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1988 The Surgeon
1984 The Best Chess Player in the World
Art for the Workers' Sake
The Biko Inquest
1983 Better Red Than Dead
Clerical Error
The Tribute
Karl Marx Slept Here
One Person One Vote
The Luncheon
A Passing Opportunity
Manning the Barricades
One Step Forward Two Steps Back
1982 Death Can Add
1981 A Fine Romance
Bosom Friends
1980 Georgy Porgy
A Girl Can't Always Have Everything
The Flypaper
1979 Tales of the Unexpected
The Winkler
1978 Ten Days That Shook the Branch
1977 The Sunday Drama
1976 Mortmain
The Mind Beyond: Stones
Rocky Marciano Is Dead
Alas! Poor Maling
1975 No Orchids for Marker
Shades of Greene
A Child of Hope
The Breakthrough
The Flight Fund
1974 BBC2 Playhouse
The Virgins
Only the Other Day
Mützen ab!
1973 The Mysterious Death on the Underground Railway
Centre Play
Egg and Cress Sandwiches
The Rainbow Ends Here
The Secret of the Foxhunter
1972 Destroying Angel
Van der Valk
1971 The Thin Yellow Line
The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes
The Fenn Street Gang
1970 What Do They Know of England?
They Also Served
His and Hers
The Dreams of Tim Evans
Just Good Friends
Conceptions of Murder
Queenie's Castle
Conversation Piece
Unaccustomed as I Am
Play for Today
We Humbly Beseech
The Great Divorce
Trial by Fury
1969 ITV Saturday Night Theatre
Square on the Hypotenuse
1968 The Hound of the Baskervilles: Part 1
The Tigers of Subtopia
A Matter of Diamonds
1967 ITV Playhouse
1966 Ivanov
The Paris Trip
Drama '66: Don Quixote Go Home
1965 When the Wind Blows
Finders Keepers
The Guests of Honour
Public Eye
Knock on Any Door
1964 The Return to Imray
The Witnesses
A Stroll Along the Sands
I Can Walk Where I Like Can't I?
Beyond the Pale
1963 The Buried Man
The Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling
1962 Z Cars
1961 Fairy Tales of New York
Paris Round the Corner
The Whisperers
1960 The King of Kandoga
The Honeymooners
Eve and the Serpent
Episode #1.28
1959 Episode #1.14
Episode #1.20
Episode #1.26
Knight Errant Limited
Episode #1.16
ITV Sunday Night Drama
Episode #1.18
Episode #1.8
Episode #1.12
1956 Armchair Theatre
1955 ITV Television Playhouse
ITV Play of the Week

Produced by
1984 Art for the Workers' Sake
1983 One Step Forward Two Steps Back
Manning the Barricades
One Person One Vote
Better Red Than Dead
Karl Marx Slept Here
1970 Neighbours
Trial by Fury
Unaccustomed as I Am
His and Hers
The Great Divorce
They Also Served
We Humbly Beseech
Queenie's Castle
Just Good Friends

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