Night for Fires
Ride a Crippled Horse
A Delicate Bloodbath
2004 Seven Tentacles
Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning / Ginger Snaps 3
Wash the Blood Out of the Ring
The Ol' Coco Bop
Okay It's Official
Out of the Bag and All Over the Street
That Sounds Like What We Call a Mutiny
A Man When He's Down
Ginger Snaps: Unleashed
That's Why They Call It a Conspiracy
First the Seducing Then the Screwing
You Promised Me a Celebrity
Can Bend, But I Won't Break
2003 Iffy Areas Around the Edges
Everybody Needs a Working Girl
Twenty Five Dollar Conversation
The Ducks Are Too Depressing
Bury My Own Bones
Doing the Chicken Scratch
Dogs Don't Bite People
2002 In the Bear Pit
Ass Covering Day
Da Vinci's Inquest
Dizzy Looking Down
At First It Was Funny
Run by the Monkeys
Night Route
2001 Birds Have Been at Her
Cheap Aftershave
Oppenheimer Park
Ugly Quick
Banging on the Wall
Shoulda Been a Priest
Sixes and Sevens
Prozac Nation
2000 Ginger Snaps
Christy: The Movie / Christy: Return to Cutter Gap
1998 All Souls
The Most Dangerous Time
Past Perfect
1996 In Cold Blood
Episode #1.2
1994 The Last Tattoo
Moment of Truth: Broken Pledges
1993 Miracle on Interstate 880 / Miracle on I-880
Welcome to the Tower
Woman on the Ledge
1992 The Odyssey
1990 Anything to Survive / Almost Too Late
It / Stephen King's It
1989 Small Sacrifices
Up the Coast
Episode #1.1

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